Top Execs Moving From Traditional to Crypto Jobs in 2019

[ad_1] Prominent figures from a range of long-established companies found greener pastures in the blockchain realm in 2019. From BlackRock to Goldman Sachs, and from HSBC to the SEC, traditional industries saw some of their top personnel leave for new prospects in cryptocurrency over the past year. Early 2019Frigid winter conditions in the crypto market failed to dissuade career moves into the industry. Despite the bearish market conditions of early 2019,

Bitcoin Holding $8K as Support but What Will it Take to Break $10K?

[ad_1] Bitcoin price (BTC) closed the week at $8,180 representing an 11% gain for the week after struggling to break the resistance at $7,600 for most of November and December. The price is down around 1% on Monday but the bulls have retained the $8K handle.Total market cap excluding Bitcoin was up 12.5% last week meaning that altcoins are starting to gain some market share from Bitcoin, which is impressive
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Bitcoin options trading opened – The Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Advertisment As of today, it will be possible for investors to trade Bitcoin options as well as futures on the traditional Chicago futures exchange CME.This is a milestone for Bitcoin. Bitcoin options make it easier, especially for professional investors, to secure Bitcoin investments and to participate in the movements of the cryptocurrency.“Since the introduction of our Bitcoin futures almost two years ago, customers have shown growing interest in options