7 Darknet Markets Where Your Cryptocurrency Is Welcome

[ad_1] Whether you’re a Store of Value advocate or a Medium of Exchange purveyor, every bitcoiner ought to spend a little crypto from time to time. Consider it as paying it forward, spreading the love, fostering adoption or simply treating yourself. And where better to send your spare satoshis than the darknet, where a man or woman can obtain anything they like for a price. Also read: How to Stay

Bakkt Employs Ex. Google Consultant as it Develops Its Mobile App Bakkt Pay

[ad_1] According to a recent report, cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt has employed a new staff who used to be a consultant at Google to help grow its brand and aid in the deployment of its new app Bakkt Pay for a digital asset wallet. The app which will be able to convert virtual currencies to fiat currencies is set to be launched in the next few months. The New Employee Chris

Will PwC’s New Software Solve the Cryptocurrency Auditing Problem?

[ad_1] Earlier this week, Big Four firm PwC announced the release of a cryptocurrency auditing software solution.According to the multinational professional services network, its Halo auditing suite has now been updated to accommodate “entities engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.” The new tool reportedly allows PwC to establish crypto asset ownership and gather information about transactions and balances from blockchains.While it is currently unclear whether Halo will now be picked up by

The Federal Reserve Could Be Helping Bitcoin to $100K

[ad_1] Many factors are contributing to Bitcoin’s renewed trajectory towards its USD 100,000 target. One of them is increasingly gaining prominence: The U.S. Federal Reserve. Fed Interest Rate Cuts to Weaken Dollar and to Strengthen Bitcoin The U.S. Federal Reserve’s latest moves might be unintentionally propelling Bitcoin to new 2019 highs with renewed impetus. On Jun 19, 2019, Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Fed announced the decision to maintain

Russian Ministry of Finance Considers Allowing Cryptocurrency Trading

[ad_1] A representative of the Russian Ministry of Finance (MinFin) says the ministry is considering allowing cryptocurrency trading, Russian news service Interfax reported on June 21.Per the report, the Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseyev told journalists on Friday that, while MinFin had reached no final decision, cryptocurrency trading may be allowed in the coming bill on the circulation of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation.A bill prohibiting the use of

FATF Set to Increase Control Over Crypto Exchanges to Stop Money Laundering

[ad_1] Recently the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) made an announcement that it will be concentrating on the role of cryptocurrency in money laundering and heightened regulation. The goal of the organization is to help reduce the damaging effect of cryptos. FATF is Fighting Money Laundering Hard The FATF is an intergovernmental organization whose job is to combat money laundering and it intends to do so by reinforcing its control

Obsidian Capital Partner: Bitcoin Will Break $1 T Market Cap This Cycle

[ad_1] Arnie Hill, partner at Obsidian Capital VC Fund, believes bitcoin can attain a $1 trillion market capitalization in this current bull cycle. Bitcoin in 2017 Bull Run Territory In an exclusive chat with Bitcoinist, Hill provided his thoughts on the recent BTC price spike 00. According to Hill, the present trend mirrors the 2017 bull run meaning bitcoin could be set for a new all-time high (ATH). Elaborating further,

Crypto and Blockchain in Charity

[ad_1] The technology that underpins cryptocurrencies has been gradually entering the charity sector, purportedly providing more transparency and trust to the industry — especially given a decrease in people’s trust in charity organizations, where the public is increasingly concerned about how charities spend raised money.Governments and blockchain projects embrace charity spaceGovernments around the world have been showing increasing interest in blockchain deployment and digital currency adoption for philanthropy, although few

deVere Chief Executive: Boris at No10 Bodes Well for Bitcoin

[ad_1] Chief Executive of deVere financial group, Nigel Green, predicts that fears of a no-deal Brexit will drive UK investors towards Bitcoin, if Boris Johnson becomes the next British PM. Hard Brexit Boris Contemporary UK politics is going through the motions of deciding yet another Prime Minister, in the wake of Theresa May stepping down from office at the start of the month. Hard brexiteer and former London mayor, Boris