Proposal to Increase Bitcoin’s 21 Million Supply Sparks Debate

[ad_1] 21 is a number that holds deep symbology to bitcoiners. In addition to denoting the total number of bitcoins, in millions, that will ever be issued, it’s inspired scores of cryptocurrency business names, websites, and merchandise designs. Despite its assumed inviolability, some members of the community are opposed to Bitcoin’s rigidly set 21 million supply. If they have their way, that arbitrary cap will be lifted. For many devout

CBOE and CME Bitcoin Futures See Lowest Volumes Since Launch

[ad_1] Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) have seen the lowest Bitcoin futures volumes since they launched to much fanfare in December 2017.  Battle Of The Markets New research by TradeBlock shows that at their summer 2018 peak, combined trading volumes reached near-parity with spot trading volumes across five top US exchanges. Bitcoin futures trading volume has fallen significantly since peaking in the summer. The latest numbers

Bitcoin Breaks $3,600 Price Point, Some Top Cryptos See Double-Digit Gains

[ad_1] Friday, Feb. 8 —  Bitcoin (BTC) has broken the $3,600 price point, with all of the top 20 digital currencies making significant gains on the day, according to data from Coin360.Market visualization from Coin360In the middle of the day, BTC spiked above the $3,450 mark and at press time the leading cryptocurrency is trading at around $3,640, making a 7.03 percent percent upturn over the day. On its weekly

Medical R&D Alliance Expands Blockchain Project to Include Data Sharing

[ad_1] The Pistoia Alliance has expanded its blockchain project to include data sharing, data identity, and data integrity, according to a press release published on Feb 8.The Pistoia Alliance is a not-for-profit organization established in 2007, with representatives from well-known pharmaceutical industry companies which include Pfizer, Novartiz, and GSK. The Pistoia Alliance was formed to help integrate new technology to assist in the companies’ respective research and development (R&D) fields.The

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Strong Rally Set to Test Overhanging Resistance

[ad_1] Shortly after the London Open, the entire crypto market saw a strong round of buying. Some coins broke their highest volume seen since the beginning of the bear market, and several others broke straight through overhanging resistance levels. Bitcoin, too, enjoyed a nice rally, rising almost 11% in just a few short hours: Figure 1: BTC-USD, 4-Hour Candles, Early Morning Rally This rally was very strong and sudden, running

Canadian Securities Regulator ‘Looking Into’ QuadrigaCX Cryptocurrency Exchange

[ad_1] The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has initiated a probe into Canada’s major cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, Reuters reported on Feb. 8.The Ontario Securities Commission reportedly told Reuters that “given the potential harm to Ontario investors, we are looking into this matter and have already been in contact with the monitor.” OSC spokeswoman Kristen Rose reportedly declined to specify whether this means the Commission was formally investigating the exchange.The news comes

Seoul City Gov’t Appoints Members to Blockchain Governance Team

[ad_1] The Seoul Metropolitan Government, South Korea, has issued letters of appointment to its Blockchain Governance Team set to integrate blockchain technology with the city’s administration services. The news was announced by blockchain networks firm ICON on Feb. 8.The Seoul Blockchain Governance Team was formed by the Metropolitan Government, with the aim of investigating the benefits of blockchain in the city’s administration across several areas, including digital document verification and

1% Bitcoin, 99% Cash Portfolio Outperforms Gold, Bonds, S&P 500

[ad_1] Replacing just 1 percent of one’s portfolio with Bitcoin lets investors outperform the S&P 500, gold and US Treasury bonds, new data released February 8 claims. Bitcoin Beats S&P ‘Every Year’ Compiled by Twitter-based economics analyst known as planB, the visual data simulates portfolio performance with varying degrees of Bitcoin involvement. Compared to the three classic components, which planB identifies as having a “nice risk/ return” identity, Bitcoin can

Can I Trust BitFury’s Peach Lightning With My Data? Maybe.

[ad_1] Announced at the end of January, Bitfury’s production-ready suite of Lightning Network products and services, Peach, appears to offer everything a developer, user or merchant could want from a Lightning implementation. It comes with built-in, e-commerce plug-ins, has a hardware component for point-of-sale, a toolkit for developers and its own Lightning node to ground the whole outfit. The suite, with its many uses, has a wide reach … a

Hackers Liquidated $3.2 Million in Tokens From Cryptopia Hack

[ad_1] $3.2 million in tokens stolen from New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia have been liquidated on major cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a tweet from blockchain analytics firm Elementus on Feb. 4.The hack, which is seemingly the first major security breach of 2019, was announced by the platform on Jan. 15. The exchange said that the hack occurred on Jan. 14. Cryptopia initially told users it was undergoing unscheduled maintenance, issuing