More Than 50 Crypto Marketing Agencies Survived the Crypto Winter

[ad_1] The cryptocurrency industry has grown exponentially and there are many facets to the blockchain industry. One specific area of expertise that’s grown significantly in the last few years is the expansion of marketing agencies within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In 2020 there are more than 50 marketing companies that help crypto firms and projects get noticed but the process can be costly. Also read: Dubai Launching Crypto Valley

Maryland Introduces Bill to Make Ransomware Possession Illegal

[ad_1] Maryland Democrat, State Senator State Sen. Susan C. Lee introduced bill SB30, which would make possession of ransomware illegal. The bill was carefully written to make ransomware illegal in the case of malintent, but not to harm security researchers who study the malware. SB30 makes possession of ransomware a crime Last May, the city of Baltimore made nation-wide headlines, as one of the largest population municipalities to be targeted
EXCHANGES Launches Full Turkish Lira Banking Integration as a Native Payment Gateway for Turkey

[ad_1] has launched a full banking integration for Turkish Lira (TRY) to create a native payment gateway for users to deposit and withdraw Lira on its trading platform. With this development users in Turkey no longer have to incur high fees and conversion rates from third-party payment processors. Turkish traders have consistently been one of the most active countries on the company’s exchange since it launched last Summer. Also

Blockchain.​​​​​​​​com Is The Latest to Launch A Fiat Gateway For This Pro-Crypto Country

[ad_1] United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency data and wallet provider has launched a gateway for the Turkish lira on its crypto is the latest major crypto exchange to join the growing roster of crypto platforms with a direct gateway for the Turkish lira, according to a press release published on Jan. 29. Blockchain has launched full banking integration to enable users to deposit and withdraw TRY on the exchange platform.Crypto

50% of US Departments Fell Victim to Ransomware in 2019, Report

[ad_1] Over half of all public and private organizations in the US fell victim to ransomware attacks at some point in 2019. Hackers have continued to employ increasingly advanced techniques to infect machines and encrypt sensitive data. Ransomware is becoming increasingly common In 2019, half of all organizations in the US were targeted by hackers who were able to successfully use phishing attacks and ransomware. Cybercrime has seen exponential growth

Zcash Community Approves New Mining Reward Distribution Scheme

[ad_1] A recent poll revealed community support for Zcash mining reward changes, which will take effect in November 2020. With the Zcash Founder’s Reward terminating in November, the privacy asset’s mining situation has come into question, a blog post from one of the project's supporters, Electric Coin Company, or ECC, said on Jan. 28. Community votes in new specsUsing a bevy of avenues, including Telegram and Twitter, the Zcash foundation questioned the

Did Ethereum Silently Give Up on Plasma?

[ad_1] In a Jan. 27 post, Dragonfly Research proclaimed Plasma to be dead, noting that the Ethereum (ETH) community is converging on Optimistic Rollup, despite initial enthusiasm. The news comes in stark contrast to earlier claims by Plasma Group arguing that the technology was moving into production phase.The history of PlasmaThe original paper detailing the Plasma proposal was published in August 2017.In essence, Plasma was conceived as a network of

Close to $6k in Bitcoin Cash Tips Paid to Authors Last Week

[ad_1] The blog has been a resource for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community for a while now but ever since the recent miner funded development proposal, the blogging site has gathered significant traction. For instance, the front page of shows that during the last week, more than $5,730 in bitcoin cash has been given to post authors. Also read: Data Shows $25 Billion Worth of Bitcoin and Ether

Top Google Exec Quits to Become Coinbase Head of Product

[ad_1] Surojit Chatterjee, former product leader of Google Shopping, left parent Alphabet to become chief product officer at Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. Chatterjee to Make Cryptos Mainstream Coinbase announced late on Wednesday that Surojit Chatterjee would lead its product organization. Chatterjee has worked for Google for 11 years, holding various roles. He also worked as product leader at Flipkart, an Indian online shop. Coinbase CEO Brian

Former Google Exec Joins Coinbase as New Chief Product Officer

[ad_1] Former Google executive Surojit Chatterjee has joined Coinbase as the company’s new chief product officer. Before joining Coinbase, Chatterjee worked as a Google’s vice president of product, tallying 11 years at the internet company, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong wrote in a Jan. 29 blog post announcing the hire. An experienced hireDuring his time at Google, Chatterjee headed up the internet giant’s shopping branch. Prior to Google, Chatterjee served at the helm