1 AM UTC Is the Most Volatile Hour for Bitcoin: Research

[ad_1] Researchers at crypto analytics firm LongHash have found 1 AM UTC to be the hour of greatest volatility for Bitcoin (BTC) over the past two years.1 AM UTC had more daily highs and lows than any other hour of the day over a period from 2017 to 2019, according to research released by LongHash on July 17.LongHash’s research is based on crypto price archives from major American crypto exchange

Israeli Citizen Accused of Stealing Over $1.7 Million in Crypto

[ad_1] Eliyahu Gigi, a 31-year-old from Tel Aviv, has been charged with stealing over $1.7 billion in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Gigi allegedly stole BTC, Ethereum, and Dash from users in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Lawyer Yeela Harel of the cyber department in the State Attorney's Office filed charges against Gigi on July 17, according to a report published the same day by Globes. Gigi has reportedly been charged with

Bitcoin-Seeking Ransomware ‘Ryuk’ Virus Found and Studied in China

[ad_1] Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center says that a Ryuk ransomware virus has been spotted in China.The intelligence center released information on the outbreak in a report on July 16.According to the report, Ryuk viruses are a family of malware aimed at infecting government and enterprise machines holding valuable data. According to the report, a Ryuk virus derives from the Hermes virus, with code that is directly modified off of

Ontology and NEO Forges Partnership to Create a Foundation For Next-Gen Internet

[ad_1] Based on a recent report, leading public blockchain initiatives in China- Ontology and NEO have made it known that they will be collaborating to create the bedrock for next-gen internet. They will be focusing on the establishment of an open cross-chain platform. A statement issued by the firm revealed that the companies intend to leverage both parties’ strengths to build an efficient and inclusive interoperability protocol. The founder of

BitMEX in Violation of Securities Laws, Crypto a Metastasized Cancer

[ad_1] Economist and anti-cryptocurrency pundit Nouriel Roubini has recently declared that there is “overwhelming evidence of rampant fraud and abuse” in the crypto space. Roubini, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, also took aim specifically at the compliance policies of crypto exchange BitMEX in an essay entitled “The Great Crypto Heist.” The essay was published by opinions publication site Project Syndicate on July 16.According to Roubini, anonymous sources from

Trump Tweets Crypto Rant — What Is the Bitcoin Reference Really About?

[ad_1] Over the last few years, United States President Donald Trump’s tweetstorms have become a peculiar yet amusing feature of American public life. The president’s off-the-cuff comments have served a wide variety of purposes, from enriching political discourse with the mysterious term covfefe to delivering direct threats — furnished with proper capitalization — to the leadership of the nations deemed U.S. adversaries. The most newsworthy rants almost invariably felt improvised, emotional and

Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Blockchain-Based Energy Saving Firm in Malta

[ad_1] Steve Wozniak, co-founder of American tech giant Apple, has invested in a new blockchain-based company headquartered in Malta. Wozniak is now the co-founder of energy efficiency company Efforce, according to a report by Maltese news daily The Malta Independent on July 18.Wozniak co-founded the company alongside Jacopo Visetti, who — according to his LinkedIn profile — works in the renewable energy and environment sector. According to this page, Visetti

New Jersey Accuses Blockchain Firm of Unregistered Securities Sale

[ad_1] The State of New Jersey alleges that a blockchain-based online rental marketplace sold over $400,000 of unregistered securities.A complaint filed on July 17 accuses Pocketinns, Inc. and its president Sarvajnya G. Mada of offering and selling around $410,000 of unregistered securities in the form of a cryptocurrency dubbed “PINNS Tokens.” The tokens were sold through an initial token offering between Jan. 15 and Jan. 31, 2018. Neither Pockettins nor

US Treasury Sec: We Don’t Want Bitcoin Becoming a “Swiss-Numbered Bank Account”

[ad_1] Now that the U.S. Congress and Senate have finished their hearings with Facebook, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has set his regulatory sights on Bitcoin. Increased Regulation on the Table Again It appears that the aftermath of the US Congress and Senate Banking Committee’ hearings on Facebook’s Libra coin could present a new set of regulatory problems for cryptocurrency as a whole. On Thursday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

US Chamber of Digital Commerce Onboards Crypto Exchange ErisX

[ad_1] The United States Chamber of Digital Commerce has taken aboard cryptocurrency exchange ErisX.Per a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 18, ErisX has become a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, an advocacy group that promotes the digital asset and blockchain industry. ErisX thus joined other heavyweights of the industry such as Fidelity Investments,’s Medici Ventures, enterprise blockchain software firm R3, stablecoin platform TrustToken and professional services