Video: Will Bitcoin Crash or Double in Price After the Halving? Miners Have Their Say

[ad_1] Will the price of bitcoin double or crash during the upcoming halving next year? And how will the mining industry adapt to their revenue stream being cut in half over night? See what professional miners from around the world have to say on the matter. Also Read: US, EU and UK Companies Can Now Pay Workers in Bitcoin Cash via Bitwage Miners Talk Bitcoin Halving 2020 The team

SBI’s Crypto-Focused Venture Capital Arm Sees Major Turnaround On Year

[ad_1] SBI Securities’ trading revenue surged 19.2% in 2019, largely due to the inclusion of the company’s crypto investment wing, which turned a $7.1 million loss into a $30 million profit over the year.Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings released its new financial report on Oct. 30. The report analyzed results for the six-month period ended Sept. 30, 2019 and witnessed major growth of SBI’s crypto-heavy venture capital arm in

Do You Know the Newspeak of the Looming ‘NIRP’ Economic Meltdown?

[ad_1] Negative and zero interest rate policy (NIRP and ZIRP) are becoming a new global norm. Endless printing of paper money is said to make economies stronger, while everyday individuals are seeing their savings worth less and less. These policies were traditionally viewed as last ditch, temporary measures to save economies, but are now increasingly being praised with smooth talk from central banks and policymakers as the answer to the

Security Token Platform Receives Transfer Agent License From SEC

[ad_1] Harbor, the digital platform for alternative assets, has received a transfer agent license from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).On Oct. 31, Harbor CEO Joshua Stein told the Block that his blockchain-enabled platform is “now the first blockchain company to receive both a transfer agent license and a broker-dealer license.”Transfer agent license will compliment broker-deal licenseThe transfer agent license will enable Harbor to maintain financial records of

Market Mostly Trades Sideways as Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $9,100

[ad_1] Thursday Oct. 31 — Cryptocurrency markets are largely trading sideways with most changes among the top-20 coins not exceeding 1% on the day.Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading sideways for the better part of the day and continues to circle around the $9,100 price mark. The coin bounced off a local low of $8,960 earlier today before moving to its current trading price at $9,149, showing

Binance Plans New Office in Beijing in First Presence in China Since 2017

[ad_1] Major crypto exchange Binance may be returning to China, with a planned office to open in Beijing, sources say.Binance in exileBinance, which left China in September 2017 in response to the country’s ban on crypto trading, is looking to open a new office in Beijing to accompany one operating in Shanghai, two unnamed sources told Coindesk, Oct. 31. As of press time, sources at Binance had not confirmed to Cointelegraph

Italians Prefer BTC to Visa or Mastercard When Shopping Online

[ad_1] According to new data from marketing analysis firm SEMRush, Bitcoin (BTC) is the third-most preferred online payment method in Italy.Bitcoin comes in third placeOn Oct. 31, the Italian news outlet La Stampa reported that the Boston-based marketing analysis company, it was stated that in the list of the most used methods of online payment systems in Italy, Bitcoin comes in a strong, third place, just behind PayPal and the

Proof-of-Work Doesn’t Solve Every Blockchain Use Case

[ad_1] The Bitcoin white paper was published 11 years ago today, on Oct. 31, 2008, meaning that Bitcoin (BTC) is celebrating its 11th year of existence. From its humble beginnings to over a $300 billion market capitalization in 2017, the success of Bitcoin is truly a remarkable accomplishment. What is Bitcoin? A question with many answers. Digital gold, magic internet money, a hedge against macro risk, tulip mania? One thing is

Bitcoin Price Must Now Break $9.5K to Prove ‘Xi Pump’ Wasn’t a Fluke

[ad_1] Bitcoin price (BTC) is currently locked in a battle to stay above the descending channel and have another run at the recent high at $10,540. In order to do this, first, the digital asset needs to overtake the resistance levels at $9,300 and $9,400. Was the “Xi pump” a fluke? As Bitcoin fights to stay above this all-important line, traders are likely beginning to wonder whether or not last week’s explosive

Big Bitcoin Bulls Don’t Want BTC to Dip Below $9000

[ad_1] It’s Halloween today. It’s also the day when anonymous cypherpunk, Satoshi Nakamoto presented the idea of Bitcoin to the world, 11 years ago. The whitepaper released since then has become a model for censorship-resistant finance. Probably, that’s the reason why strong-headed BTC bulls don’t want the digital asset’s price to ‘dip’. Not at least today. Aggressive Bears Meet Big Bad Bulls As reported by Bitcoinist, a few hours ago,