A Partner at Binance Labs Expresses Optimism Over Facebook’s Entry Into Crypto With Libra

[ad_1] Speaking to Cointelegraph at Blockchain Week Rome, Teck Chei, partner at Binance Labs, said that he sees Facebook’s Libra Project at a step forward for crypto and increasing public awareness. In Chei’s own words: “I think having a company like Facebook, with such tremendous reach and distribution, into all different countries around the world – having them be interested in cryptocurrency and launching one is a very very positive thing for

U.S.-based Clean Energy Firm Set to Test Blockchain For Renewable Energy Trading

[ad_1] Based on a recent report, Clearway Energy Group, a clean energy development company situated in the U.S plans to launch a pilot program for the trade of renewable energy credits on a blockchain. ETHEREUM Based Energy Trading Platform In order to create a system for trading renewable energy certificates, the energy firm forged a partnership with Power Ledger, an ETHEREUM based energy trading company. During an interview, a representative

BTC Plummets. How to Gain Profit From That?

[ad_1] On Thursday, bitcoin price continued its downward trend, falling by almost $1,000 over a 20-minute period, according to Coinbase Pro, which shows that the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell from $11,700 at 16:05 UTC to $10,800 in 17:44 UTC. Although the price stabilized for a while, according to Coinbase, it fell to $10,346. However, on Friday Asia session Bitcoin has shown growth, now trading at around $11,300

Bitcoin, Crypto Assets and Libra Attracting Strict Regulatory Scrutiny

[ad_1] Bankers, government officials, and regulators all over the world are feeling increasingly alarmed by the disruptive capabilities of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Facebook’s recently launched “cryptocurrency”, Libra, is the latest cause of fury, angst, and fear amongst regulatory bodies. Regulators Concerned Over Crypto Growth Threatened by the growing adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, governments and bankers are asking for more regulations and stricter scrutiny over crypto assets.

Daily Ethereum Transactions Exceed One Million, a First Since May 2018

[ad_1] Daily transactions registered on the Ethereum (ETH) network exceeded one million yesterday, June 28, for the first time since May 2018, according to data reported by leading Ethereum block explorer Etherscan.Per Etherscan data, on June 28 there were 1,004,170 transactions confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain. Before yesterday, the last time the Ethereum chain registered over one million daily transactions was in May 2018. Nonetheless, the current level is still

Blockchain Disruption of the Insurance Sector

[ad_1] The business of insurance is enormously complex: The process of evaluating and managing a variety of risks that individuals and organizations face every day inevitably involves coordination of the multiple parties’ efforts and reconciliation of extensive records. Both aspects make the insurance sector an appealing ground for blockchain-based optimization — and indeed, distributed ledger technology is a prominent feature of a rising tide of technological innovations, collectively known as

Bitcoin Hover Over $11,800 as Top Cryptos See Gains

[ad_1] Saturday, June 29 — most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting moderate to significant gains on the day by press time, as bitcoin (BTC) hovers over under the $11,800 mark again.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360Bitcoin is currently up about .14% on the day, trading around $11,830 at press time, according to Coin360. Looking at its weekly chart, the coin is up over 13%.Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Coin360Ether (ETH)

Ross Ulbricht Letter Questions the Wisdom of Imprisoning Non-Violent Offenders

[ad_1] Forced to spend the rest of his days in a cage, Ross Ulbricht has recounted his situation in a letter, which explains how he’s spent more than 2,096 days in a U.S. federal penitentiary for running a website. Also Read: Bitcoin ‘Inventor’ Craig Wright Claims He Can’t Access Coins in Court Testimony Ross Ulbricht Reflects on 2,000 Days Behind Bars The letter from Ulbricht shows the world how skewed

U.S. Clean Energy Firm Clearway Energy Will Test Blockchain for Renewable Energy Trading

[ad_1] United States-based clean energy development firm Clearway Energy Group is launching a pilot program for trading renewable energy credits on a blockchain, Bloomberg reported on June 28.Per the report, Clearway Energy partnered with Ethereum (ETH)-based energy trading startup Power Ledger to jointly build a system for trading renewable energy certificates. Power Ledger reportedly told Bloomberg that initially the solution will be tested in Massachusetts, generating one to five megawatts

Recent Bitfinex IEO Ampleforth Token is Not Stable

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency investment firm Maple Leaf Capital called ampleforth (AMPL), the token recently released in the first Bitfinex’s Initial Exchange Offering, “anything but stable” in a series of tweets published on June 27.While Ampleforth reportedly raised $4.9 million in 11 seconds in a Tokenex earlier in June, Maple Leaf Capital has said that the AMPL token’s mechanics do not grant it stability, and its low volume makes it easily to