Markets Update: Crypto Prices Sink Lower Finding New Support Levels

[ad_1] On June 9, digital currency markets have been meandering along in a consolidated manner after the slight downturn this afternoon. At the moment, the entire cryptocurrency market is around $243 billion, but global trade volume has dropped from $80 billion on June 5 to $56 billion this weekend. Also read:’s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Is Now Open for Trading Crypto Markets Under Pressure About six days ago digital

Navigating Country-Specific Cryptocurrency Trading Restrictions

[ad_1] At the start of June 2019, reports emerged that Binance DEX’s website was blocking users with IP addresses from 29 countries. This news immediately caused confusion with some commentators, using it as an opportunity to reaffirm their stance that Binance DEX is not truly a decentralized exchange (DEX).However, as it turned out, the initial reports were somewhat inaccurate, as the geoblocking only applied to — the website for

Russian Region Yugra to Launch Blockchain-Enabled Tourism Platform

[ad_1] The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra,  a federal subject of Russia, will launch a blockchain-enabled tourism platform, major state-owned media outlet Tass reported on June 7.Per the report, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this week, the general director of the region’s development fund, Roman Genkel, signed an agreement with Alexander Borodich, the CEO of blockchain startup Universa, to launch the platform.According to a blog post from Universa

Owning Bitcoin in India Could Attract a 10 Years Jail Term

[ad_1] Based on a yet to be confirmed report, the government of India has taken seriously its decision to place a ban on virtual currency, thereby passing the bill for the “Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency”, and placing a jail sentence of between one to ten yyears on any individual caught been involved in the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ecosystem. If this happens to be true, then

Crypto Exchange Bittrex to Block US Users From Trading in 32 Cryptos

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced that it will block its United States-based users from trading in 32 cryptocurrencies. The exchange revealed the news in a post on its blog on June 7.Per the announcement, after June 21, U.S. traders won’t be able to access a slew of coins listed on the exchange, including QTUM and STORJ.The exchange noted that U.S. users will receive an email with explanations concerning what they

Local BCH Venue Opens and Community Goal Nears in the Weekly Update From

[ad_1] A new local bitcoin cash venue opens for trading worldwide and the community is nearing a funding goal milestone for BCH developers. Watch these and other developments discussed in this week’s video update on’s Youtube channel. Also Read: Why Bitpay Is Really Charging More for BTC Transactions Local BCH Venue Opens as Localbitcoins Removes In-Person Cash Trades This week’s show discuses the successful opening of, a privacy-focused

G20 Finance Leaders Ask Global Regulators to Consider Multilateral Response to Crypto

[ad_1] G20 finance ministers and central bank governors have asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and global standard-setting organizations to monitor risks around crypto assets. The request was made in a joint communiqué published on the website of Japan’s Ministry of Finance on June 9, following the G20 meeting held in Fukuoka, Japan.The leaders that cosigned the document state that they urge relevant institutions to give greater consideration to crypto

Ransomware Stems From Governments, But Bitcoin Gets The Blame

[ad_1] When hackers paralyzed the city of Baltimore with a ransomware attack last month, the focus became not the theft itself, but a $76,000 Bitcoin ransom. NSA Passes Ransomware Buck According to a recent report from The New York Times, a ransomware attack in Baltimore, Maryland in May was empowered by the use of a stolen National Security Agency (NSA) cyberweapon. In a previously published article, the Times had reported

Top 5 Crypto Performers: ATOM, LTC, BSV, BNB, XRP

[ad_1] The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange.For the past few days, cryptocurrencies have managed to hold onto a large part of their gains. This is a positive sign, as it

Loom Network Review: Introduction to LOOM

[ad_1] If you’ve been passionate about crypto and blockchain technology, then there’s a good chanceyou already know that scalability is one of most pressing issues that blockchain sphere faces.Of course, there are numerous blockchain projects that have been designed specifically tocounteract this problem such as NEO, Lisk, EOS, Zilliqa, IOST, Nano, and IOTA, to name a few. However, achieving good scalability levels is one thing, and doing so without actuallycompromising