IMF Predicts Central Banks to Issue Digital Currencies

[ad_1] The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes that central banks may issue digital currencies in the future, according to a report by the IMF on June 27According to the full paper, the IMF and World Bank conducted a survey on fintech that solicited answers from financial institutions within all member countries, and has based its conclusions in part upon the 96 received responses.According to the paper, several central banks in

Satoshi Comparisons Surface After Grin Founder Exits in Similar Circumstances

[ad_1] Pseudonymous Grin founder Ignotus Peverell has stepped away from the project, reassuring the privacy coin’s community that it is in “safe hands.” The move has sparked inevitable Satoshi Nakamoto comparisons. Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator used almost identical language eight years ago, writing in an email that “I’ve moved on to other things,” before adding “It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyone.” Also read: Bitcoin’s Big Price Drop Is the

Crypto Markets Are Green Across the Board as Bitcoin Crosses $12,000

[ad_1] Friday, June 28 — Top cryptocurrencies bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and ripple (XRP) are all in the green, a total turnaround from the sea of deep red on Thursday.Market visualization. Source: Coin360Bitcoin is currently trading at $12,316 again, around the levels it sank to following the sudden $1,400 flash crash on Wednesday. Bitcoin had continued to sink all the way to $10,380 on Thursday, but is now seeing strong recovery

MoneyGram CEO: XRP is the “Absolute Right” Asset to Use for International Remittances

[ad_1] According to a recent report, MoneyGram which recently forged a partnership with Ripple is already making plans to use xRapid, (Ripple’s XRP based cross-border payment solution). XRP is Perfect for MoneyGram The CEO of MoneyGram, Alexander Holmes revealed during an interview that XRP is the “absolute right” asset to use for international remittances, and that after a short while, the firm intends to start utilising the technology on its

Kik Hands Off Defend Crypto Frund to The Blockchain Association

[ad_1] The Blockchain Association, a collective of advocates involved with the blockchain industry, has taken over the Defend Crypto fund set up by KikAccording to an official blog post on June 28, Kik — the company behind Kik Messenger and the kin (KIN) cryptocurrency — believes that the Blockchain Association “will be in the best position to objectively allocate the resources to the highest impact initiatives” and has chosen it

Only 30% of Known Stablecoins Are Live and Operational

[ad_1] Only 66 stablecoins — 30% of total announced tokens — are actually live and operational, according to a study published by the blockchain research group Blockdata on June 26The remaining 70%  are either still in development or have shut down entirely.Researchers from Blockdata believe that one consequence of this is that 2019–2020 may see a record high of new stablecoins going live, with 119 estimated to launch in 2019.Researchers

Craig Wright Does Not Have Access to Bitcoin Fortune

[ad_1] Craig Wright said that he cannot comply with a court order to provide a list of all his early bitcoin (BTC) addresses, Bloomberg reported on June 28 The Australian computer scientist and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto said that he may not be able to access the coins at all.As previously reported, the United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida issued an order on May 3 requiring Wright to

Golem Launches New Entity Based on Its 2016 Crowdfunding

[ad_1] Decentralized CPU power developer Golem is spinning off a new entity using funds of the original capital raised in its crowdfunding back in 2016In a blog post on June 28, Golem Factory CEO Julian Zawistowski announced the launch of a new division called the Golem Foundation, which will purportedly allow Golem to expand its solutions and “potentially increase the value of the entire project.”The Golem Foundation intends to develop

Ethereum Classic Hard Fork and What Will Change

[ad_1] On June 19, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community announced that the Atlantis hard fork is now in its testing stage. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the update is scheduled for Sept. and will take place on the block 8.75 million. Also, as Cointelegraph reported, ETC Labs, which actively contributed to the Atlantis project, will soon introduce another solution for Ether (ETH)/ETC interoperability being part of Metronome Validator Network. This move brings

Billionaire Henry Kravis Invests in Former Employee’s Crypto Fund

[ad_1] Billionaire Henry Kravis has started investing in the cryptocurrency space, according to a report by Bloomberg on June 28Ben Forman, a former employee of Kravi’s KKR & Co, said that Kravis has invested in the flagship fund for his blockchain-focused investment firm ParaFi Capital of San Francisco.Discussing his decision to leave KKR to found ParaFi Capital, Forman said that he intends to pursue cryptocurrency investing at his new firm:“While