Paxos’ Precious Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency to Launch This Year, CEO Says

[ad_1] Blockchain trust company Paxos’ digital token backed by precious metals will be launched "definitely this year," said Paxos CEO, Chad Cascarilla in an interview with Fortune’s Balancing the Ledger on March 11.During the interview, Cascarilla was asked whether Paxos is working on a gold-backed coin, wherein he replied that “it is something we will see definitely this year.” “We are excited about the concept of being able to take

Barclays Analyst Predicts Billions in Additional Revenue From ‘Facebook Coin’ by 2021

[ad_1] Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, if launched, could potentially generate $19 billion in additional revenue by 2021, CNBC reports on March 11.Barclays internet analyst Ross Sandler wrote in a client note that a cryptocurrency could establish a new revenue stream for Facebook, aiding its share price that tanked amid a series of high-profile scandals last year.In his forecast, Sandler pointed out that the crypto-based revenue option is something “sorely needed at
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North Korea steals Bitcoin to circumvent economic sanctions

[ad_1] North Korea uses Bitcoin to bypass the economic sanctions against the country. This emerges from the paper of a committee of experts of the Security Council. The paper confirms already existing assumptions. The crypto narrative of limitless money benefits not only the oppressed, but sometimes the oppressors as well. Thus, a report can be interpreted, after the North Korea has used crypto currencies systematically to avoid sanctions from abroad.

Kroger, Starbucks May Ignite Retail Crypto

[ad_1] It's no secret that cryptocurrencies don't receive many plaudits in the mainstream media as reliable means of payment. Critics have even claimed that Bitcoin "sucks" as a payment mechanism.Yet, despite that blinkered skepticism, cryptocurrency payments actually grew last year. Payment processor BitPay reported a "record" $1 billion in transaction revenue in 2018, with its business-to-business (B2B) operations increasing by 255 percent compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, the use of

Crypto Card and Wallet Offers Free Spotify and Netflix Subscriptions

[ad_1] A payments and cryptocurrency platform offering a Visa card that can be used anywhere has unveiled a range of cashback benefits designed to attract modern consumers and frequent says it now offers free Netflix and Spotify subscriptions to its MCO Visa Card holders. Users who pay for their subscription with the MCO Visa Card can receive a 100 percent rebate on the cost of their plan, dependent on

Investment Firm Invesco Launches Blockchain ETF on London Stock Exchange

[ad_1] United States-based investment management company Invesco is launching a blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the London Stock Exchange (LSEG) today, March 11, financial newspaper Financial Times reports on March 9.Per the article, the Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF will initially be targeting 48 companies involved with blockchain technology. The firms were reportedly selected through a proprietary scoring system developed by crypto investment boutique Elwood Asset Management.The article cites Apple,