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Fight to Fame Blockchain Platform by @MikeTyson

[ad_1] Mike Tyson’s Fight to Fame platform is designed to help athletes and fans show their support. The description of the service states that this will allow you to attract new fans, increase your rating and receive transparent payments. The boxer also announced that the platform will contain its own currency. That is, after native tokens have been posted on

Etihad is working on blockchain based solution for global computer reservation systems

Commerzbank and Daimler test blockchain payment system

Mastercard and BENEFIT partner to launch first blockchain payment program in the Middle East

Bakkt starts testing phase – The Bitcoin News

Iran Announces Gold Backed National Cryptocurrency


Taipei-Based Crypto Firm Maicoin Seeks Membership in Libra Association

[ad_1] Taiwanese digital currency trading platform Maicoin has entered talks with social media giant Facebook regarding its possible membership in the Libra Association.As local English

Tether Plans to Issue CNHT — A Chinese Yuan-Pegged Stablecoin

[ad_1] Stablecoin operator Tether plans to issue a Chinese yuan-backed stablecoin, local industry media ChainNews reports on Aug. 21.Tether to issue a renminbi-pegged stablecoinBitfinex shareholder

Ethereum in Its First Big Bear Market Like Bitcoin in 2015, Analyst Says

Major Coins Report Mild Losses, Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $10,700

Crypto Transaction Tracking Service Whale Alert Announces Version 2

Crypto Will Continue to Grow Mainly Outside the US



Coinbase and Barclays Part Ways, Will UK Users Be Affected?

[ad_1] It is being reported that Barclays, the London-based global bank, recently stopped banking for Coinbase, the United States-based crypto exchange. Coinbase reportedly found a quick replacement in the form of another United Kingdom-based establishment, ClearBank. While Barclays connected San Francisco-based Coinbase to the U.K. Faster Payments Scheme (FPS), enabling instant

Crypto Regulation Outlook in 2019 — What Is the Global Scenario?

[ad_1] As the global investor community starts to become increasingly aware of what crypto has to offer, it appears as though this burgeoning asset class is becoming more and more accepted. This is probably best highlighted by the fact that after experiencing bearish conditions all through 2018 (with Bitcoin even

10 Global Enterprises Looking to Issue Their Own Cryptos

[ad_1] The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has led to a revolution in the digital currency industry. Enterprises that were of noncrypto origin now have or plan to have their own crypto product. The 10 years of cryptocurrency’s existence has led to an unprecedented ease of transactions. It has also brought

BTC-e’s Vinnik Case Drags on as New Accusations Continue Emerging

[ad_1] On July 25, 2019, United States prosecutors filed a complaint against the defunct cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and its alleged former operator, Alexander Vinnik. The indictment was filed nearly 24 months after Vinnik was arrested in Greece while on holiday with his family and has followed numerous extradition requests from

Media Misreports BTC Futures Status, Option ‘Coming Soon’

[ad_1] Earlier this week, United States-regulated crypto derivatives and clearing platform LedgerX was reported to launch the first physically settled Bitcoin futures contracts in the country, therefore stealing a march on Bakkt and ErisX. However, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) soon refuted that information by stating that the exchange


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MinedBlock Take Centre Stage as their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Goes Live on The P2PB2B Exchange

[ad_1] In the congested and somewhat complex arena of blockchain technology lays a singularly unique company, built around the fundamental foundations from which crypto is built. MinedBlock is a Fintech Crypto payments processor who specialise in transaction processing (mining) for crypto currencies. MinedBlock have adopted a very concise and progressive
ICO, the nexus between experience and liquidity

[ad_1] The Geco One platform generates synergies between the active parts of the market A new trading platform for cryptographic assets will be launched in the coming weeks. is aiming to be one of the complete platforms for digital trading. The competition is stiff, a technological sector that increases

Nodis, the gamified platform for online marketing and influencers

[ad_1] The NODIS platform and the Challenge program The platform proposed as a solution to the mismatches and difficulties in the social network market by NODIS aims to solve the problematic points of social network marketing through the “Challenge program”. In the platform proposed by the founding team, companies can