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From 2020, the sale and custody of Bitcoin will be allowed to all German banks

[ad_1] Advertisment The Grand Coalition wants to establish Germany as a pioneer in the new digital economy. To achieve this, a tight schedule has been set up, which is not usual in Germany in other digital areas. So far, there was a clear legal separation between the normal regulated banking and crypto transactions. The custody and trading of Bitcoin and Kryptos has until now always been outsourced to specialized partners

Upbit Promises Swift Reimbursement, Theories Over Missing Funds Swell

[ad_1] On Nov. 27, major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit announced that 342,000 Ether (ETH), accounting for roughly $50 million, were stolen from its hot wallet earlier that day. Details remain vague, and some users are suggesting an inside job, although experts are skeptical of the theory after analyzing the incident.The platform’s operator has promised to compensate all stolen funds shortly. UpBit is the second “Big Four” exchange in the