Bitcoin Price Analysis: $9,400 Key Support Holds For Now

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s volatility has drastically decreased over the last few weeks as price action unfolds close to key support at $9,400. This key support line creates the bottom of the asymmetrical triangle stemming from $14,000 down to $9,400 mentioned in a previous analysis on Bitcoin. Bitcoin 1-Hour Analysis On the 1 hour chart for XBT/USD, we can see the decreasing volatility alongside low volume. There was a large bearish candle

Australian Coder Warns Users of Lightning Network’s Vulnerabilities

[ad_1] Australian software programmer and Bitcoin’s (BTC) Lightning Network coder Rusty Russell warned users that “security issues have been found in various Lightning projects which could cause loss of funds.”Urgent update recommendedOn Aug. 30, Russell published a tweet urging LN nodes operators to update their software as soon as possible. According to the message, his warning concerns all versions of c-lightning prior to 0.7.1, lnd older than 0.7, and eclair

XRP Advocate Calls for Fork Amid Alleged Ripple Flooding

[ad_1] An XRP evangelist is calling for a fork of the cryptocurrency to prevent Ripple from dumping coins on investors for profits. Let’s Fork XRP Every quarter, Ripple publishes a report showing the sales figures for the tokens within the preceding three months. Critics say the company is dumping these tokens for profits while the value of the “coin” itself continues to tumble. I’m thinking about forking $XRP so we

Ex-ConsenSys Exec Joins Security Token Project Dusk Network

[ad_1] Former blockchain firm ConsenSys’ ventures head Kavita Gupta joined security token project Dusk Network.As industry news outlet The Block reported on Aug. 30, Gupta joined Dusk Network, an Amsterdam-based startup trying to help companies tokenize their equity shares. Dusk Network co-founder Mels Dees claims that the company is also working with a regulated European stock exchange and have partnered with a major cryptocurrency exchange.Fundraising for private companiesGupta, who worked

Amanie Advisors Support Ether’s Compliance With Islamic Finance Law

[ad_1] Islamic finance and Sharia advisory firm Amanie Advisors have established Ether’s (ETH) compliance with Islamic religious law.Ether receives Sharia endorsementIn a blog post published on their website, Amanie Advisors announced that the firm has collaborated with the Ethereum Foundation to establish the platform’s compliance with Sharia religious law. As a result of the collaboration, the company released a paper with the main purpose of illustrating Ethereum’s compliance with Islamic

4 Key Similarities to Previous Bull Market Corrections

[ad_1] While Bakkt clients will be able to deposit their funds into the Bakkt Warehouse next week on Sept. 6, Bitcoin price is trending downwards after falling below $10,000 in the run-up to the event. So is this already priced in or the market cycles are just repeating themselves? Let’s take a look at some key similarities to previous bull market cycles. Similarities I & II: 100-week MA & 21-week EMA providing

Bitcoin Hashrate Hits Record 83.5 TH/s While Price Trades Sideways

[ad_1] Bitcoin’s blockchain produced new historic records this week as the cryptocurrency’s technical health increasingly contradicts its lower price.  Bitcoin Hashrate Hits 83 Quintillion As data from monitoring resource and wallet provider confirms, it was Bitcoin’s 00 hashrate leading the charge, hitting 83.5 quintillion hashes per second on August 29. That number is BTC’s best achievement in its ten-year history, and the first time hashrate has surpassed 80 quintillion

Can PACs Popularize Cryptocurrency Donations in US Politics?

[ad_1] Earlier this week, BitPAC — conceivably the only active crypto-centric political action committee (PAC) — announced its plans to hold an initial coin offering (ICO). The committee will reportedly issue a utility token called Politicoin, which will then be used to support its candidates running for public office.So, can PACs become a gateway for cryptocurrency-based contributions in United States politics while select states and high-profile nominees like Hillary Clinton

What Does Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hack Mean For Bitcoin?

[ad_1] Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, had his personal Twitter account hacked this week. Whilst in control of the account, the hackers posted a bizarre stream of messages including racial slurs and a bomb threat. Dorsey has been very vocal in his support for Bitcoin, so what impact could this have? What Does A Twitter Hack Have To Do With Bitcoin? Nothing, right?… or at least, perhaps there is no