Bitcoin and Voluntaryism – Where Libertarian Philosophy Meets Crypto

[ad_1] For the uninitiated, voluntaryism is a philosophy based on consent. In the simplest terms it says: “If it’s not voluntary, it’s not moral.” This basic statement is often countered with “Yes, but not everyone agrees on that, some people use violence to get what they want.” This is 100% true. And this is why voluntaryists are not pacifists, but believe in and support self-defense. Self-defense as per voluntaryism is

Coinbase Announces Three Data-Based Trading Signals for Users

[ad_1] American cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase announced that it has released aggregated data in the form of three trading signals to its customers. Coinbase announced the new offerings in an official blog post on July 17.The three trading signals that are being offered are top holder activity, typical hold time and popularity, and price correlation. The purported aim of each of these offerings is to allow investors to

Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes Corporate-Controlled Money in House’s Libra Hearing

[ad_1] New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addressed the control of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency in today’s United States House Committee on Financial Services hearing.As per a recording of the event, provided by C-Span on July 17, Ocasio-Cortez addressed Calibra wallet CEO David Marcus, asking, “[Facebook] wants to establish a currency and act through its wallet as — at minimum — a payment processor. Why should these activities be consolidated under one

Key Comments From Libra Hearing at US House of Representatives

[ad_1] The United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee heard testimony from from Facebook’s David Marcus, today July 17. Marcus, the CEO of the Calibra wallet service for the social media giant’s forthcoming Libra stablecoin, attempted to assuage regulators’ concerns regarding the project and educate lawmakers on its purpose and potential. Cointelegraph has compiled some key quotes from the hearing, which you can view here.[2:50] Rep. Maxine Waters, chair

Ignore Crypto Twitter – Life as a Nocoiner Isn’t That Bad

[ad_1] Crypto Twitter (CT) is filled with half-witted commentary and price predictions by so-called luminaries, maximalists, and influencers. As the price of BTC has dropped to four figures, the usual tweets from CT thought leaders has insisted that this is the last chance to buy bitcoin for under $10,000. Also read: Bitcoin Cash Update: Multi-Party Escrow, Vitalik Suggests BCH as Data Layer for ETH This Is Your Last (Last) Chance

BITpoint to Refund Victims of Security Breach

[ad_1] Based on a recent report, Japan digital currency exchange BITpoint has revealed that about 50,000 of its customers who lost money when the exchange was recently hacked will be paid back in virtual currency using a 1:1 ratio. According to the exchange, the estimate of losses incurred during the security breach is around 3.02 billion yen which is valued at $28 million at least $4.6 million less than the

Jamie Dimon Says Libra Does Not Pose a Threat in Short Term

[ad_1] Jamie Dimon, CEO of global financial services firm JPMorgan Chase, argued that Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra does not pose a threat in the foreseeable future.As reported by CNBC, Dimon delivered his comments during a conference call with analysts on Tuesday, July 16. Dimon said that he would not spend too much time on Libra, specifying that “to put it in perspective, we have been talking about blockchain for seven

Bitcoin Suisse Set to Get regulated, Applies for Banking and Securities Licenses

[ad_1] A Switzerland based crypto-broker and pioneer of Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley, ” Bitcoin Suisse has begin steps to regulate its operation. The firm recently announced that it has filed for a banking license with Swiss Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FINMA). The firm went further to seek for security dealer’s license. One which has been mandated by the Stock Exchange and Securities Trading Act (SESTA). Speaking further on this development, a

Study Finds Bitcoin’s Most Volatile from Midnight to 1 A.M. (UTC)

[ad_1] Data analysts at Longhash found that Bitcoin’s price action fluctuates most from midnight to 1 a.m. UTC. Could this present an opportunity for day traders?  Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? A recently published report from Longhash found that Bitcoin’s most volatile trading hours occur between midnight and 1 a.m (UTC). The data analytics collective used Crypto Data Download to analyze Coinbase trading data from July 6, 2017,

Overstock Subsidiary and Tokenization Firm tZERO Announces New Management

[ad_1] The blockchain-based subsidiary of retail giant Overstock,  tZERO, has appointed three new managers. The company announced the new hires in a press release on July 17.According to the announcement, new appointees Brooke Navarro, Michael Mougias and Alexandra Sotiropoulos have been official managers since July 15. TZero states that these new executives are the firms head of issuance, head of investor relations and head of communications, respectively.The CEO of tZERO,