Insurtech Platform to Apply Blockchain to Auto Claims With New Funding

[ad_1] Insurance tech firm BlockClaim has recently received £500,000 ($627,000) in funding for its blockchain-based claims solution, according to an official blog post on June 17.The firm raised the funds from venture capital firm Amadeus Capital Partners and software firm Pragmatica, in addition to other angel investors.According to the announcement, BlockClaim uses blockchain technology to automate its claims process. Furthermore, the company says the product reduces claim costs by 20%

What’s Changed Since Bitcoin Was at $9K in 2017? – Everything

[ad_1] Bitcoin smashed through the $9K barrier over the weekend and all the indicators are looking good for the bull run to continue. How will it be different this time around? The Last Time Bitcoin Reached Over $9K Cast your mind back to November 2017, the first time BTC was trading at this price 00. What’s changed since then and why is it so much better placed this time around?

Polish Bank Verifies Documents With Ethereum Blockchain

[ad_1] Alior Bank, a bank based in Warsaw, Poland, is using the public Ethereum blockchain to authenticate its clients’ documents, according to a report by Forbes on June 17.According to the report, when a client at Alior receives a document, they can now verify its authenticity by following a website link to its spot on the public blockchain. This means that customers can verify that the document in question was

Canadian Pharmacy to Track Cannabis via Blockchain in New Pilot Program

[ad_1] Canadian pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with blockchain company TruTrace Technologies Inc. to launch a pilot program for cannabis supply chain tracking via blockchain, according to a report by Bloomberg on June 17.According to the report, this blockchain tracking system will be used to identify and track medical cannabis, with data included such as the strain’s source and genetics. This data will purportedly allow doctors to issue

Ripple to Invest Up to $50M in MoneyGram Following New Partnership

[ad_1] Major money transmission network MoneyGram has entered into a strategic partnership with blockchain-based payments firm Ripple, according to a press release on June 17.As part of the two-year agreement, the two firms will become partners in cross-border payments and foreign exchange settlements with digital assets. As part of the agreement, MoneyGram will be able to draw up to $50 million dollars from Ripple in exchange for equity.MoneyGram will purportedly

Santander Loses Appeal Against Brazilian Crypto Exchange, Fine Upheld

[ad_1] Major Spanish bank Santander has been denied an appeal regarding a decision by the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo in a case against crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin, Cointelegraph Brazil reports on June 17.Santander was sued by the Brazilian exchange Mercado Bitcoin in 2018, after the bank purportedly closed the exchange’s account at its sole discretion. The bank, which has branches in Latin America, cited concerns over

Hong Kong Paying a Premium for Bitcoin That Beijing Can’t Stop

[ad_1] BTC in Hong Kong is currently trading $175 above its spot price according to other Bitcoin indexes, as political instability is driving demand for a safe haven. Hong Kong Protesters Seek Safety in Bitcoin Bitcoin demand in Hong Kong is starting to surge as an increasing amount of citizens are seeking refuge in the decentralized currency. The extradition bill, which will bring in new laws to deport all non-mainland

Nouriel Roubini: Facebook’s Globalcoin is Not a Real Crypto

[ad_1] While the crypto verse is hyped about the upcoming Facebook crypto, Nouriel Roubini a top economist and virtual currency critic have expressed a negative outlook to the coin. According to Roubini, Facebook’s upcoming digital currency which is being referred to as Globalcoin is not real crypto. Roubini: The Coin Has Nothing to Do With Blockchain Roubini who is also known as Dr Doom because he forecasted the bearish market

Zcash Rolls Out New Software Client to Bolster Network Health

[ad_1] Nonprofit organization The Zcash Foundation has partnered with blockchain company Parity Technologies to release a new, open source software client for the cryptocurrency Zcash, according to a press release on June 17.The new software client, Zebra, purportedly exists to provide redundancy in the case of its first client — Zcashd — failing. Zcash hopes this will provide better security for its crypto network as a whole.Additionally, the client is

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Receives Massive Support

[ad_1] The Bitcoin Cash community has greatly advanced its efforts to support the sustainability of the cryptocurrency with a fundraiser whose contributions are donated to developers. The campaign has already reached the 95% milestone out of an initial goal of raising 800 BCH for the development fund by Aug. 1, 2019. Also Read: Crypto Cards in Weekly Video Update From Bitcoin Cash Community Strongly Backs Developers A number of