Bitcoin Price Drops to $10,000 in Recent Downtrend

[ad_1] Despite exceeding $12,000 several times this month, Bitcoin (BTC) has slumped back to $10,000 in a recent downtrend. The number one cryptocurrency last traded below $10,000 on July 31.$10K still a magnet for Bitcoin priceA little earlier this month, experts were optimistic about Bitcoin continuing its rally, citing geopolitical tensions — particularly the ongoing United States-China trade war — as a reason for its possibly continuing success. Galaxy Digital

Alcor Life Extension Foundation Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations

[ad_1] Alcor Life Extension Foundation has revealed the company is accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) donations. Alcor was convinced by’s executive chairman Roger Ver to add BCH acceptance, the same person who convinced Alcor to accept BTC payments via Bitpay back in 2014. The nonprofit organization is well known for its cryonics research and practices as the company has a strong relationship with cryptocurrency advocates. Also Read: Exploring the SLP

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Drone Communication System

[ad_1] American retail giant Walmart has submitted a patent application for a drone communication system that is based on blockchain technology. Walmart filed its patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Aug. 1. The filing describes a system on a drone that encrypts and stores that drone’s operational parameters. That information is subsequently passed to another drone, which decrypts, reads and then configures to those parameters.In essence,

Researchers Find Monero Mining Malware That Hides From Task Manager

[ad_1] Cybersecurity company Varonis has discovered a new cryptojacking virus, dubbed “Norman,” that aims to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) and evade detection. Varonis published a report about Norman on Aug.14. According to the report, Varonis found Norman as one of many cryptojacking viruses deployed in an attack that infected machines at a mid-size company. Hackers and cybercriminals deploy cryptojacking hardware to use the computing power of unsuspecting users’ machines to mine

Terra Stablecoin Alliance Adds South Korean Music Streaming Platform

[ad_1] Blockchain payment system and stablecoin issuer Terra has added South Korean music streaming platform Bugs to its e-commerce alliance. As CoinDesk reported Aug. 14, there are now 25 partners in the Singapore-based company’s South Korea-focused payment ecosystem.The Terra Alliance uses payment solutions provider CHAI as its front-end. CHAI incorporates a mobile payments app which connects to 15 major local banks. Terra’s blockchain-based platform then sits in the background, linking payments

US Financial Regulators Reach $7M Settlement Over PlexCorps ICO

[ad_1] The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with PlexCorps owner Dominique Lacroix, business partner Sabrina Paradis-Royer and PlexCorps over an allegedly fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO).The SEC submitted its settlement agreement to a U.S. District Court in Brooklyn on Aug. 12. According to the filing, the defendants will collectively be fined nearly $7 million as part of the settlement agreement. The SEC concluded

Argentina’s Peso Collapse Shows Governments Shouldn’t Control Money

[ad_1] Whenever bitcoin experiences a sharp drop or volatility, mainstream media analysts jump to declare that cryptocurrency isn’t stable enough to be considered money. The double-digit crash of the Argentine peso in one day, simply due to an election in the country, can be said to prove the same about fiat. Also Read: Big Banks Enabled Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Crimes Vote Sends Peso Into Free Fall On Monday Argentina’s

Craig Wright Faked Documents on Bitcoin Creation

[ad_1] The developer of peer-to-peer messenger Bitmessage, Jonathan Warren, testified against Australian computer scientist Craig Wright stating that some of Wright’s documents in a recent trial were faked.Per a court document released on Aug. 13, Warren testified in the course of an ongoing lawsuit against Wright filed by the estate of David Kleiman, who was a cyber-security expert, whom many believe to have been one of the first developers behind

Iran Crypto Devs Launch Platform for Flood Victims in Light of US Sanctions

[ad_1] Volunteer cryptocurrency developers in Iran have created a blockchain platform called IranRescueBit, which allows people to make charitable cryptocurrency donations to aid regions in the country in recovering from destructive flooding.Al Jazeera shared the news in a report on Aug. 14. According to the report, the platform supports donations in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The government is reportedly not involved in the project.IranRescueBit reportedly allows donors

Crypto Entity Lied About Licensure

[ad_1] Luxembourg’s financial regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), says that a seemingly crypto-related entity called Cryptominingoptionsignal claims to be licensed in Luxembourg, but is not. In a warning notice dated Aug. 13, the country’s watchdog simply wrote: “The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) warns the public of the activities of an entity named Cryptominingoptionsignal [...] The CSSF informs the public that Cryptominingoptionsignal is unknown to