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RICO reversible ICOs are live now!

[ad_1] Advertisment Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have more or less had their day. The opportunity to collect a lot of capital in a short time by issuing new coins was considered the gold mine par excellence, especially during the Bitcoin boom period in 2017. Many who wanted to get something out of the crypto cake put together a questionable use

Onecoin: News from the biggest crypto scam so far

How China fights the corona virus with blockchain technology

It starts: The tokenization of financial products

Blockchain most sought skill on LinkedIn

Bitcoin arrives in the mainstream


Bitfinex and Tether Reject ‘Baseless’ Lawsuit Filed Against Them

[ad_1] Bitfinex and Tether have denied all allegations featured in an amended class action lawsuit filed against their parent company, iFinex Inc, according to a

Crypto-Powered Brave Browser Reaches Over 15 Million Monthly Active Users

[ad_1] Brave Browser, a cryptocurrency-powered web browser, announced that its monthly active user count increased 125% over the past year.According to a June 1 announcement,

Price Analysis 6/3: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, EOS, XTZ, ADA

Why Crypto is a Hotbed for Conspiracy Theories – Cointelegraph Magazine

Bitcoin Price Surges to $10,380 as Trump Threatens Military Crackdown




Crypto Custodians Waiting on Regulators to Act

[ad_1] The business of cryptocurrency custody is getting more competitive and lucrative by the day. The most recent announcement has come from Switzerland, where local family-owned bank Maerki Baumann announced on May 29 that it had expanded its cryptocurrency services through the introduction of crypto custody and trading. The private

USD Still King as BTC and CBDCs Mount Challenge

[ad_1] The global monetary system has been centered around the United States dollar since at least the end of World War II when the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement formalized the greenback’s ascent to unchallenged dominance. Control over the world’s reserve currency came hand in hand with a boost to the

Blockchain Is Not a Cure-All for Every Video Conferencing Flaw

[ad_1] With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to adopt work-from-home policies, the demand for video conferencing programs appears to have increased. Indeed, by late April, video conference app Zoom was seeing 300 million daily meeting participants, a 50% rise from the 200 million recorded at the start of the

Crypto and Fiat Currencies Are Worlds Apart, Here Are the Reasons Why

[ad_1] One of the core narratives of Bitcoin (BTC) since inception is the oft-stated goal of separating money and state. While this has certainly been a powerful creed in the currency’s early adoption by the crypto-anarchist and techno-libertarian communities, what does this actually mean? It’s quite simply a call for

Sichuan Rainy Season to Give Bitcoin Hash Rate a Much Needed Jolt

[ad_1] The post-halving reality of Bitcoin’s network may soon change shape, some industry insiders argue. The reason is quite simple, and, surprisingly, it has nothing to do with crypto itself: The wet season has arrived in Sichuan, a southwest China province known as one of the hottest spots for Bitcoin


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