Privacy Network Elixxir Invites Smartphone Users to Test Private Messaging

[ad_1] In an age where Google, Facebook and the NSA are known to be harvesting as much as our communications as they can, many people are concerned that online privacy now only exists in the history books. One project trying to address this is the metadata-shredding platform Elixxir, led by cypherpunk innovator David Chaum, which now lets smartphone users test the network’s private messaging capabilities. Also Read: Total Surveillance Coin

Bitcoin Price To Rally If ‘$11,700 Launchpad Level’ Is Hit

[ad_1] Bitcoin price has been pretty much trading sideways since it pushed past the psychological $10,000 barrier in June. Noted crypto bull and analyst Josh Rager called for a critical resistance level for BTC that month. Bitcoin could register new highs if it ‘closes above the $11,700 launchpad level’ he said. In his latest tweet, he recalled the same, letting the chart do the talking.  BTC Price Range-Bound Since $10k

No One in the World Is Any Closer to CBDCs than China

[ad_1] China has the most progressive approach to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to date, according to Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire.The only global bank to really care Allaire said that China’s central bank has the most advanced thinking about CBDCs in an interview aired on Phoenix Chinese News on Sept. 9.According to Allaire, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) is the only global central bank that is working on the CBDC

Updated Steemit Now Allows Steem Proposal Voting on

[ad_1] Steemit, a blogging and social networking website that uses its Steem blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers, announced their fellow-Steemians that they can now vote for their favorite Steem proposals without leaving the safety of for proposals to receive fundingOn Sept 10, Steemit announced that their user interface for the Steem.DAO UI had gone live and that Steemians can now vote for their favorite Steem proposals without leaving the

First-Ever SEC-Qualified Token Offering in US Raises $23 Million

[ad_1] Blockstack PBC, a decentralized computing network, announced that it managed to raise more than $23 million in the first-ever U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-approved token offering.Participation from U.S. retail investorsMuneeb Ali, co-founder and CEO of Blockstack PBC wrote in a blog post on Sept. 10 that the blockchain-based startup Blockstack has raised more than $23 million in token offerings, which include its SEC-qualified token offering and its offering

Binance Futures Daily Trading Volume Over $150M in Invite-Only Mode

[ad_1] The 24-hour trading volume of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s futures markets has exceeded $150 million denominated in Tether (USDT).On Sept. 10, a Reddit user published their findings on Binance’s futures markets performance. Over the past 24 hours of trading, the figures reached notable volumes in the Bitcoin (BTC)/USDT pairing, bringing the daily trading volume to over $151 million in USDT.Closed testing modeBinance initially launched two futures testnet platforms named

Amazon Web Services Announces Cryptography-Using Quantum Ledger Database

[ad_1] Amazon Web Services, Inc., an company, announced that the Amazon quantum ledger database (QLDB) was now available.Transparent and immutable transaction logAccording to a post on Sept. 10 from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the newly available Amazon QLBD is a new class of database that provides a transparent, immutable and cryptographically verifiable transaction log ‎owned by a central trusted authority.The post continues to explain that Amazon QLBD eliminates the

Bitmain Launches Next Gen Miner as Bitcoin Hashrate Touches 100 Exahash

[ad_1] Last Thursday the China-based mining rig manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of two new Antminers that offer hashrates between 53 to 64 terahash per second (TH/s). When the Antminer sale started on Monday, first batch devices sold extremely fast and Bitmain expects to deliver units by mid-November. Meanwhile, the combined SHA256 hashrate (BCH and BTC) has grown exponentially, touching 100 exahash per second (EH/s) on Tuesday. Also Read: Plans

Hong Kong-Based Holding Company Appoints Huobi Exchange Founder as CEO

[ad_1] Huobi Group founder Leon Li has been appointed CEO, chairman of the board and executive director of the board of Pantronics Holdings Ltd.Changes at PantronicsA press release shared with Cointelegraph on Sept. 10 announced Li’s new roles at Hong Kong -listed holding company Pantronics Holdings Ltd.The 37-year-old Leon Li, who founded the global digital asset giant Huobi Group in 2013, will help the Hong Kong-based investment company “explore potential

Oil Giants Hire Blockchain Startup to Manage Water in Bakken Fields

[ad_1] A consortium of oil companies including Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell looks to blockchain to manage water used in oil extraction in North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields.Oil and waterAs Reuters reported on Sept. 10, the Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium has awarded a contract to blockchain startup Data Gumbo to pilot water handling technology in North Dakota’s oil fields.Per the report, Data Gumbo