Bitcoin Developer Publishes Two Proposals for a Taproot Soft Fork

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) developer Pieter Wuille has unveiled two proposals on GitHub for a Taproot soft fork in a message to the bitcoin-dev mailing list on May 6.Taproot is a solution that aims to combine the advantages of Merkelized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST) and the Schnorr signature scheme in order to reveal less information after a bitcoin transaction takes place.MAST allows for the alternative possibilities of how a bitcoin transaction could

Could Bitcoin’s Biggest Mystery Soon Be Revealed?

[ad_1] Bitcoin has its fair share of mysteries; exactly how it works being one that most users will never understand. But by far the longest standing and most intriguing is the identity of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Well the GotSatoshi website and Twitter feed is promising a live reveal at 15:50 GMT on May 14th. So not long to wait and find out then. Where In The World Is Satoshi?

Moscow Student Councils Plan to Pilot Blockchain E-Voting in June

[ad_1] Authorities of Moscow are planning to pilot blockchain-based electronic voting in university student council elections in late June 2019, establishing methods that the city’s mayoral election may be next to apply, Russian news agency TASS reported on May 6.According to the report, the project is set to be tested with the support of the Moscow Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the Moscow City Election Commission (Mosgorizbirkom).DIT deputy head

Starbucks Working With Microsoft for Blockchain-Based Coffee Tracking Platform

[ad_1] United States-based coffee chain Starbucks will implement tech giant Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service to track coffee production, tech news site GeekWire reports on May 6.Starbucks first announced its “bean to cup” initiative in 2018, stating that it would work with farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Rwanda to pilot a blockchain-based coffee-tracking system. The system will purportedly allow customers to track the production of their coffee and will open

Bitfinex, Attorney General Legal Sparring Continues With New Court Filings

[ad_1] Bitfinex and the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) legal sparring in relation to $850 million in missing funds escalated with another round of court filings this past weekend. The top exchange and New York’s principal legal advisor went back and forth with each other in two new letters submitted to the New York Supreme Court. Within the fresh filings, each a response to a previous filing by the other,

Ether Transaction Volume on DApps Register New All-Time-High

[ad_1] Ether (ETH) volumes on decentralized applications (DApps) have registered a new high, but new DApps coming on-chain are significantly low, crypto analytics firm Diar reported on May 6.The volume of ether transacted in April on DApps broke the previous record which was set last December by a small margin. This, Diar notes, marks a four-month growth trend in on-chain volumes, with 776,000 ETH transacted.Diar further notes that this year

Bitcoin Investors ‘Celebrate the Life and Work of Judas Iscariot’

[ad_1] Charlie Munger, billionaire investor and vice chairman of American holding conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, again criticized bitcoin (BTC), financial markets-focused news outlet Markets Insider reported on May 4.Munger — who was invited to an event by an unnamed digital currency investment group, but did not attend it — stated that bitcoin investors "celebrate the life and work of Judas Iscariot."Munger thus reiterated his negative stance towards cryptocurrencies. Last February, Munger

Tron Discloses Critical Vulnerability Which Could Have Crashed Its Blockchain

[ad_1] The Tron Foundation disclosed a fixed critical vulnerability which could have crashed its blockchain on vulnerability disclosure platform HackerOne on May 2.The disclosure explains that with enough malicious requests, an attacker could have filled up all the available memory and effectively perform a Distributed Denial of Service attack on the TRX network by employing malicious code in a smart contract. The disclosure further explains the impact of such an

Fidelity Set to Roll Out Bitcoin Trading ‘Over the Coming Weeks’

[ad_1] In addition to launching a custody service, Fidelity Investments appears set to debut Bitcoin (BTC) trading for institutional clients. The news comes amid reports of Ameritrade and E-Trade quietly testing BTC trading on their respective platforms. $2.4 Trillion Dollar Fidelity Targets Bitcoin Trading According to Bloomberg, inside sources say Fidelity Investments plans to launch a Bitcoin trading platform. Reports say the service will cater to the firm’s institutional clientele

Ecuadorian Shrimp Producers Join IBM’s Blockchain-Based Food Trust Ecosystem

[ad_1] The Ecuador-based Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) is joining IBM's Food Trust Ecosystem, using IBM’s blockchain technology to ensure the quality of SSP shrimp products, according to a press release on May 6.By joining the Food Trust Ecosystem, retailers and consumers will have access to production and development data on the SSP shrimp products. Director of SSP Pamela Nath said:“Our aim is to have SSP premium quality shrimp in supermarkets