Young Africa Looks to Crypto for Payment

[ad_1] Data from Google Trends shows that Lagos, Nigeria ranks as the number one city based on the volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC). While this data may indicate a high level of interest among the city's approximately 21 million people, it has yet to equate to tangible adoption of the emerging trend of technology.But that is changing, as a growing movement among young people frustrated with existing payment

Wikileaks Cache Now Hosted on IPFS Thanks to this Bitcoin Cash Developer

[ad_1] With the founder of Wikileaks behind bars, it’s been a trying time for activists who believe in spreading freedom and truth in an age steeped in lies and manipulation from parasitic central bankers and bureaucrats. In order to show support for Julian Assange, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Chris Troutner decided to upload the entire Wikileaks cache of documents to the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and the BCH chain so

Uber IPO: Cryptocurrency Will Be a ‘Huge Beneficiary’

[ad_1] Uber Technologies Inc. expects a valuation of about USD 100 billion when listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Large IPOs such as Uber’s and others could bring spectacular benefits to the crypto industry. At the same time, business solutions allowing Uber users to pay with Bitcoin are now moving to center stage. Uber IPO: Bigger Than Bitcoin’s Market Cap On April 11, 2019, Uber filed with the U.S.

Institutional Investment in Bitcoin Futures Drops as Price Settles: CFTC

[ad_1] The overall institutional investment in Bitcoin (BTC) futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) decreased this past week, according to data published by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on April 9.The data shows that as of April 9, institutional investors and asset managers had 244 open long positions, a decrease of 71 from April 2, and 80 open short positions, nine less than one week before.

Ethereum Core Developers Consider More Frequent and Smaller Hard Forks

[ad_1] Ethereum (ETH) core developers are considering implementing more frequent and smaller hard forks, according to the most recent bi-weekly meeting held on April 12.The question of time between hard forks — or network updates — was brought up by the meeting’s moderator, Tim Beiko, who referenced it as an ongoing topic of discussion. Another dev then began the discussion by referencing core developer Alexey Akhunov’s previously expressed position in

Maker Community Votes to Raise Stability Fee as Dai Struggles to Hold $1 Peg

[ad_1] For more than two weeks the dai stablecoin has sat below its $1 peg, and has been trading for roughly $0.97 over the last seven days. This has given concern to the Maker Dao community which has decided to raise the dai stability fee to 11.5% per year. Also read: Exchangewar Lets You Compare Crypto Trading Platforms Maker Community Hopes Increased Stability Fees Will Return Dai to $1 Peg

Transfer Bitcoins from One Wallet to Another

[ad_1] Transferring cryptocurrencies can be just as easy as scanning a certain QR code to send an  amount of Bitcoin. However, how easy the transaction can be depends on the wallet you have and how much information you have to be able to send it to another wallet. To move bitcoins from one wallet to another is a key skill that every cryptocurrency trader must obtain. If you don’t do

Lithuania to Adopt Crypto Regulations Even Stricter Than the EU’s

[ad_1] Lithuania, one of the Baltic tigers that has in past few years demonstrated it doesn’t shy away from new technologies and the digital economy, is preparing to introduce stricter rules for crypto companies. The government in Vilnius is working on amendments that according to officials will go beyond the requirements of the latest, fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. Also read: Online Bank Mistertango Offers Crypto Companies Multiple Accounts and

Bitcoin Hovers Near $5,100 as Top Cryptos See Slight Losses

[ad_1] Saturday, April 13 — most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting slight losses on the day by press time, as Bitcoin (BTC) hovers just over the $5,100 mark.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360Bitcoin’s price is up about half a percent on the day, trading at around $5,107 by press time, according to CoinMarketCap. Looking at its weekly chart, the current price is also just half a percent higher than

Bitcoin and the Crypto Market Has Bottomed Out: Binance Research

[ad_1] Binance has released a report showing that there is evidence to suggest that the massive market correction of 2018 means Bitcoin and altcoin prices have bottomed out. The research also highlighted the highly correlated nature of the virtual currency market due to the “herd mentality” that emerges during the late bull/early bear phases. Data Points Towards Bitcoin Bottoming in 2018 According to the details of the research published on