ShapeShift Aided 60 Law Enforcement Inquiries in 2018, Erik Voorhees Reveals

[ad_1] It seems like ShapeShift has done exactly as its name suggests, changing form almost beyond recognition. Founder, CEO, and no fan of the SEC, Erik Voorhees’ exchange once existed without accounts. Now they have full KYC and hand over customer data upon request. ShapeShift Shocked Crypto World With KYC In what can only be described as a seismic shift in ethos, ShapeShift started implementing KYC in September 2018. They

Linux-Targeting Cryptojacking Malware Disables Cloud-Based Security Measures: Report

[ad_1] A new cryptojacking malware has the ability to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection on Linux servers, research by information security company Palo Alto Networks Jan. 17 reveals.The malware in question mines Monero (XMR) and is reportedly a modified version of one used by the so-called “Rocke” group, originally discovered by cybersecurity firm Talos in August last year. According to the research, one of the first things that

OECD Calls for ‘Delicate Balance’ in Global ICO Regulation

[ad_1] The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has stated that global regulators should work together to facilitate the development of initial coin offerings (ICOs), according to a report released Jan. 15.The document calls for regulatory clarity and a supervisory framework for ICOs, defining such moves as “a stepping stone to their safer use for financing purposes.” The report also underlines the importance of standardized disclosure requirements, enhanced investor

This Bitcoin Startup Is Working on Free Speech Alternatives to Patreon

[ad_1] Patreon has been making the case for censorship-resistant money increasingly apparent. The platform allows members to contribute to artists or creators that they support. These contributions are made via standard payment methods like credit cards. Over the past few months, there has been an increase in public outcry over multiple separate instances where Patreon has removed creators from its platform. BitPatron, a Bitcoin-friendly version of the website, has recently

Crypto Prices See Calm as ZB.Com Bypasses Binance to Become Top Exchange

[ad_1] Friday, Jan. 18 — crypto markets continue to see calm, with all top ten coins seeing mixed 24-hour price changes capped within a 3 percent range, as Coin360 data shows.Market visualization from Coin360On CoinMarketCap (CMC)’s crypto exchange rankings by adjusted daily traded volumes, however, some major upheavals are underway. Today, Chinese exchange saw an 80 percent surge in 24-hour trade volume to hit ~$606.7 million, and displacing Binance

This Week in Cryptocurrency: January 18, 2019

[ad_1] Mr. Crypto’s Wild Ride Looking at the starting and ending market caps of this week, you may think that it was a relatively uneventful seven days. The market shed less than two percent of value, placing the total market cap at around $122B. However, the middle of the week saw the market plummet nearly five percent in six hours before regaining that loss nearly as quick about a day

BitTorrent and Upfiring Face Off In File Sharing Race

[ad_1] TRON and BitTorrent have announced a rough release date for their highly anticipated file-sharing software, BitTorrent Speed. Formerly known as Project Atlas, this tool promises to enhance download speed through token incentives. On Thursday, January 17, BitTorrent announced that the software will be available by the summer, indicating that a long wait is coming to an end. Today we are unveiling BitTorrent Speed, a new software that connects and

Meet Leif Arne Strømmen, Co-creator of the Winner Project of The Perfect Brainstorm contest

[ad_1] At the beginning of January and after delaying several times the final results of the Perfect Brainstorm contest, we finally knew who were the winners of this contest that brought together 210 projects from all over the world. The first place winners were Leif Arne Strømmen and Erik Aadland with the Vessel Demurrage & Dispatch project. A couple of days ago we had the opportunity of interviewing one of

Thailand’s Stock Exchange Plans to Set up a Licensed Digital Asset Exchange: Report

[ad_1] The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is planning to set up a regulated digital asset exchange, local news agency The Bangkok Post reported on Jan. 17.Citing the vice chair of SET’s board of governors, Pattera Dilokrungthirapop, — аlso chair of the Association of Securities Companies — the report revealed that the national stock exchange plans to apply for a digital asset operating licence from the country’s Ministry of Finance