What Is Blockstack (STX)? | The First SEC-Qualified Token Offering

[ad_1] What Is Blockstack? Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps). The project recently made headlines as the first token sale in U.S. history to receive clearance from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The team has been together since 2013, however. The Blockstack team’s overarching goal is to give users control of their data and identity. They’re accomplishing that goal by providing a suite

‘I’m All for Cryptocurrencies, I Like Competing Currencies’

[ad_1] Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul says he is in favor of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology because he likes competing currencies. Ron Paul delivered his remarks in a “Squawk Alley” interview on CNBC on July 15.According to Paul, cryptocurrencies are a great idea, and governments should only step in to regulate the space to prevent fraud:“… I’m for the least amount of regulation. I don’t know what’s

Siemens Considers Using Blockchain Tech for Carsharing

[ad_1] Self-proclaimed electrification, automation and digitalization global giant Siemens has shown an interest in adopting blockchain-based solutions. In particular, Siemens is exploring the use of blockchain in the transportation industry, as per a report by Forbes on July 15.According to Siemens Corporate Technology’s head of cybersecurity and blockchain, Andreas Kind, Siemens is looking to incorporate blockchain tech into carsharing via Siemens Mobility — one of Siemens’ subsidiaries.According to the Enterprise

Market Maker Altonomy Raises $7M in Funding Round Led by Polychain Capital

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency asset management firm Altonomy has raised $7 million in a seed round from digital assets investment company Polychain Capital, according to a press release on July 15.Singapore-based market maker Altonomy is planning to allocate the raised funds to source liquidity for institutional customers like spot and derivatives exchanges.Altonomy provides liquidity for Bitcoin (BTC) futures projects from CME Group and works with stablecoins USDC, Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and

Binance Announces Galileo, the Latest Version of Its Mainnet

[ad_1] Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has completed an upgrade to its mainnet. The latest iteration is called Galileo — v.0.6.0 — as announced by Binance on July 15.According to the announcement, there are four major changes implemented in Galileo: the matching engine has been revised with “Taker” and “Maker” matching logic, trading pairs on Binances decentralized exchange, Binance DEX, can be delisted, Binance Chain token assets can now be time-locked

Member of Former Royal Family Speaks Out Against Crypto Regulation

[ad_1] Luiz Philippe de Orleans-Braganza, a descendant of the former royal family of Brazil, has spoken out against cryptocurrency regulation in the country, Cointelegraph Brazil reported on July 15.Orleans-Braganza, who is also a federal deputy in the Brazilian National Congress, spoke out during a special commission meeting wherein lawmakers discussed a bill that proposes a legal framework for digital currencies. Orleans-Braganza said the bill should only be discussed in the Congress

Bitcoin Cash Multi-Party Escrow, Retail Adoption, and Upgrade Discussions

[ad_1] Another week has passed for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community and as usual, there’s been a bunch of announcements and developments. BCH supporters this week saw the release of a multi-party onchain escrow system, Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin discussed using the BCH chain as a data layer, and more BCH-accepting merchants were onboarded. Also Read: Crypto Terminals Offer Venezuelans a Bridge to Economic Prosperity The cryptocurrency ecosystem is filled

Monero Reports on Resolving Fake XMR Minting Bugs a Month After Fix

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency is so far on the cutting edge that it almost defines it, yet some are finding out the hard way that it’s even sharper than anticipated. The frightening reveal of nine security bugs through HackerOne internet security platform that had affected Monero (XMR) in recent months — ranging from the insignificant and solved to the malicious and live — was a big wake-up call for blockchain enthusiasts. Five of

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Attacks Bitcoin, Libra

[ad_1] US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin touched upon Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency in a Monday press conference, voicing concerns about the misuse of cryptos for money laundering and terrorist financing. Bitcoin, Libra Represent a National Security Issue, Mnuchin Says The cryptocurrency market turned bearish as Mnuchin mentioned the negative aspects of digital assets. His speech focused on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra. Specifically, the secretary said during a Monday press

Canadian Securities Administrators— CSA Adds DLT to its 2019–2020 Business Plan

[ad_1] The focus of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is currently on the regulation and understanding of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its related components. The agency has even incorporated a section on DLT and cryptocurrencies in its business plan for 2019-2022 which was approved on 28th May and represents a collaborative effort by the CSA to outline its priorities over the next few years. The CSA stated some priorities