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Opera to add TRON support to its Crypto Wallet

[ad_1] (Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, CA) – Opera, the first browser with Web 3 capabilities, is announcing its intention to soon support TRON’s TRX and other TRC-standard tokens within its browser. Opera’s Crypto Wallet already supports ETH and ERC tokens. The decision to add another major blockchain onto its platform, marks a further step in Opera’s strategy to make

Facebook relaxes advertising ban on cryptocurrencies but nobody there know it!

Jaguar Land Rover pays drivers with IOTA for sharing data

Advertising Coin holds ICO to launch decentralized advertising platform and crypto exchanger

Craig Wright vs. Changpeng Zhao: Binance delisted Bitcoin SV

New ERC-20 Stablecoin Generates up to 45% Profit to Crypto Investors


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Crypto Exchanges See Threefold Increase in New Accounts Since March

[ad_1] Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have seen new account openings increase up to 200% in the past two months, Cointelegraph Japan reported on May 22.Data obtained

Ethereum Foundation Announces Details on $30 Network Development

Bitcoin Approaches $8,000 as Bitcoin SV Doubles in Value

Binance Confirms Trading Relaunch for May 15 as Upgrade Completes

Coinbase Expands Service to 50 More Countries, Launches USDC Support in 85 Jurisdictions


Are Centralized Exchanges the Way to Go?

[ad_1] It goes without saying that exchanges command significant influence over the cryptocurrency market, being the exclusive portals for fiat into the world of blockchain. Exchanges are also the most significant winners of the cryptocurrency craze, and bank billions by raking in fees and maintaining custody over sizeable crypto wallets comprised

Japan Struggles to Regulate Online Gambling

[ad_1] Despite Japan’s reputation for being one of the most welcoming nations for fintech, online crypto gambling has struggled to take off in light of the country’s strict regulation. In late March, the blockchain-based, decentralized application (DApp) platform Tron announced that it would block gambling DApps in Japan, bringing the

The Key to Institutional Investment Growth?

[ad_1] Registered custodial services, which are common in traditional investment classes, have been on the rise in the digital asset sphere, including for cryptocurrencies.Branding China Group (BC Group) has recently unveiled its plans for an insured custody service specifically for cryptocurrencies. A conglomerate with a diversified portfolio of blockchain-focused businesses

Inflation Bug Still a Danger to More Than Half of All Bitcoin Full Nodes

[ad_1] Figures published by bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr show that more than half of the full nodes in the bitcoin network are still running client software vulnerable to the inflation bug discovered in September 2018.This revelation poses some danger to the network, as software vulnerabilities are a clear and

Tether, Bitfinex Stay Afloat Amid Controversy

[ad_1] Tether has been one of the most controversial topics in the cryptocurrency community over the last two years — and things have come to a head over the past few weeks.The wider crypto community has been skeptical of the stablecoin and its claims that it was operating legitimately, due


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Nodis, the gamified platform for online marketing and influencers

[ad_1] The NODIS platform and the Challenge program The platform proposed as a solution to the mismatches and difficulties in the social network market by NODIS aims to solve the problematic points of social network marketing through the “Challenge program”. In the platform proposed by the founding team, companies can

Peerion: The nexus between gaming and entrepreneurship

[ad_1] Many gamers are natural born entrepreneurs, only they just haven’t realized it yet. Gamers persevere in their attempt to solve a problem, using and honing their skills during every hour of play to overcome challenges and earn the ultimate reward: Beat the game. As it happens, perseverance, cooperation, and

VENJOCOIN (VJC): Airdrop & Dapp is Happening !

[ad_1] VENJOCOIN will be distributing VJC token to investor via airdrop in Q’3, as Venjocoin had officially ended their ICO period on 28 February 2019. The Team is preparing for release VJC token among the investor that had fund this project. According to the technical team, VJC token will be