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Gigant Grayscale new investment fund Stellar Lumens Trust

[ad_1] Grayscale Investments, the operator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, has recently officially announced the launch of the Stellar Lumens (XLM) investment product, which appears to stimulate Wall Street’s interest. Grayscale supports institutional offers Grayscale, one of the leading providers of digital currencies in the crypto business of the venture capital firm Digital Currency Group, launched its own Stellar Lumens

Governance and Uses Beyond Gimmick Markets & Death Pools

[ad_1] The views expressed here are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of Cointelegraph.comLike many other ICO success stories and subsequent leaders in their respective market segments, Augur, the preeminent platform for decentralized predictions, faces constant public scrutiny. The latest episode that drew public attention is

Will the Struggles Extend to 2019?

[ad_1] 2018 has been a difficult year for Bitcoin and crypto miners. Some of the largest multi-billion dollar businesses in Asia recorded losses in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars.As Japanese internet conglomerate GMO and the industry’s largest mining equipment manufacturer, Bitmain, reportedly struggled throughout the year, the

Crypto Is Tightening Up Its Anti-Money Laundering Game, While Banks Are Still Being Fined for Non-Compliance

[ad_1] In 2018, barely a month passed without an official at a financial institution or government department calling on crypto to clean up its act. In the last quarter of the year alone, the United States Department of the Treasury, the Canadian Parliament and the Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service

How Does Crypto’s 10-Year Performance Sync Up?

[ad_1] Bitcoin has been among the most fascinating tradable assets to watch over the last year. From reaching dazzling new heights to its most recent tumble to fresh one-year lows, the cryptocurrency market has been nothing short of exciting when attempting to characterize its volatile ebb and flow.Amid the growing

The Brightest Media Burials of Bitcoin in 2018

[ad_1] Ten years ago, on Jan. 3, 2009, the Bitcoin (BTC) network was created. Since then, the asset’s price has famously been subject to volatility. That, along with the inceptive crypto’s focus on decentralization, have been disturbing mainstream media, which still fails to grasp and discuss the concept of Bitcoin


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Anaiv Capital Focuses on Next-Generation Technology

[ad_1] Volatility of the Markets, Endless Opportunities for Anaiv Capital Sometimes, we stop to observe and analyze other aspects of the crypto space. Foundations, veteran market experts, and start-up companies are adapting the digitization of their media; the technology that makes cryptocurrencies and tokens possible continues to advance and extend

InnovaMinex: gold will be available to everyone!

[ad_1] InnovaMinex ICO has started last week. InnovaMinex promises to open the market for investing in precious metals and the mining industry for a wide range of companies and individuals. InnovaMinex has already launched in sale 210 million INX tokens, which have a unique mechanism: even when the price of

FortFC ICO decreases the minimum investment amount 10 times for three days

[ad_1] From 21 to 23 November 2018 FortFC holds #ToTheMoon Sale again and the minimum investment amount will be decreased from 500 EUR to 50 EUR at 50% discount. More detailed information regarding the promotion can be found on the official sale page: This is the second similar promotion