Federal Preemption or States’ Rights? Crypto Advocates Clash Over Regulatory Approaches

[ad_1] It is easy to think of the most prominent blockchain advocates as a united front, whose ranks are tightly closed in the face of the common enemy — a horde of fierce crypto critics, unwieldy regulators, anti-money laundering zealots, “bitcoin is a scam”-ers, and the stakeholders of the old, centralized financial system. On this battlefield, the crypto camp’s fundamental positions are aligned, and its strategic goals are clear. However,

Binance Set to Block Users From the U.S.A and Some Other Countries From Accessing its DEX

[ad_1] Binance decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is going to start blocking users from the United States and 28 other countries from accessing its portal starting from July of this year. More Than 30 Countries is on the Block List The ban is reportedly as a result of regulatory concerns relating to the tokens listed on the platform. Once this ban is in place, users from this region will not be able

Venezuelan Mining Parts Supplier Coincoin Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

[ad_1] Venezuela is among those nations where cryptocurrencies enjoy faster adoption. The South American country suffers from a political and economic crisis causing hyperinflation of the national fiat, the bolivar. Coincoin, a mining equipment supplier based in Caracas, is one of many Venezuelan businesses that have decided to accept cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is now among its payment options. Also read: These Tourist Destinations Welcome Bitcoin Cash Enthusiasts Store Sells

Cryptopia Suits Gather Steam as Another Failed Exchange Is Bound for Court

[ad_1] When cryptocurrency exchanges fail, a seismic shock shudders through the cryptosphere. With thousands of users, from traders to companies, left out of pocket, litigation is inevitable in a bid to claw back some of the losses. Cryptopia is the latest in a long line of exchanges to face a litany of lawsuits from anguished creditors. Also read: Mixing Service Bitcoin Blender Quits After Bestmixer Takedown Heads the Queue

Binance DEX Will Geoblock Users From 29 Countries, Including the US

[ad_1] The decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will block access to users based in 29 countries. The DEX informs potential users of the restriction via a message that appears when accessing the platform from one of the regions.The message appearing on the platform states:“It seems you are accessing from an IP address belonging to one of the following countries:USA, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma, Central African

Institutions Are Here: CME Bitcoin Futures Volume Hits New Record High

[ad_1] Open interest on the CME Bitcoin futures has reached an all-time high (ATH) in preparation for the largest ever CME BTC futures expiration on Monday. Record Numbers for CME Bitcoin Futures CME’s data sheet for May 28, 2019 shows total open interest on its Bitcoin Futures contract at 5,190. This represents an increase of about seven percent from the figures published the week before (May 21, 2019) as well

Localbitcoins Removes In-Person Cash Trades Forcing Traders to Look Elsewhere

[ad_1] On June 1, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were shocked to hear that the peer-to-peer exchange Localbitcoins has ceased offering in-person cash trades. According to a few users, all pending fiat trades have been canceled, leaving local traders who prefer cash high and dry and forced to seek other avenues. Also read:’s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups Localbitcoins Ends In-Person Trades Leaving Only Remote Options One of

Best Cryptocurrency News Websites to Follow in 2019

[ad_1] A lot has changed from the first days of cryptocurrency, where if you wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of the technology, you would have to patiently examine and scout more or less obscure forums. Fast forward ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the world to Bitcoin, and you’ll find that the cryptocurrency universe is alive and kicking. In fact, with so much going on

Bitcoin’s Overnight Crash Doesn’t Stop Experts From Remaining Macro Bullish

[ad_1] On May 30, overnight, the valuation of the crypto market dropped by $19 billion as the price of bitcoin (BTC) briefly dropped from $9,000 to $8,000 — a staggering 11% within a few hours on exchanges like Bitstamp. The drop of bitcoin to $8,000 was not visible on charts of market data providers like CoinMarketCap because the movement occurred in a short time frame.Bitcoin’s price immediately recovered to $8,300