Bitmain Power Struggle Heats Up as Co-Founder Wrestles For Control

[ad_1] Chinese mining giant Bitmain is in the midst of a power struggle. Co-founder Micree Zhan who was ousted last week has returned with a vengeance asserting that he will use a legal team to regain control of the company. Bitmain Battle Rages On Last week’s news that Jihan Wu had taken control of the world’s largest bitcoin mining hardware supplier was music to the ears of Bitcoin Cash holders.

Hong Kong Now Offers Opt-In Regulation to Crypto Exchanges

[ad_1] Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has established a new regulatory framework that allows crypto exchanges to opt-in to be licensed and regulated. Starting Wednesday, centralized trading platforms can apply for a license, providing they meet certain requirements including adequate measures for the safe custody of assets, insurance, hot and cold wallets, and private key management. Also read: 23 Central Banks Divulge Their Digital Currency Requirements An Opt-In System

Micree Zhan Claims He Was Removed From Bitmain Without Consent

[ad_1] Micree Ketuan Zhan, the co-founder of major Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware producer Bitmain, claimed that he was removed as a legal representative of the company without his consent.On Nov. 7, Samson Mow, the CEO of Blockstream, posted a statement from Zhan on Twitter, in which the Bitmain co-founder claimed he would take legal measures to return to the company. Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu announced in an email last week

Australian Home Affairs Minister Says Terrorists Use Crypto to Obfuscate Crimes

[ad_1] The Australian Minister of Home Affairs Peter Dutton warned that terrorists are exploiting cryptocurrencies to “fund their deadly missions.”During a counter-terror conference in Melbourne on Nov. 7, Dutton said that the anonymity of cryptocurrencies allow extremists to avoid scrutiny. He stated that the increased use of digital currencies, stored-value cards, online payment systems and crowd-funding platforms may provide new channels through which terrorism can be financed, adding:"The anonymity afforded

Bitcoin Buyers for Square’s Cash App Doubled in Q3 2019

[ad_1] According to its Q3 2019 shareholder letter, Square’s Cash App reported many new first-time Bitcoin (BTC) buyers, but low profits related to its Bitcoin business.On Nov. 6, payment processing giant Square issued a letter to shareholders outlining Q3 2019 financial figures, in which it disclosed that the total net revenue for its Cash App was $307 million, while the gross profit resulted in $123 million for Q3.First-time BTC buyers

Meet Flowee the Hub: A Feature-Rich Bitcoin Cash Validator

[ad_1] Bitcoin Cash development has been growing wildly over the last year between third party services and infrastructure. Since the inception of BCH, there’s been a number of full node clients that not only distribute important binary data but offer a variety of different features as well. One such project is the Bitcoin Cash validator and database created by Tom Zander called Flowee the Hub, a BCH client that aims

David Marcus Says Calibra Is Considering Audits to Prove Data Protections

[ad_1] Calibra cryptocurrency wallet CEO David Marcus spoke at the New York Times Dealbook Conference in New York City where he discussed the worldwide regulatory scrutiny the stablecoin project continues to face, among other topics.Calibra is considering an auditor for personal data practices On Nov. 6, the co-creator of Facebook’s Libra coin had a sit-down interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times and CNBC. In response to an audience

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Tezos Staking to All US Customers

[ad_1] United States-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase said today that it has expanded access for staking the cryptocurrency Tezos (XTZ).In a blog post on Nov. 6, Coinbase announced that it is now introducing staking rewards for all Tezos holders on Coinbase, so that each eligible U.S. customer can earn interest on their XTZ holdings for depositing and holding the token on the platform.The estimated return for Tezos staking

Dai Stablecoin Hits 100M Debt Ceiling Ahead of Collateral Protocol Upgrade

[ad_1] The Dai (DAI) stablecoin has reached its 100 million token debt ceiling, meaning that there are currently 100 million Dai tokens minted. Data from Etherescan shows there are the top 100 holders of the Ethereum-based stablecoin hold over 72 percent of all Dai tokens. The stablecoin originally had an upper limit of 50 million tokens. In July 2018, the Dai community voted to increase the debt ceiling to 100 million DAI

Kim Dotcom Token Sale Postponed Over ‘Regulatory Uncertainty’

[ad_1] In 2017, Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now-defunct file hosting service Megaupload, revealed a similar service called that planned to give anyone the ability to upload files, documents, code, videos, and music files and get paid in crypto for their work. Since then, Dotcom’s team disclosed there would be an exchange sale for Kimcoin token on the digital asset exchange Bitfinex. However, Bitfinex and the platform