Aventus Announces Ethereum-Based Protocol to Enhance Ticketing Industry

[ad_1] The digital assets-focused blockchain-based protocol, Aventus, revealed its next code release Aventus Classic designed to create a more equitable and transparent ticketing industry.Alleviate fraud and provide transparencyOn Sept 12, Aventus Network announced in a blog post the release of Aventus Classic, a fully decentralized open-source Ethereum-based ticketing protocol designed to stop fraud and provide more transparency to the event ticketing industry. The announcement goes on to say:“This release marks

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 8–14 in Review

[ad_1] The Spanish-speaking world sees major cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with Uruguay approving a new bill that could be applied positively to ICOs, Cuba using crypto to access the global economy and Venezuela finally installing its first Bitcoin (BTC) ATM.Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph en Español.Argentinian Bitex stops accepting balance charges in US dollarsCointelegraph en Español reported on

Bitcoin Price Could Reach $200k ‘In a Very Short Time,’ Says Bobby Lee

[ad_1] According to BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee, bitcoin price could reach $200,000 in a very short space of time from now. Bitcoin Will Exceed $20,000 Speaking to Yahoo Finance UK, the founder of China’s first bitcoin exchange platform declared that the bitcoin price could continue to reach greater heights. According to Lee: We are in one of many, many cycles to come. Any cycle will take us to higher and

Hacker Spends $1K to Win Over $110K in EOS Betting Game Using REX

[ad_1] A hacker spent $1,000 in EOS to steal more than $110,000 in cryptocurrency through an exploit of EOS gambling game EOSPlay.Biggest DeFi service EOS REX usedAn alleged bug in EOSPlay allowed the attacker to steal 30,000 EOS via using EOS REX, a major decentralized financial (DeFi) service enabling EOS lending in exchange for extra CPU on the EOS blockchain, crypto-focused publication CryptoSlate reports Sept. 14.According to the report, the

Square Crypto Grants $100,000 to Open-Source Crypto Payment Processor

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC)-supporting payments service Square Crypto is giving the first of what will be many grants to support open-source Bitcoin projects to BTCPay Foundation.BTCPay receives $100,000 grantOn Sept. 14, Square Crypto, the crypto-focused branch of mobile payment company Square, took to Twitter to announce that it is providing BTCPay Foundation with a grant of $100,000 to support BTCPay Server, an open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.BTCPay Server can allocate the funds

Distrust of the Bolivar Prompts Venezuelans to Seek Sound Money

[ad_1] There’s a small team of committed researchers and activists called the Ryver Bitcoin Cash group surveying Venezuelans, and giving them educational resources about the benefits of bitcoin cash. The Venezuelan country has been suffering from rapid inflation and many people distrust the sovereign bolivar. Unfortunately, most Venezuelans are not getting any exposure to digital currency use cases, and according to Ryver’s community manager, Sofia Corona, some people spreading the

Crypto Inflation Figures Show Why Bitcoin is King Above Others Like ZEC and XRP

[ad_1] The high inflation figures for altcoins like ZCash (ZEC) and XRP are providing yet another basis for the “bitcoin is king” argument. Indiscriminate Dumping Hurting Altcoin Value Tweeting on Friday (September 13, 2019), economic and crypto analyst, Alex Krüger highlighted the relationship between high inflation figures and poor price performance for certain altcoins. Crypto inflation rates, as measured by @viewbasecom. There is a disproportionate percentage of $ZEC and $XRP

The IRS Is Blindly Coming After Cryptocurrency Traders — Here’s Why

[ad_1] Over the past month, we have seen the IRS, the tax collecting agency of the United States, send out more than 10,000 warning and action letters to suspected cryptocurrency holders and traders who may have misreported digital assets on their tax returns. Letters like the 6174-A, 6173 and CP2000 have appeared in the mailboxes of cryptocurrency traders throughout the country, and the crypto tax software company that I run

Chinese Authorities Plan Crackdown on Crypto Mining in Inner Mongolia

[ad_1] Regulators in the Chinese autonomous province of Inner Mongolia have issued a notice demanding a clean-up of the province’s crypto mining enterprises.Terms of noticeAs local crypto outlet ChainNews reported on Sept. 14, five departments within Inner Mongolia have determined the need to rectify the mining industry within the province. The organizations named were the Development and Reform Commission, the Public Security Department, the Office of the Ministry of Industry,

Inner Mongolia Starts Cryptocurrency Mining ‘Cleanup and Rectification’ Exercise

[ad_1] Five ministries and commissions in Inner Mongolia have issued a notice to clean up and rectify cryptocurrency mining. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region follows in the footsteps of China, which was a crypto-mining hub until it imposed a ban on cryptocurrency mining. According to a report, the notice stated that the region was conducting a screening process not only for cryptocurrency mining businesses but also for cloud computing, IDC, big