Japan Uneased by Chinese CBDC, Plans on Digital Yen in ‘2 to 3’ Years

[ad_1] China continues to pull ahead in the central bank digital currency race as more details on its secretive digital yuan project intermittently surface. As a result, more countries are beginning to worry about the potential implications.Over the past few weeks, a number of Japanese lawmakers have publicly expressed their preference for a CBDC controlled by the Bank of Japan. The general idea is to counter the soon-to-be-released digital yuan

Tax Rules Hit Brazilian Crypto Exchanges, Forcing Trading Platforms Acesso Bitcoin and Latoex Out of Business

[ad_1] Tax regulations implemented even before dedicated legislation has been adopted have hit Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges. Digital asset brokers failing to comply with the new reporting requirements face fines and the stricter rules are hurting smaller platforms, which are shutting down due to dwindling trading volumes. Also read: Tax Agents ‘Confiscate’ Bitcoin From Criminal but Keep the Coins in His Wallet Exchanges Struggle With Compliance Costs and Diminishing Returns One

Craig Wright’s $100B Theft Claim – BTC and BCH Used His Database Without Permission

[ad_1] The infamous Craig Wright, the Australian native who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has published a blog post that explains he owns “the full rights to the Bitcoin registry” and developers do not have the right to change the protocol’s underlying database. Wright’s recent blog post makes it seem like “legal redress” is coming to a few specific blockchain projects in 2020. Moreover, a photograph from a Slack channel

Governments Begin to Roll Out FATF’s Travel Rule Around the Globe

[ad_1] It’s been nearly eight months since the Financial Action Task Force issued its divisive crypto directives, establishing traditional banking regulations within the crypto sector. With the year-long adoption deadline fast approaching, how have the world’s regulatory authorities responded to the guidelines so far?The FATF — an intergovernmental organization tasked with combating money laundering — found itself at the center of controversy last June after issuing its latest crypto guidance.

FCoin Employee Allegedly Burns Team Member Tokens Worth $75M

[ad_1] FCoin, the native token of the Singapore-based exchange, has allegedly had a rogue employee destroy tokens worth $75,171,370 USD, belonging to both the platform and its team members. The FCoin Story has gone from bad to worse It started off with rumors of a hack, like so many other crypto exchanges, but it seems the FCoin story has had a dramatic plot twist. A disgruntled employee has allegedly destroyed

Bahamas Digital Dollar to Roll out Across All Islands in H2 2020, Governor Says

[ad_1] While major industry actors argue that central bank digital currencies (CBDC) are years or decades ahead, the Bahamas plan to adopt a CBDC no later than 2020.John Rolle, the governor of the Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBOB), has reportedly confirmed that the Bahamian digital dollar initiative will be introduced across all islands in the second half of 2020.Bahamas has already launched a pilot in the Exuma regionAccording to

Five Crypto Relationships Worth Noting on Valentine’s Day

[ad_1] Today is Saint Valentine’s Day, and in honor of this most romantic of holidays, Cointelegraph presents five of the crypto community’s most notable unions and breakups of the past 12 months.Kelly Lynn Loeffler and BakktKelly Lynn Loeffler split from the crypto world in 2019, but can you blame her? Loeffler left Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt, where she was CEO, for a place with a slightly bigger cloakroom: the United

Lessons Learned on Deploying Smart Contracts, Part 2

[ad_1] This is the second article in our series on integrating payment channels on Telegram Open Network. In the first part, we introduced the network, detailed our experience of the contest, and explained how synchronous and asynchronous smart contracts work. As the next addition to the series, this article details how we built a synchronous payment channel on the network during TON’s contest back in September. Here, we will be

IOHK Donates $500,000 to University of Wyoming’s Blockchain Lab

[ad_1] IOHK, the software company behind Cardano, announced on Feb. 14 a donation of $500,000 in Cardano (ADA) to support and develop the University of Wyoming’s (UW) Blockchain Research and Development Lab.Professor James Caldwell, Assistant Professor Mike Borowczak and Philip Schlump will co-direct the Advanced Blockchain Research and Development Lab.Professor Borowczak told Cointelegprah that IOHK’s donation will be used to support faculty and graduate students in developing practical applications for

IOTA Network Still Down: How the Next Bitcoin Killer Screeched to a Halt

[ad_1] On February 13, the IOTA network came to a screeching halt and the IOTA Foundation reports that $1.6 million worth of the native currency was stolen. The following day, the IOTA network status page still shows the mainnet is “not operational” and the development team has found an “exploit related to the Trinity Wallet.” Also Read: IOTA, EOS, XLM, ADA – 4 ‘Bitcoin Contenders’ With Zero Use Cases and