Europol Set to Create a Virtual Currency-tracing Game to Track Crypto Criminals

[ad_1] Europol has made it known that it is in the process of creating a game which will assist in training law enforcement officers on how to look into the illegal usage of virtual currencies perhaps by helping them investigate several patterns of blockchain data. Cryptocurrency-Tracing Serious Game The game which the agency refers to as a ‘cryptocurrency-tracing serious game’ is being created in partnership with CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence

Demand for Blockchain Tech Continues to Rise With Korean Financial Institutions, But Crypto is Not Included

[ad_1] According to a report, several blockchain-related services have been introduced by major banks in South Korea. These services include Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and security. Meanwhile, a high- ranked Korean advocate in terms of alternative currency has revealed that the banks are failing to explore a crucial part of blockchain, digital assets and when trying to gain assess into the Korean blockchain ecosystem, one has to understand the

Judge Orders Craig Wright to Physically Appear in Florida Lawsuit

[ad_1] Craig Wright, the notorious Satoshi Nakamoto claimant, must appear in court on Monday or be held in contempt. The Florida court granted a motion to compel on June 14, mandating Wright to provide a list of all the bitcoin addresses he’s owned prior to December 2013. Also Read: The Blind Trust Described in the Kleiman vs. Wright Lawsuit Is a Real Head-Scratcher Craig Wright Must Appear in Florida Court

Hong Kong Protests Could Boost Bitcoin as Wealthy Move Assets Offshore

[ad_1] Bitcoin could be boosted by the current political unrest Hong Kong as the upper and middle classes are reportedly starting to move their assets offshore. Hong Kong Begins Moving Wealth Offshore Fears over the hated extradition bill, whose introduction the Hong Kong government has only suspended but declined to withdraw, are causing the wealthy to start moving their capital from Hong Kong to offshore. People in Hong Kong vehemently

Facebook Set to Introduce ‘Libra Association’ and Launch Testnet Next Week

[ad_1] Based on a recent report, Social media giant Facebook and its several partners are set to introduce Libra Association which will be in charge of its specially designed virtual currency— Libra. Libra Association will be Based in Europe The organisation is expected to be located on the outskirts of Geneva and will supervise the firm’s Libra digital currency project.Also, while making the announcement, the company will launch the testnet

The Strange Case of CCN and the Google June 2019 Core Update

[ad_1] Here at Cointelegraph, we were as shocked as everyone else in and around the crypto-sphere when we learned about the abrupt closure of stalwart crypto media outlet CCN. Established at around the same time as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, CCN spent years competing for the crypto audience.However, just a couple days later, as many others, we were relieved to hear that CCN was back — although we couldn’t help but feel sceptical

Coinbase Custody Holds $1.3B in Assets Under Custody, Expects to Hit $2B ‘Soon’

[ad_1] Coinbase Custody revealed that it holds $1.3 billion in assets under custody (AUC) and the firm expects to hit $2 billion AUC soon in a Twitter thread published on June 13.In a series of tweets, what is evidently the official Coinbase Custody Twitter account reported that last week the company’s CEO, Sam McIngvale, and its chief information security officer, Philip Martin, visited the United Kingdom. The purpose of the

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Surge After Last Week’s Pullback

[ad_1] Digital currency markets have regained some of the losses they endured last week, with the entire cryptoconomy now valued at $275 billion this Saturday. Most cryptocurrencies are up in value between 2-8% today but global trade volumes have tapered off with only $63 billion swapped in the last 24 hours. Also read:’s Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Is Now Open for Trading Digital Asset Markets See Fresh Gains Cryptocurrency

Facebook to Unveil ‘Libra Association’ and Launch Testnet Next Week: Report

[ad_1] Social media giant Facebook will unveil the Libra Association, which will operate its bespoke cryptocurrency Libra, on June 18, cryptocurrency news outlet The Block reported on June 14.Per the report, Facebook and dozens of its partners will unveil the Libra Association — which will be based out of Geneva — as the entity that will oversee the company’s Libra cryptocurrency project. During the event, the company is also expected

Top Websites from Where You Can Buy Precious Metals with Cryptocurrency

[ad_1] Are you interested in buying gold, silver or platinum using your digital coins? Then know that thereare several websites that provide you with the option to buy precious metals with cryptocurrency. SD Bullion Knoji SD Bullion is a recognized site which sells gold and other precious metals and accepts payment for it in Bitcoin. They apparently started to support Bitcoin payments a few months ago, when they also decided