U.S. Warns Visa, Mastercard to ‘Proceed With Caution’ Regarding Libra

[ad_1] In the wake of Paypal’s very public exit from the Libra project, U.S. lawmakers are now pressuring Stripe, Visa and Mastercard to rethink their membership of the Libra Association as well. On October 8, three letters from two U.S. senators urged the tech and finance giants to “carefully consider” risks before moving forward. Also Read: Paypal Exits Libra – Mastercard and Visa May Follow More Political Pressure As news.Bitcoin.com

Blockchain Healthcare Firm Wins US National Science Foundation Grant

[ad_1] New England-based blockchain firm SimplyVital Health, Inc. has received a $225,000 grant from the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) to research integration of its protocol Nexus with the Graphene protocol.The NSF awarded the grant as part of its Small Business Programs, which contributes $200 million annually to innovative startups and small businesses, according to an Oct. 10 press release from SimplyVital Health.Aiming to decrease healthcare costsSimplyVital will allocate

Realmx Video Game Officially Launches on Bitcoin Cash

[ad_1] During the first week of August, the development team Block Hop announced a sandbox video game called Realmx that’s fueled by bitcoin cash. On October 10, Block Hop developers revealed that after “months of development and preparation,” Realmx can now be played on desktop and Android mobile devices. Also read: Chinese Bitcoin Miners Migrate North After Wet Season The Official Realmx Mainnet Release There’s a new sandbox game called

South Korean Blockchain Startup Raises $8M for Identity Authentication

[ad_1] Blockchain company Iconloop has secured 10 billion Korean won (KRW) (over $8 million) from seven investment companies participating in a Series A funding round.Per an Oct. 10 announcement, it was Iconloop’s first venture capital investment since its establishment in 2016, with the participation of companies such as Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC) and T.S. Investment, among others.Building blockchain-based identity authentication serviceIconloop is planning to allocate the raised funds to

Innovative Margin Trading Solution To Stimulate Growth At DDEX

[ad_1] The DDEX team recently unveiled its new margin trading facility to the general public. The new margin trading solution has been going through a rigorous beta test over the last few days of volatile cryptocurrency trading. Tian Li, DDEX Cofounder Last week, CoinCentral’s Munair Simpson had the occasion to sit down with Tian Li, DDEX cofounder, at his office in Seattle. The interview was focused on the design choices

Perth Mint, InfiGold Launch Gold-Backed Token on Public Blockchain

[ad_1] Australia’s largest precious metal refinery, the Perth Mint, and InfiGold, a fintech startup focused on precious metals digitization, have jointly launched a gold-backed digital token.The new ERC-20 token is dubbed Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) and pegged 1:1 with GoldPass certificates issued by the Perth Mint, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Oct. 11. GoldPass lets investors purchase, sell and transfer physical gold through digital certificates,

Bitcoin Cash Acceptance Grows in Southeast Asia via Alchemy’s PoS System

[ad_1] The payments and technology provider Alchemy recently announced the launch of the startup’s hybrid payment solution, a platform that aims to connect cryptocurrency with retailers worldwide. Alchemy’s crypto solution features integration with Qfpay, a well known third-party payment company that provides payment services for more than 1.2 million affiliated merchants. So far the starting point of Alchemy’s point-of-sale (PoS) solution has been implemented throughout Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Top-20 Coins Experience Downward Trend, BTC Stick Near $8,600

[ad_1] Thursday, Oct. 10 — Following an impressive rally yesterday, major crypto markets have slowed to trade in the red over the past day. Bitcoin (BTC) has stuck to $8,600, while other major coins are experiencing a downward trend.Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360After jumping from an intraday low of around $8,200 up to nearly $8,600 yesterday, Bitcoin has been hovering around that price mark over the past 24 hours,

Decentralized Communication Startup New Vector Raises $8.5M

[ad_1] London-based decentralized communication startup New Vector has raised $8.5 million to drive adoption for Matrix, a major alternative messaging protocol.Slack rival Riot.IMThe Matrix protocol, which enables secure communication via end-to-end encrypted messaging applications such as Riot.IM, an alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack, will continue scaling and growing its network with the newly raised funds, New Vector announced on Oct. 10.Investors of the New Vector’s Series A funding round

Why the Maximalist Narrative of Just Hodl and Wait Is Unsustainable

[ad_1] It’s encountered all over the crypto space these days — the idea that the only correct way to “Bitcoin” is to hold and not spend, and to desperately lash out on crypto Twitter at anyone who thinks differently. But what ever happened to Satoshi’s original call for an “electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust”? To see what all this division really comes down to, a