Lawmakers Finally Took Data Privacy Seriously — 2019 Regulatory Roundup

[ad_1] Data privacy has long been seen as one of the major non-monetary usages of blockchain technology. Many governments and corporations are already running recordkeeping systems based on distributed ledgers to securely store internal data.Tech enthusiasts believe that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize personal data and identity management for private citizens as well, yet these hopes remain largely aspirational so far. One of the reasons for that is regulatory

Bitcoin Price $4K by April? One Big Reason to Not Be Bullish Just Yet

[ad_1] Bitcoin price (BTC) increased over 10% over the past week, so it didn’t take long for the usual crypto Twitter suspects to start screaming that they are all bullish now. Even I saw some bullish momentum as outlined in last week's analysis, but have we seen the bottom yet? Or is there more downside to come before we resume a bull trend?Daily crypto market performance. Source: Coin360.comThe monthly MACD