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Fork: Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) confirmed as scam

The Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV) has been confirmed as scam after
one victim confirmed the loss of 131 ETH on Reddit, while both of their
websites, https://ethereumcv.io and https://etcv-wallet.com have also been deactivated.

Previously, the Guarda Wallet team reported their suspicion on the
ETCV project that claimed to be the first fork on the Ethereum network
scheduled to happen on January 11th.

“The analysis on the code performed by our team has shown that the
piece of code provided actually sends your private key data on the
Ethereum Classic Vision servers, masking it as an API token,” said the
Guarda Wallet team.

Using many alleged fake Twitter accounts that has many followers,
they promoted that anyone who join will receive 3 tokens of ETCV for
every 1 ETH.

According to a Twitter user with the handle, @FlyGuyInTheSky, there are many other red flags on the ETCV projects.

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