Safe Haven Bitcoin Taps 3 Month High, Is $10,000 On The Cards?

[ad_1] Bitcoin has made another sustained move higher today tapping a high not seen for almost three months. From here there is a very short ride to $10,000 again but will it get there this week? Bitcoin Adds Another 5% For the fourth day this week bitcoin has added further gains. This latest move, which began a few hours ago during Asian trading, propelled prices to highs not seen since

Bitcoin Price Rallies to Set a 2020 High Near $9.5K – Is $10K Next?

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) price has rallied to $9,439 and bulls have again shown that they have no intention of letting the crypto market’s most valuable asset stay below the $9K mark. Bitcoin daily price chart. Source: Coin360Earlier in the day Bitcoin’s price dropped below $9,000 to a daily low at $8,879, which led some analysts to issue dismayed calls for a revisit and consolidation around the $8,300 to $8,500 range. While the

Singapore Introduces Licensing for Crypto Platforms, New Payment Services Now Act in Force

[ad_1] The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the commencement of the city-state’s new Payment Services Act. The law mandates the implementation of a licensing regime that applies to payment providers, exchanges and other platforms dealing with cryptocurrencies. Their operators are obliged to meet anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations. Also read: Uzbekistan Prepares Crypto Tax Exemptions, Launches Licensed Exchange Payment Services Bill Expands Regulatory Scope to Cover Cryptocurrencies

Buy the Pump, Sell the Dump — Does Momentum Investing Work in Bitcoin?

[ad_1] Since the start of the year, Bitcoin (BTC) price has been as high as $9,200 — a 2-month high — while going as low as $6,900 on Jan. 3. Bitcoin’s volatility is one of the most frequently discussed issues that arise when investors evaluate Bitcoin as an asset class. However, its volatile behavior is what provides an opportunity for investors to take advantage of the price movements and make

Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Launches Crypto Voting Scheme For Fans

[ad_1] Paris St. Germain Football Club has just launched a crypto-token that allows fans to vote on a number of different aspects of the football club. The tokens will be available in a Pokemon Go style app, called Socios, and give fans a direct voice in club decisions. Football clubs catch blockchain fever In one of the hottest new trends in professional sports, the Paris St. Germain Football Club (PSG)

Cardano Inches to Smart Contract Implementation with New Paper

[ad_1] Cardano (ADA) revealed a new paper on Jan. 27 in which the firm details how smart contracts will be implemented in the upcoming Goguen update. Though the system is unique, its release date is still uncertain in light of Cardano’s history of delays.How EUTXO worksThe Extended UTXO model was specifically designed as an improvement on Bitcoin’s (BTC) pure UTXO architecture. In Bitcoin, each transaction is based on the concept

Canadian Mining Firm Publicly Rejects Bitcoin Cash Tax Plan

[ad_1] TAAL, a Canadian Bitcoin mining firm which mines Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV), has announced their plans to no longer mine on the BCH chain. This announcement comes in response to the unilateral announcement to impose a 12.5% mining tax on miners in order to fund BCH development. Nothing is certain but death and taxes, even in crypto Bitcoin Cash, the beleaguered fork of Bitcoin

Cold Storage and Bearer Bonds: How to Print an SLP Token Paper Wallet 

[ad_1] The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and tokens have become a mainstay within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. SLP tokens have gathered traction as they are supported by multiple noncustodial wallets and a slew of tokens gained real-world value after being listed on exchanges. Even though SLP tokens are digital, you can still create a paper wallet for tips or a way to hold special tokens in cold storage. The following

Montana Crypto Mine Back in Action Despite Owner’s Uncertain Legal Fate

[ad_1] A cryptocurrency mine in Butte Montana fired up its servers today, resuming business without its former owner, an alleged fraudster. After a legal appearance on the matter, part-owner Kevin Washington and operator Rick Tabish started up crypto mining business CryptoWatt once again, pulling the operation out of retirement, according to a Jan. 27 press release. Authorities closed down CryptoWatt after jailing its owner, Matthew Goettsche, on a separate fraud account totaling

Bitcoin IRA Processes $400M in Transactions Since Launch

[ad_1] Bitcoin IRA, a US-based company that offers individual retirement accounts compatible with cryptocurrencies, announced on Tuesday that it had exceeded the $400 million mark in crypto transactions since its launch in 2016. Bitcoin IRA Launched Self-Trading Crypto IRA Platform in Late 2018 About one year ago, the company announced its 24/7 self-trading crypto IRA service. Clients can use the platform to open a new IRA account or convert an