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Kaspersky Enterprise Blockchain Security protects blockchain-based applications

[ad_1] The new solution Kaspersky Enterprise Blockchain Security protects blockchain-based applications that are developed internally by companies. It includes the assessment of applications running in a blockchain infrastructure and the code review of smart contracts. As a result, organizations can identify and resolve security issues and inconsistencies in the business logic of smart contracts, while the blockchain project evolves from

Baidu uses Blockchain for evidence

Rule 144A VanEcks Bitcoin ETF launch for Banks only

Bitcoin exchange BtcTurk signs sponsorship deal with Turkey Super League football club Yeni Malatyaspor

Fight to Fame Blockchain Platform by @MikeTyson

Etihad is working on blockchain based solution for global computer reservation systems


German Gov’t Speaks Against Approval of Facebook’s Libra in Europe

[ad_1] The government of Germany has spoken against the authorization of the development of Facebook’s forthcoming Libra stablecoin in the European Union.As German weekly news

EU Needs Own Digital ‘EuroCoin’ to Compete With Libra, Says France

[ad_1] French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has said that Europe should consider its own “public digital currency” that could challenge Facebook’s Libra.The Minister’s remarks

Facebook’s Crypto Launching in H2 2020, Says Libra Association Chief

‘We Are the Most Interested Party’ in XRP’s Success

Ethereum Classic Successfully Implements Atlantis Hard Fork

US Politician Uses Crypto to Buy Cannabis for Tax Remittance Demo



Crypto Exit Scams — How to Avoid Falling Victim

[ad_1] A couple of years back, the term “exit scam” became synonymous with the crypto industry. This was at a time when the market (at large) was replete with a number of cash grab ventures that looked great on paper but had little to no substantive value to back them

Crypto Use Grows as Drug Trade Digitalizes

[ad_1] From speculation about its inherent value to theories about it being the payment method of choice for criminals, cryptocurrency is having a tough time keeping a clean name. One of the most common accusations is that cryptocurrencies perpetuate the sale of illicit drugs, a view recently expressed by United

IEOs, ICOs, STOs and Now IDOs — How to Raise Funds for Crypto in 2019?

[ad_1] The crypto community has seen a tectonic shift in fundraising trends: from the decline of initial coin offerings (ICOs) to the hype around security token offerings (STOs) and then the rise of initial exchange offerings (IEOs). The inclination for fundraising seems to evolve every year. Similarly, 2019 brought with

Crypto World Skeptical as @Bitcoin Twitter Account Ditches BCH Support

[ad_1] On Aug. 19, the standoff between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) took a new twist, as one of the industry’s most controversial Twitter accounts — with nearly a million followers — changed its views overnight.The account in question, @Bitcoin, has had a history of promoting Bitcoin Cash. Arguably

Crypto Advertisement Still Unwelcome, How Is the Industry Coping?

[ad_1] The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently resolved a complaint regarding advertising of Bitcoin (BTC) from the BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange. According to the ASA, the website showed Bitcoin graphs with misleading price dynamics since January 2019. The ASA received four complaints, each accusing the platform of being


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MinedBlock Take Centre Stage as their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Goes Live on The P2PB2B Exchange

[ad_1] In the congested and somewhat complex arena of blockchain technology lays a singularly unique company, built around the fundamental foundations from which crypto is built. MinedBlock is a Fintech Crypto payments processor who specialise in transaction processing (mining) for crypto currencies. MinedBlock have adopted a very concise and progressive
ICO, the nexus between experience and liquidity

[ad_1] The Geco One platform generates synergies between the active parts of the market A new trading platform for cryptographic assets will be launched in the coming weeks. is aiming to be one of the complete platforms for digital trading. The competition is stiff, a technological sector that increases

Nodis, the gamified platform for online marketing and influencers

[ad_1] The NODIS platform and the Challenge program The platform proposed as a solution to the mismatches and difficulties in the social network market by NODIS aims to solve the problematic points of social network marketing through the “Challenge program”. In the platform proposed by the founding team, companies can