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Bitcoin the currency of the rich?

[ad_1] Advertisment Even the young Bitcoin world is divided into rich and poor. More than 40 percent of all Bitcoins are in the hands of multimillionaires. Bitcoin is not just any digital currency. In the eyes of its followers, the world’s first and most important crypto coin is nothing less than a tool to break the power of the classic banking and financial players. Ten years after its inception, it
Bitcoin News

Coca Cola goes Blockchain – The Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Advertisment The beverage giant Coca Cola will use blockchain technology in the future to optimize supply chain tracking and middleman exchange. For this purpose, the company uses the technology of the German software manufacturer SAP. The technology company The Coke One North America manages the IT operations for the 70 bottlers who work with the Limo brand. It uses SAP Blockchain technology to improve the complex production process. This

How Blockchain Disrupts Global Business | Sibos 2019

[ad_1] Blockchain technology is reshaping the face of our global financial system, and it goes far beyond cryptocurrencies alone.Since Bitcoin’s arrival, the conventional finance world has been intrigued by blockchain, Bitcoin’s underlying disruptive technology. Now we are seeing that intrigue being transformed into a full-fledged and active public interest, and the potential onset of popular mass adoption.But why is the white-collar financial world interested in adopting the very technology that