Data Shows Institutional Interest in Bitcoin Has Diminished

[ad_1] Last spring and the beginning of summer 2019 saw digital asset markets spike considerably in value, and many speculators assumed the rise was due to institutional investors. However, BTC and a variety of other popular digital asset prices started plummeting in August. Reports now detail that institutional interest is waning and new data that analyzed the collaboration between institutions and cryptocurrency headlines has dropped significantly. Moreover, the highly anticipated

Hacker Returns Ethereum Domains Obtained in Auction Bug

[ad_1] The hacker who stole 17 Ethereum domain names during the Ethereum Name Service’s (ENS) auction decided to return them all.The promise of hefty compensationOn Oct. 4, digital-collectibles marketplace OpenSea said that all of the stolen ENS names were returned successfully and that bidding on domain names will restart again in the coming weeks. In the beginning of September, the ENS bidding process was exploited by a hacker who managed to

Walmart Uses Blockchain Tech to Track Shrimp Supply Chains

[ad_1] United States retail giant Walmart, in collaboration with IBM, will use blockchain technology to track its shrimp supply chains.On Oct. 4, Indian business publication LiveMint reported that Walmart will use blockchain technology to track its Indian-sourced shrimp to select locations of Sam's Club retail stores in the U.S.This is reportedly the first time that blockchain technology will be used to track shrimp exports from the Indian farmer to an

Japanese Messenger Line, Nomura Holdings Form Blockchain Alliance

[ad_1] Japanese messaging app Line has entered into a final agreement with financial giant Nomura Holdings to form a blockchain alliance.Focus on blockchain technologyOn Oct. 4, Line, together with Line Group company LVC Corporation and Nomura Holdings, announced that the three companies have signed the final capital alliance agreement, which is based on the collective intent to explore business opportunities in the blockchain industry.Cointelegraph previously reported that the three partners

Crypto Rating Council Is Out to Help Change US Regulatory Landscape

[ad_1] At the end of September, a number of established crypto firms (including Kraken, Bittrex and Coinbase) that are currently operating in the United States came together to establish a new governance body called the Crypto Rating Council (CRC) so as to jointly provide more clarity on the definition of various cryptocurrencies — that is, establish which digital assets can be classified as securities and those that can not. This development

Russia Regulates Digital Rights, Advances Other Crypto-Related Bills

[ad_1] After much deliberation in the past months and years, Moscow has recently taken important steps toward regulating the crypto space. These are part of the efforts to open the way for the development of the Russian digital economy. The country, heavily dependent on energy exports and hurt by Western sanctions, needs alternative sources of revenue and cannot afford to turn a blind eye to bitcoin for too long. Also

Redditor Spots Imposter Website for Trezor Bitcoin Wallet

[ad_1] A Redditor has apparently spotted an imposter website for Bitcoin (BTC) hardware wallet Trezor.“Imposter site trying to steal your Bitcoin”On Oct. 4, Reddit user castorfromtheva posted about the website, stating that they conducted a test to confirm that it was not genuine. They said:“I just made a little 'typo' test and entered 'tezor[dot]io' where I obviously left out the 'r'. I was instantly redirected to a site called https://trezor[dot]run/start/

Galaxy Digital and XBTO Execute First Block Trade of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures

[ad_1] Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the governing body behind the New York Stock Exchange, has executed the first block trade of Bakkt Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts.ICE revealed the development in an Oct. 4 press release, specifying that the first Bakkt Bitcoin Futures block trade was executed between digital assets merchant bank Galaxy Digital and crypto investment firm XBTO on Oct. 1. The deal was cleared by agricultural commodities merchant ED&F Man.

New York State Financial Regulator Hiring Crypto and Blockchain Specialist

[ad_1] New York state’s financial regulator is hiring a specialist with expertise in the field of virtual currencies and blockchain, per a recently published announcement.The Department of Financial Services is looking to hire a Deputy Superintendent in the Research and Innovation Division, with a background in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and other related fields. The person in this position is set to be in charge of policy decisions and