Bitpay Users Can Now Purchase Crypto With Fiat In-App

[ad_1] On January 23, the cryptocurrency payment firm Bitpay announced it will be allowing customers to purchase digital assets using the Bitpay platform. The Atlanta-based company partnered with fiat-to-crypto payment processor Simplex to offer the crypto purchasing experience. Bitpay says the latest feature will provide an “all-in-one solution” for cryptocurrency-related activities. Also Read: Partners With Mecon Cash, Enabling Withdrawal at ATMs Across South Korea Bitpay App Now Allows Crypto

SEC Goes Head-to-Head With Telegram, Makes a Guinea Pig of TON

[ad_1] Earlier this week, the Chamber of Digital Commerce went ahead and filed an amicus brief for the ongoing court hearing taking place between Telegram — one of the world’s most widely used encrypted messenger services — and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.In its most basic sense, an amicus brief is a legal document that provides non-litigants with the right to submit their views and opinions in relation

Doomsday Clock Nears Midnight, Time to Buy Bitcoin?

[ad_1] The Doomsday Clock is now closer than its ever been in its 73 year history to spelling out the total destruction of mankind. Surely it must be Bitcoin o’clock now?  The world’s experts sound the alarm Amid the rumors that Bitcoin and other Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies are unsustainable drains on the environment which consume too many resources, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has updated the famed Doomsday

Alexander Vinnik Accused of Laundering Billions Through BTC-e Extradited to France

[ad_1] Alexander Vinnik, the Russian-born IT specialist who spent over two years in detention in Greece, where he was arrested on a U.S. warrant, is now in Paris. The alleged BTC-e operator, suspected of laundering at least $4 billion through the now defunct crypto exchange, has been handed over to France after the Greek judiciary turned down a plea against his extradition. Also read: Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Raises $700,000

Peter Brandt Remains Bullish on Bitcoin

[ad_1] Peter Brandt is one of the most popular Bitcoin analysts on Twitter. In the last 24 hours Brandt has made a bullish case for BTC, which counters many who thought the market would slump because of Chinese New Year. Bitcoin Could Hold, Says Brandt Charts are constantly morphing. The idea of drawing a chart boundary definition to be fixed forever was discounted by serious traders 80 years ago. Often,

Is Tron’s DApp Market Dependent on Gambling?

[ad_1] Tron has made a name for itself in the crypto asset space and DApp world, although a huge portion of the protocol’s transactions rely on the gambling industry.A hefty 17 of the top 25 most-used Tron DApps fall in the gambling category on DappRadar’s list of most popular Tron protocol-based DApps.Top 25 listsThe eight non-gambling Tron-based DApps on the list fall in several other categories, such as High-Risk, Exchanges

Beware of the IRS, H&S Warns its Crypto Customers

[ad_1] U.S. tax preparation company H&R Block is advising its customers not to consider evading the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) by not reporting their cryptocurrency transactions  Don’t Worry About Accuracy, Just Report Crypto Taxes According to Yahoo Finance, H&R Block has told its crypto-owning customers to heed the IRS’ call for crypto tax compliance. In new guidelines shared by the company, the U.S. tax preparation firm encouraged its customers to

ConsenSys to Build Global Trade Platform for Agribusiness Giants

[ad_1] Covantis, a blockchain initiative backed by global agribusiness giants like Cargill, has selected major Ethereum-focused firm ConsenSys as a technology partner.Within the partnership, ConsenSys will build an Ethereum-based blockchain platform to digitize the post-trade finance industry and bring efficiencies and cost savings to the international agribusiness supply chain, Covantis said in a Jan. 23 press release.Four agribusiness giants established the initiative in 2018, while Covantis’ name came out months

Bitcoin Burglars on the Run After Mayfair Store Robbery

[ad_1] In a daring pre-dawn raid, two thieves were able to enter a liquor store in Philadelphia’s 15 precinct on Frankford avenue, and ransack a Bitbox Bitcoin ATM machine. The thieves were able to pilfer the cash box inside the machine, in front of the terrified store employees. A Brazen Heist The city has seen yet another Bitcoin related crime, this time the two assailants entered a convenience store in

Effect of CME Futures Options on BTC Price Depends on Halving

[ad_1] CME Group launched new Bitcoin options on Jan. 14, which was revealed by the company’s global head of equity products Tim McCourt. The introduction of crypto options by a derivatives heavyweight in CME will further uplift the institutional infrastructure supporting the asset class.Over the long term, investors generally anticipate improvements in the infrastructure surrounding Bitcoin (BTC) to have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market.CME Bitcoin options is a