BitMEX Email Leak: Details of 23,000 Doxxed Emails Now Out

[ad_1] With a leak of at least 23,000 emails, the recent BitMEX email leak was much heavier than expected. An inadvertent message that included lists of emails made the rounds last week, creating a security break for the largest crypto derivatives exchange. 23,000+ Emails Leaked by BitMEX Details of the BitMEX email leak were shared a few hours ago by well-known industry researcher Larry Cermak in one of his tweets. Using

Cred Merchant Solutions to Help Unbanked Business Sectors

[ad_1] Cred Merchant Solutions has been unveiled in Emeryville during San Francisco Blockchain Week in an event hosting several California elected officials. The new point-of-sale system will help unbanked business sectors, such as California’s cannabis industry, accept crypto payments from customers and pay taxes. Also Read: Video: Will Bitcoin Crash or Double in Price After the Halving? Miners Have Their Say Cred Merchant Solutions Debut The Universal Protocol Alliance (UPA)

Binance Bitcoin Futures ‘Attack’ Sees FTX Exchange Face $150M Lawsuit

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX has received a $150 million lawsuit for market manipulation and selling unlicensed securities in the United States. Uploaded to social media by End of the Chain podcast host Samuel McCulloch on Nov. 3, sections of the lawsuit document show FTX accused of “attacking” fellow exchange Binance.Lawsuit: FTX had “manipulative and deceptive scheme”The plaintiff, a mysterious entity known as Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC, is demanding $150

$150M Binance Futures Manipulation Lawsuit is ‘Nuisance’: FTX

[ad_1] Alameda Research, FTX’s parent company has called out the $150 million lawsuit slapped on it for manipulating markets as utter ‘nuisance’. The class-action is based on a September 15 event, in which the smaller futures exchange attempted an attack against Binance Futures, with the aim of achieving liquidations. Alameda Research Calls Lawsuit Baseless Soon after the filing circulated on social media, more specifically Twitter, Alameda Research published an inflamed

Craig Wright Says He Has No Funds for Settlement in Kleiman Case

[ad_1] The latest court documents in the David Kleinman versus Craig Wright case filed on Nov. 1 reveal that Wright — the self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto — informed the plaintiff that he could not finance a 500,000 BTC ($4.5 billion) settlement.Given that the case was apparently reaching a resolution with the agreement, the plaintiff stopped active litigation and focused on settlement, joining Wright’s requests to extend the deadline

Ethereum (ETH) Keeps Reneging on Ice Age Promise

[ad_1] Ethereum (ETH) has faced the dilemma of moving to proof-of-stake in the usual way – by another delay in the mining “ice age”. For the past three years, developers have voted several times to disable the difficulty time bomb, so that miners could get some grace time to seek block rewards. Ethereum’s Berlin Hard Fork Arrives Without Difficulty Growth The next likely delay of the difficulty time bomb will

Another Chinese Lender Bailed Out After Bank Run

[ad_1] Yichuan Rural Commercial Bank, a lender operating in the central Henan province, has become the latest Chinese bank to be bailed out by the government this year. The small financial institution, which has around 30 branches only in the Yichuan county, experienced a bank run sparked by rumors that its top management was in trouble with the law and mounting speculations the bank was on the brink of insolvency.