Craig Wright Stalls Bitcoin Lawsuit, Says Bonded Courier is an Attorney

[ad_1] In the latest dramatic turn of events in the Kleiman v Wright lawsuit, Craig Wright has claimed attorney client privilege over 11,000 documents, from over a dozen companies he was formerly involved with. Wright has also claimed that the infamous “Bonded Courier” was an attorney, and so therefore his communications are privileged, and cannot be shared. The Plot Thickens The latest update in the Craig Wright vs Ira Kleiman

Venezuelan Petro Cryptocurrency is a ‘Scam’, Say Local Merchants

[ad_1] Retail merchants in Venezuela are refusing to accept Petro payments as hyperinflation is causing massive devaluation upon liquidation of the crypto at the banks. Meanwhile, the country’s government has reintroduced price control inspectors as part of efforts to pressure stores into accepting the country’s state-issued digital currency. Merchants Call Petro a Scam According to Venezuelan media platform Tal Cual, merchants in the country have abandoned Petro as a payment

US Marshals to Auction $37M in Confiscated Bitcoin in February

[ad_1] The United States Marshals Service (USMS), a federal law enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, will auction more than 4,000 confiscated Bitcoins (BTC).According to the official USMS website, the authority is planning to sell “approximately” 4,040 Bitcoins (4,040.54069820), requiring a $200,000 deposit in order to take part in the auction. The USMS said it will return the deposits to non-winning bidders, promising to initiate the return of

Baanx Offers Opportunity to Buy Bitcoin for Less Than 1%

[ad_1] LONDON, Blockchain Press Release — Baanx are giving customers the chance to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies with debit and credit cards, for a card fee of no more than 0.99%, until the end of February 2020.   The Baanx app, which gives users the opportunity to spend, send and trade multiple virtual and fiat currencies within one mobile application, is undercutting the rest of the market

CDC and WHO’s Coronavirus Data Now Searchable Via Acoer, Powered by Hedera Hashgraph

[ad_1] Free Access Now Available to Researchers and Media ATLANTA and DALLAS, — Acoer, developer of blockchain-enabled applications, today announced that it is helping its healthcare and life sciences clients to easily track and visualize the Coronavirus outbreak with its HashLog data visualization engine. Built to interact in real-time with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade distributed public ledger, the Coronavirus HashLog dashboard allows researchers, scientists, and journalists to easily understand the spread

Google Brings Back Bitcoin Game After Unexplained Removal

[ad_1] Google Play suspended the Bitcoin Blast app last week, extending its series of blocked crypto-related content. After a discussion and preview, the app has now been reinstated, though users still report problems. Google Remains Wary of Potential Scams on the App Store The relationship of Google with cryptocurrency and tokenized apps is strained at best. The Bitcoin Blast app is still hosted, though Google is vigilant for potential scams.

An Experience From Naples, Italy

[ad_1] E-voting is gaining its place in the growing discussion over the use of blockchain. In our view, when technology addresses such socially sensitive issues, values step forward to the fore, together with the differences and clashes that they imply. Such democratic values convey the identity, pathologies and fears of the context from which they come. In that sense, the technical operation of designing and developing a voting system entails

China Stocks Plummet Despite 1.2 Trillion Yuan Injection to Mitigate Effects of Epidemic

[ad_1] China’s stock market plunged Monday under selling pressure accumulated during a prolonged holiday. Investors have been worried by the coronavirus outbreak that’s already taken the lives of more than 360 people. Beijing authorities have responded by pumping well over a trillion yuan into the country’s economy and financial system. Also read: China’s Inflation Hits a Record 4.5% as Beijing Prepares to Test Digital Yuan Chinese Stock Market Opens With

What Happens to Your Bitcoin When You Die?

[ad_1] If you fall into the bracket of the average Bitcoin user, you probably have no plans of exiting anytime soon. But, if you own any meaningful amount of digital assets, you should think about what happens to your bitcoin when you die. What Happens to Your Bitcoin When You Die? Alright, so it may seem a little bit morbid. But what happens to your bitcoin when you die really

Top 3 Unknown Cryptos Outperforming Bitcoin in 2020: ICX, WAN, AION

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) and large-cap cryptocurrencies have shown significant strength over the past few weeks but traders are also starting to pay attention to smaller cap coins. One of these coins is Icon (ICX), which has surged more than 200% over the past three weeks. Similarly, WanChain (WAN) and AION (AION) also gained 60% and 120%, therefore an analysis of these coins is warranted.Crypto market daily performance. Source: Coin360Icon breaks 2-year