Is Plustoken to Blame for Bitcoin’s Sell-Off?

[ad_1] Armchair theorists love postulating the reasons behind bitcoin’s latest price rise or sell-off. From China FUD to exchange hacks, anything and everything is fair game for blame. Plustoken is the latest bitcoin bear-maker that’s being credited with the last three months of downward price action. But is the revenue from a ponzi coin really responsible for bitcoin’s drop, or are there broader forces at play? Also read: US Judge

Despite St. Louis Branch Warnings, New York Fed Pumps $108 Billion Into US Economy

[ad_1] On Wednesday, November 27, the U.S. Federal Reserve pumped $108 billion into the American economy using overnight repo tactics and 15-day repos. The central bank explained the move will stimulate more liquidity into the faltering U.S. economy, but economists from the St. Louis Federal Reserve branch say too much money-printing could lead the country into “economic ruin.” Also read: US to Strictly Enforce Crypto Rules Similar to FATF Guidelines

German Banks Could Store Bitcoin and Provide Crypto Services Soon

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies might finally go hand in hand with traditional money services. Starting from 2020, it might be legal for German banks to sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and provide custody solutions, local media reports.  Germany Welcomes Cryptos with Open Arms Currently, financial institutions operating in Germany are not allowed to directly sell cryptocurrencies to their clients. However, this could change in the future thanks to the planned law that implements

US Judge Denies Customer’s Plea to Quash IRS Bitstamp Inquiry

[ad_1] A Washington Western District Court judge has rejected petitioner William Zietzke’s appeal to stop the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from accessing his Bitstamp trade data. An IRS summons invoked Zietzke to file a petition to quash the tax agency’s investigation into his private accounts. Even though the presiding Judge John Coughenour believes the IRS summons is “overbroad,” he still denied Zietzke’s petition. Also read: IRS Dispels Crypto Tax

The Crucial Role of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain in Modernising The Telco Industry

[ad_1] Blockchain has caused quite a stir in recent years. In fact, there’s a school of thought that firmly believes the digital ledger technology will prove to be the 21st Century’s biggest innovation.  There are a great many industries braced for the disruptive force of blockchain, and the sweeping benefits it can bring to telecommunications can’t be underestimated.  A blockchain is a decentralised, distributed, public digital ledger that’s fundamentally used

Trusted third parties should issue stablecoins, not Facebook

[ad_1] eToro believes partnering with authorised partners is the key to success for Libra If Facebook’s Libra project is to succeed it should use stablecoins issued by regulated third parties rather than create its own cryptoassets; that’s the conclusion of a new position paper published by eToro. Libra has come under fire from politicians and regulators in the US, UK and Europe, who are worried by parent company Facebook’s scale

Robinhood Crypto Exchange Scraps Plan to Become a Bank

[ad_1] Robinhood has had an about-turn on its plans to become a bank. Commission-free stock and cryptocurrency trading pioneer withdrew its application with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency yesterday. Robinhood Pulls Bank Charter Application Valued at a staggering $7.6 billion, Robinhood ushered in a new era shaking up the status quo with commission-free trading in 2013. It had such a massive impact, in fact, that it caused

US Fed Weighs Up Potential CBDC as Countermove Against China

[ad_1] Where just a handful of years ago, the idea would have been immediately dismissed or even met with ridicule, the United States Federal Reserve is now taking the concept of an official dollar stablecoin seriously.Markets have heard more frequent guidance from the Fed on cryptocurrencies in recent years, and thanks to two curious U.S. representatives — French Hill and Bill Foster — this guidance now includes an enlightening response

KPMG Launches DLT Supply Chain Tool in Australia, China and Japan

[ad_1] Big Four audit firm KPMG has officially launched a blockchain-based track and trace platform in Australia, China and Japan. Dubbed KPMG Origins, the tool is designed to increase transparency and traceability of processes in multiple industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and financial services, the firm announced on Nov. 28.The official launch of KPMG Origins in Australia, China and Japan comes after successful pilot implementations with clients in those countries,

From 2020, the sale and custody of Bitcoin will be allowed to all German banks

[ad_1] The Grand Coalition wants to establish Germany as a pioneer in the new digital economy. To achieve this, a tight schedule has been set up, which is not usual in Germany in other digital areas. So far, there was a clear legal separation between the normal regulated banking and crypto transactions. The custody and trading of Bitcoin and Kryptos has until now always been outsourced to specialized partners or