Report: 70 to 80 Percent of South Korean Miners Shut Down in 2018

[ad_1] Chinese state television has sought to document the toll taken on South Korean cryptocurrency companies by 2018’s bear market, with Financial Channel (CCTV-2) producing a report detailing the challenges faced by Korean miners. According to the report, last year’s bear trend was further exacerbated by a 97.5 percent drop in Korean cryptocurrency premiums, driving between 70 and 80 percent of miners to desist operations. Also Read: Overstock Becomes the First

Digital Diehards

[ad_1] Exactly 10 years ago today Satoshi Nakamoto set in motion his plan to create a new form of money that is independent of any government or bank.  The evolution of bitcoin and blockchain over the last decade has been so remarkable that I’m sure even Satoshi himself could not have imagined the impact of his work. Happy Birthday, Bitcoin! @MatiGreenspan eToro, Senior Market Analyst Today’s Highlights Flash Crash Rips

Overstock Becomes the First Major US Company to Pay Business Tax in Bitcoin

[ad_1] The cryptocurrency-friendly company announced on Thursday that company will be paying part of its business taxes to the state of Ohio using bitcoin. Overstock will use the state’s website to pay for the corporation’s commercial activities tax this year. Also read: 10 Years Ago Bitcoin’s Genesis Block Changed the Course of History Overstock Pays the Company’s Business Tax in Bitcoin Last November, the U.S. state of Ohio launched

Circle Executed $24 Billion in OTC Trades in 2018

[ad_1] The over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk at cryptocurrency finance firm Circle had a notional volume of $24 billion in 2018, according to an official Medium blog post on Jan. 3.  Per the statement, Circle executed 10,000 OTC trades with 600 different counterparties, at $24 billion in volume. As such, the company claims to have become a “core liquidity provider to the entire crypto ecosystem.”According to Circle, the firm now partners

Fred Wilson: 2019 Will Find the Bottom and ‘Slowly’ Enter a Bull-Run

[ad_1] Fred Wilson, the co-founder of Union Square Ventures, holds that 2019 will see the cryptocurrency market bottom out and ‘slowly’ enter a new bull run. However, he’s also concerned by actions of ‘misguided’ regulators.  2019: Finding the Bottom Venture capitalist and co-founder of investment firm Union Square Ventures, has laid down his predictions on the overall state of the cryptocurrency market in 2019. The investor believes that we are

Bitcoin ATM Producer Moves to Switzerland Due to Regulatory Difficulties

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) automated teller machine (ATM) manufacturer Lamassu has moved to Switzerland due to regulatory difficulties in other countries, according to a blog post published Jan. 1.Lamassu — now called Lamassu Industries AG — has moved to the Swiss canton of Lucerne, because the firm wants “to be in a place where rules are well defined and regulators are pro-innovation.”Lamassu revealed in the post that its applications to open

The Next Big Thing or a Total Monstrosity? Four Experts Weigh in on Stablecoins

[ad_1] Stablecoins have long divided opinion in the crypto community, with some believing they’re needed to gradually convert the masses away from fiat, whereas others have grave concerns about these dollar-pegged assets. Four experts – Gabriel Cardona, Roger Ver, Miko Matsumura, and Vin Armani – recently shared very different stablecoin opinions on the podcast.  Also Read: How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market The Stablecoin Is Here to Stay

Irish Gov’t Approves Anti-Money Laundering Bill Affecting Cryptocurrency

[ad_1] The Cabinet, the executive organ of the government of Ireland, has approved a bill that would give effect to the European Union (EU) Fifth Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Directive, the Irish Times reported Jan. 3.The directive — which came into force on July 9, 2018 — sets a new legal framework for European financial watchdogs to regulate digital currencies in order to protect against money laundering and terrorism financing.Specifically, the

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Range-Bound Market Coiled for Next Move

[ad_1] For the better part of a month and a half, bitcoin has been fairly range-bound and unable to establish new lows or new highs. There are some bullish and bearish setups on the horizon for bitcoin, so let’s check out both sides of the argument because currently the market is sitting in the middle of Indecisionville — the most immediate sign of which is this glaringly obvious head-and-shoulders bottom

Anti-monopoly Court Rules to Keep Crypto Exchanges’ Bank Accounts Open

[ad_1] The Chilean anti-monopoly court has again granted protection to local cryptocurrency exchanges by forcing banks to keep their accounts open, financial news outlet Diario Financiero reported Jan. 2.According to a recent statement from — one of the crypto exchanges affected by previously upheld banking restrictions — the anit-monopoly court known as the Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia (TDLC) has held a poll, and most of its