How Ambiguous Regulations Complicate Crypto Taxation

[ad_1] From America to the United Kingdom and from Russia to Australia, cryptocurrency taxation in major bitcoin strongholds is complicated. Contradictory or non-existent laws, excessive red tape, and maddeningly vague guidelines have conspired to make the tax-paying process more arduous than it need be. Now, a number of advocates are pushing for simplified crypto tax guidelines. Also read: Crypto Charity Airdrop Venezuela Raises $292K – Mostly in BCH Death, Taxes,

Coinbase Files to Close Its Political Action Committee

[ad_1] Major United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has filed to close its political action committee (PAC) on April 3.According to a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) — the regulatory agency in charge of enforcing election laws — Coinbase’s PAC received no funds nor made any disbursements, and is seeking to terminate the PAC.Per FEC regulations, a PAC must file a termination report in order to cease operations once

Early Spotify Investor Contributes to Blockchain Art Registry in $7 Mln Funding Round

[ad_1] The blockchain-based art registry startup Artory has reportedly raised over $7 million in Series A funding round from an early Spotify investor among others. The development was announced by art-focused publication the Art Newspaper on April 22.Artory — ledger of which enables users to trace provenance and title data, as well as record sales of works of art —  has reportedly secured $7.3 million from a group of investors,

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Denies Claim of North Korean Users on Its Platform

[ad_1] American cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has said that claims of North Korean users trading on its platform are false in a tweet on April 22.In the post, Bittrex stated that it had examined two accounts which allegedly belonged to users from North Korea, noting that it had investigated the same accounts back in October 2017. The exchange claims that South Korean residents mistakenly choose North Korea in the country dropdown

Major US Health IT Provider HMS Partners With Blockchain Startup Solve.Care

[ad_1] Major health information technology provider for the United States government, HMS Technologies Inc. (HMS) has partnered with blockchain startup Solve.Care. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 22.As part of the collaboration, HMS will reportedly integrate Solve.Care’s blockchain platform into their federal health information technology (HIT) initiatives in a bid to reduce government healthcare costs and improve interoperability and accessibility.Bill Kirkpatrick, CEO of

OTC Groups and State-Sanctioned Exchanges Start Trading Venezuela’s Petro

[ad_1] Last February, first reported on the Venezuelan cryptocurrency the petro (PTR) launched by President Nicolas Maduro. Initially, many media reports assumed the digital currency might be phony or nonexistent. However, recent data from a few exchanges and from Venezuelans trading the asset on social media suggests the nation-state issued cryptocurrency is quite real and that locals are trading PTR regularly for goods and services. Also read: Darknet Users

Think Your Altcoin Will Beat Bitcoin ROI? Then Don’t Look at This Chart

[ad_1] Bitcoin dwarfs every other altcoin when it comes to return on investment (ROI) since initial exchange listing, data shows. Had you threw in just $100 bucks into BTC in 2010, you would be a millionaire today. Bitcoin ROI Shows Why They’re Called ‘Altcoins’ A new visual graph from DataLight perfectly illustrates just how impressive Bitcoin ROI (return on investment) has been over the past decade. Buying just $100 USD

Institute Sues Professor for Alleged Blockchain Intellectual Property Violation

[ad_1] The Technion Israel Institute of Technology has filed a civil suit against a faculty member for allegedly establishing of a zero knowledge proof technology company and making use of the knowledge developed by him while working at the institute. The news was published by local media outlet Calcalist on April 22.The Technion has filed a suit against senior lecturer Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson with the Haifa District Court for allegedly

Mt. Gox Automatically Filing Creditors for Repayment

[ad_1] Users who held bitcoin (BTC) on the now-defunct Mt. Gox exchange and filed certain self-admission rehabilitation claims could reportedly receive some of their funds back, an unconfirmed email posted to Reddit on April 22 suggests.Addressed to all Mt. Gox users, the message reportedly says:“The creditors who objected to your self-approved rehabilitation claim withdrew their objections. As a result, the approval of your self-approved rehabilitation claim has become effective, and

China’s First Blockchain-Enabled Notary Opens Office in Beijing

[ad_1] China’s first blockchain-enabled notary has opened offices in Beijing, local media People reported on April 19.Per the report, the service opened last Friday at the Beijing CITIC Notary Office. The head of the office reportedly stated that the development marks the beginning of the blockchain notary service era.During the launch event, the director of the Beijing CITIC Notary Office Wang Mingliang noted that he believes that blockchain-based notarization has