Top Cryptos See Modest Gains After Wavering Earlier Today

[ad_1] Jan. 1 — the top 20 coins are seeing moderate gains over the 24-hour period. Bitcoin has scaled back above $3,800 after falling below the mark earlier today.Market visualization from Coin360At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is up 3.1 percent and is trading at $3,863.18. On its weekly chart, the major cryptocurrency is still down by over five percent, and is lower than the Dec. 29 high of $3,961.Bitcoin 7-day

Pump and Dumps Are the Final Indignity for Dying Coins

[ad_1] You can tell an altcoin is close to death when its price soars. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but that’s what can happen to crypto assets when they’re in the throes of death. With low liquidity and thin volume, exchange-listed altcoins are prey to manipulators who will send them skyward one final time for a quick profit. Also read: Bitcoin History Part 7: The First Major Hack

Government of Abkhazia Cuts Off Power to 15 Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities

[ad_1] The government of the Republic of Abkhazia has cut power to some cryptocurrency mining farms due to electricity concerns, state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE announced in a Facebook post on Dec. 31.Per the announcement, Chernomorenergo cut power to 15 facilities with a total capacity of 8,950 kilowatt-hours (kWh), which is purportedly equivalent to the electricity consumption of 1,800 households. The cuts were made as part of a series of

Senator and Crypto Critic Elizabeth Warren Enters 2020 US Presidential Race

[ad_1] United States Senator and cryptocurrency critic Elizabeth Warren has announced her bid for President in 2020, the New York Times reported on Dec. 31. Following her announcement, Sen. Warren made plans to visit the state of Iowa, which hosts the first presidential caucuses in the country in February 2020.Warren is the senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts and has held office in the Senate since 2013. The senator is known

Fortnite Merchandise Store Starts ’Exclusively’ Accepting Monero as Payment Method

[ad_1] Retail Row, the merchandise store for the online video game Fortnite, has started “exclusively” accepting Monero (XMR) as a cryptocurrency payment option, Monero tweeted Jan. 1.Fortnite is an online video game released in July 2017 and developed by Epic Games, which reportedly accounts for more than 125 million players worldwide. In October 2018, Epic Games was valued at over $15 billion in its latest funding round.Retail Row supports crypto

Best Steem Wallets in 2019

[ad_1] Despite most of the top cryptocurrencies focusing on payment solutions, there are some exciting smaller projects with more unique use cases. One such project is the Steemit platform. Steemit is a blockchain-based platform where users can publish monetized original content. Once posted, other users can upvote or downvote the content similar to Reddit. Upvoting translates into revenue which the creator can cash out via the Steem (STEEM) currency. Before

How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market

[ad_1] Institutional investors trading cryptocurrency gained ground in 2018, with a number of high profile players edging in and taking a seat at the table. Increased interest from larger investors may have played a part in supporting digital assets as well as distorting the market.  Also Read: KPMG: Institutional Investment Key to Cryptoassets Growth Will Crypto Markets Turn Bullish Again in 2019? Last year, reports emerged that George Soros and the

Crypto No Safe Haven in 2019, Investors More Wary of Startup Sector

[ad_1] Venture capital investor Fred Wilson suggested that cryptocurrency will not be a safe haven in 2019 amid a “weakening” economy, according to a blog post published Jan. 1.Wilson is an American venture capitalist and businessman, who has reportedly backed such companies as Twitter, Tumblr, Zynga, and Etsy. He is also a cofounder of New York-based venture capital firm Union Square Ventures and an early digital currency investor.In the blog

Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin To Facebook―Before Facebook Does

[ad_1] Lite.IM, a crypto wallet that is integrated with three different messaging channels, has announced that it is adding support for Bitcoin. Since its release in August, the wallet has offered support for Litecoin, Ethereum, and its native token, ZTX—and now the biggest coin is finally arriving on the platform. Needless to say, support for Bitcoin is a vital part of any multi-coin wallet, and its addition could increase the

Justin Sun: TRON Will Have More DApps Than EOS In One Month

[ad_1] Justin Sun has predicted that TRON, the blockchain that he founded in 2017, will host more decentralized applications than EOS in the near future. On Twitter, Sun boasted that TRON now hosts 83 dApps, more than twice the amount that the platform hosted a few weeks ago. Sun writes: #TRON grows rapidly and has 83 Dapps in @dapp_review now! Mission accomplished! We will surpass EOS on the number of