Is Bitcoin a Store of Value? Experts on BTC as Digital Gold

[ad_1] It’s hard to tell who was the first to coin — pun intended — Bitcoin (BTC) as “digital gold,” underlining the idea that Bitcoin is a good store of value. The phrase possibly came into more widespread use after The New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper's book, "Digital Gold," was published in 2015. Google searches for the term “Bitcoin digital gold” peaked in December 2017, when the leading cryptocurrency’s

Crypto Is Part of Free Speech, and Free Speech Is Everything

[ad_1] On July 23, U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave a speech demanding big players in the tech industry work with government agencies in providing backdoor entry points for encrypted devices and software. Per his reasoning, certain devices and messaging services pose a safety threat by providing a secure, third-party-inaccessible area where crime can rapidly proliferate. He didn’t note that this “warrant-proof encryption” also protects journalists, researchers, and individuals in

Swissx Bank of Cannabis Issues First hemp seeds backed Stablecoin SWX

[ad_1] According to a recent report, the world’s first stablecoin pegged to the price of legal cannabis has been launched. The man behind the release of this new stablecoin is Greece based billionaire, Alkiviades David. The Swissx Global Hemp Exchange Swissx Bank of Cannabis (SBC), is said to be the company in charge of managing activities surrounding the stablecoin. According to the press release which confirmed the launch of the

Libra Doubts, Bitcoin Slumps, McAfee Behind Bars

[ad_1] Coming every Sunday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link.Top Stories This WeekFacebook to work ‘however long it takes’ to win over regulators on LibraMark Zuckerberg turned on the charm offensive this week in an attempt to reassure governments and

Large Regulated Token Sales Indicate ICOs May Be Coming Back

[ad_1] Initial coin offerings have seen a significant decline in popularity, but they are not to be written off completely. Although you don’t hear the term “ICO” so often nowadays, some recent regulatory developments indicate they have a place in the digital economy realm. Crowdfunding through token sales has a chance of becoming a mainstream instrument for raising capital. Also read: The Next Big Financial Meltdown Is Around the Corner,

3 Reasons Analysts Are Bullish on Bitcoin Despite 33% Price Correction

[ad_1] As Bitcoin dropped an additional 8% on Saturday, naysayers claim the rally to a new all-time high is over. So what is it that’s keeping market analysts bullish in the face of a 33 percent correction? Bitcoin price bears draw a line at $10,000Bitcoin’s most recent price action has been less than satisfactory, unless you’re a bear. To date, the top digital asset is down 32% from it’s 2019 high

Tokenizing Sports — How the Industry Is Incorporating Crypto

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens have become powerful tools for a variety of industries over the past few years, and the world of sports is no exception. Sports fans are notoriously passionate about the teams they support, and there is a massive market for everything from tickets to memorabilia, collectibles and content.As the world continues to move online, sports teams and organizations are beginning to embrace the use of cryptocurrencies

Market Outlook: Crypto Prices Consolidate as Economic Uncertainty Looms

[ad_1] Digital currency markets have been meandering sideways for a few days as most of the top crypto prices have been consolidating. Some traders believe there will be a big bullish rise after the current slump, while others think crypto prices may sink even lower. Amidst the crypto market uncertainty, economists worldwide are predicting a great recession looming in the backdrop. Also Read: 10,000 American Cryptocurrency Owners Will Receive Warning

CoinLaunch Reaches $50,000 Settlement With Ontario Securities Commission

[ad_1] Initial coin offering (ICO) consultant CoinLaunch has agreed to pay $50,000 to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), according to documents published on the regulator’s website dated July 24.According to commercial litigator and former programmer Evan Thomas, CoinLaunch was consulted on two ICOs, BCZERO (raising funds for a Czech off-road truck racing team) and ECOREAL (raising funds for a Portuguese resort), both of which were found to be securities. CoinLaunch