Top Airdrops You Should Look Out for in March 2020

[ad_1] Airdrops are a convenient way of getting some new coins into your portfolio for free. In today’s list, we will be featuring some of the most interesting crypto airdrops you should look out for this March. Quantum  Estimated value: $42.5  End date: March 5th Quantum Generation (QG™) is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides encryption for long-term data protection via quantum key generation and quantum key distribution. Quantum Generation

This Is How Much BTC You Need to Enter Bitcoin’s Elite 1% Club

[ad_1] Today there are 18,244,475 BTC in circulation and during the last few weeks, a number of bitcoin influencers have been talking about how much is needed to be included in Bitcoin’s top 1% of holders. For instance, according to Blockworks Group analyst Jake Levison, if you own 0.28 BTC “you’re statistically guaranteed to be in the richest 1% of the world in BTC terms.” Regardless of the amount of

A Sea Change to Crypto Hits America, Again

[ad_1] A sea change is coming to cryptocurrency in America. It is likely to hit in two separate waves: a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and draconian regulation that shuts down free-market activities, including development. Also Read: No Backdoor on Human Rights: Why Encryption Cannot Be Compromised The Wave of a Central Bank Digital Currency Robert Wenzel of the Economic Policy Journal has a warning. “A [U.S.] Federal Reserve created

How to Recover After $30M Hack and Mining Tax Row?

[ad_1] Each crypto token commands a small army of fierce supporters. For many, the sole cryptocurrency that is worthy of such staunch support is Bitcoin (BTC). But what truly is Bitcoin, what is its purpose, and how can it be fully optimized?The division among those trying to answer these questions led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin’s most successful offshoot. While for some, BCH has been the answer

These Maps Will Help You Locate Merchants Ready to Accept Your Cryptocurrency

[ad_1] Getting into Bitcoin is a first step many have already taken, and with the generally positive start of 2020, more are likely to make the move. But then there’s the question of what to do with your coins. Regardless of how you obtained them – through purchase, faucet, airdrop, fork, business, or salary — it’s an important point to consider. Luckily, options to spend your cryptocurrency have been increasing.

Here’s How You Can Invest In Bitcoin Retirement Plans

[ad_1] With the Bitcoin and crypto revolution accelerating, interest in retirement-focused investment is growing. Whereas long-term savings is always a good idea for anyone seeking financial security, the unique nature of blockchain assets requires greater care and understanding to ensure success. Do Your Research With such a rapid pace of development and adoption, seeking to apply cryptocurrency to retirement investment must involve active management and research. Understanding blockchain technology is

Wilshire-Phoenix Responds to SEC’s Bitcoin ETF Decision

[ad_1] Wilshire-Phoenix responded yesterday to the SEC’s decision this week which denied approval for their Bitcoin ETF application. Their criticism falls in line with SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce’s dissent with the SEC’s denials of several ETF applications. Another Bitcoin ETF Application, Another SEC Denial The SEC had until a February 26th deadline to make a decision on Wilshire-Phoenix’s Bitcoin ETF proposal, which was filed with the agency last year. The

Market Analysts Naeem Aslam and Ian Balina Debate Coronavirus and Crypto

[ad_1] In today’s crypto market discussion, Cointelegraph is joined by crypto analyst Naeem Aslam, and the CEO of Tokenmetrics Ian Balina to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the cryptocurrency markets. Will the economic impacts of the coronavirus leave people flocking to cryptocurrencies as a safe haven?Naeem Aslam is skeptical of Bitcoin’s purported ‘safe haven’ status, emphasizing that Bitcoin is a haven from central bank monetary policy, and not infectious

Huobi Launches Its Own Blockchain In Public Beta

[ad_1] SINGAPORE, — Huobi Group today announced the public testnet launch of Huobi Chain, an open-source public blockchain designed for providing a global, blockchain-based, digital asset financial infrastructure. The high-performance decentralized finance (DeFi) chain is now live for beta testing. Created in partnership with technical development partner Nervos, Huobi Chain provides a regulator-friendly blockchain framework for financial organizations to deploy DeFi services and applications, including their own blockchains, tokenized assets, payments

Bitcoin Price Falls $1,400 in One Week — Is the Bear Market Back?

[ad_1] This week the equity markets experienced their worst week in 12 years and as this meltdown took place the crypto market also took a hit. Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency market saw a significant selloff this week and this outcome is relatively reasonable given that people sell their assets out of fear of potential economic instability. Other safe-haven assets like gold and silver also saw a massive selloff on Friday. Are