‘Don’t Worry We Can Just Print More Money’ – Swedish Central Bank Ponders -1.5% Interest Rate

[ad_1] At a press conference on Wednesday, the head of the Swedish Central Bank admitted that interest rates could potentially go as low as -1.5%, and quipped that Swedes likely wouldn’t even protest. Other countries implementing negative interest rate policies are producing lukewarm results that don’t address the root causes of currency devaluation. Nor do they change the bleak overall trajectory of fiat financial systems across the globe. Also read:

Competing Stablecoins Can’t Topple Tether

[ad_1] Love, hate or fear it, there’s no avoiding tether (USDT). Its shadow looms over the cryptoconomy, supplying sanctuary in times of volatility, providing fiat capital inflow and acting as a lightning rod for crypto critics who believe it’s propping up the price of bitcoin. Over the past year, a flurry of new stablecoins have entered the market, each vying to topple tether and provide a more transparent and fully

Sophisticated Trading Bot Exploits Synthetix Oracle, Funds Recovered

[ad_1] When Ethereum-based synthetic asset issuance platform Synthetix, which allows users to mint and trade synthetic currencies in a peer-to-peer fashion, lost track of more than 37 million synthetic Ether (sETH) on June 24, the company stopped all trading on its platform. While users only lost trading access for 24 hours, the event led to trades with 1,000x profits equalling $1 billion in less than an hour. The Australian-based company’s

Polymath Discontinues Two Projects, Lays off 10 to Focus on Security Token App

[ad_1] According to a recent report, Polymath, an Ethereum(ETH)-based security token platform has made it known that in order to bring securities onto the blockchain, it intends to stop its two in-house initiatives. Polymath stated in a press release that it will be directing the firm’s newly acquired resources towards its decentralised application (dApp) called Polymath Token Studio which allows more than 130 security tokens to be issued so far.

Top Crypto Markets Report Losses, Bitcoin Hovers Around $11,000

[ad_1] Friday, July 5 — the top-20 digital currencies by market capitalization are trading in the red zone, with only Chainlink (LINK) seeing daily gains, according to data from Coin360.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading in a narrow corridor from $11,701 to $10,751 as its highest point during the day. The leading crypto has lost 6.25% over the past 24 hours, and is currently trading at $10,969.

Pompliano Apparently Holds 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin, Explains Why

[ad_1] American investor and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano explained his investing strategy and skepticism towards fiat currency in an interview with Cointelegraph on July 5.When asked whether he thought that putting 50% of his wealth into the leading digital currency bitcoin (BTC) was a risky move, Pompliano said that risk is relative for every individual; however, he has a clear profile that he wants to

Indian Authorities Arrest 4 Individuals Accused of Crypto Ponzi Scheme

[ad_1] The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of India has arrested Vijay Prajapati, Dhiraj Patel, Kamruddin Syed, and Ashiq Shaikh, the alleged creators of the cryptocurrency KBC Coin, according to a report by The Times of India on July 4.As per the report, the CID argues that KBC is a Ponzi Scheme. KBC reportedly launched 6 months ago, and its price has not moved since. KBC coins were reportedly issued at 10

Oracle and World Bee Project to Track Honey Sustainability on Blockchain

[ad_1] Tech giant Oracle and the World Bee Project are developing a blockchain-based sustainability assurance system for honey on the supply chain, according to a report by Ledger Insights on July 5.The honey-tracing blockchain will reportedly be developed on the Oracle Blockchain Platform. According to the report, this partnership aims to launch a “BeeMark” label, which is a purported guarantee that so-labeled honey comes from ecological and sustainable sources. In addition

Blockchain Browsers — How DLT Could Affect Web Surfing

[ad_1] The appearance of blockchain technology can be compared with the emergence of internet at the initial stage of its development: Users were cautious about a decentralized system and failed to understand many of its subtleties. But just as firms opened up to the internet, almost all corporations are now working on integrating blockchain into their processes — at least as a trial. And there are some reasons for this