Crypto Custodian Copper Raised $8 Million for Expansion

[ad_1] Cryptocurrencies have always faced challenges when it comes to reducing risk and making themselves regulatory compliant for traditional investors. Providing custody for Bitcoin and others is becoming increasingly more complex due to the nature of crypto: whoever has control of the asset, owns the asset. While users typically had to store their own BTC private keys when the cryptocurrency was launched, now there are more solutions like cypherpunk storage

Max Keiser Predicts $400,000 BTC on Alex Jones Show, Jones Compares Bitcoin to ‘Power of Fire’ From the Gods

[ad_1] The moment many conspiracy-minded bitcoin enthusiasts have been waiting for arrived yesterday when Info Wars muckraker Alex Jones compared bitcoin to a “power of fire” gifted from the gods to humankind. The bold commentary took place in the context of a Max Keiser interview, in which the Keiser Report host declared a new $400,000 target for bitcoin. The two discussed the freedom-forged properties of the permissionless money, the global

Chinese Exchange FCoin Closes Down, Still Owes Users $125 Million

[ad_1] Zhang Jian, founder of Chinese crypto exchange Fcoin, revealed in a post earlier today that FCoin may not be able to pay the 7,000-13,000 BTC (that’s $67 million to $125 million) that it owes users. According to Zhang, the exchange hasn’t been hacked and isn’t an exit scam. But evidence suggests it might be exactly that. Zhang claims that the shutdown is the result of a series of internal data errors

DEX Volume Soars But Bzx Exploit Raises Questions About ‘Decentralization Theatre’

[ad_1] As the decentralized finance juggernaut rolls inexorably forward, the exploitation of defi project Bzx – in which $350K, or around 2% of total assets was taken – has called the decentralization of the industry into doubt. The attack forced an admin key reset to redeem lost funds and sparked a surge in defi insurance, with major players hastily taking out cover to immunize themselves from financial loss. Exactly how

Four Telcos Test Blockchain Solution To Automate Roaming Discounts

[ad_1] A group of four international telecommunications companies are currently testing a blockchain-based solution to automate the management of inter-operator roaming discount agreements. According to a report published on Feb. 17 by Mobile Europe, Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, Telefonica and Orange say the solution vastly reduces the complexity of the current system, and is “production ready.”Simplifying to allow scalingThe new solution revamps a process that hasn’t changed in many years

Bithumb to Get Wall Street-Level Fintech Expertise via New Partnership

[ad_1] As not a day goes by without another cryptocurrency partnership, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in South Korea has begun new cooperation.Major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has partnered with Singaporean crypto trading platform BitMax to jointly develop new services and products.BitMax’s staff includes former experts from Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and GeminiAccording to a Feb. 17 blog post by Bithumb Official, the two companies have signed a

Two Asian Crypto Exchange Giants Partner to Expand Global Reach

[ad_1] South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has announced a strategic partnership with Singapore-based exchange, This move will create new opportunities to reach global traders and investors. BOTH EXCHANGES EXPERIENCING GROWTH The two exchanges are among the most popular in terms of liquidity, with each having over USD $350 million in adjusted trading volume per day. Bithumb is among Korea’s largest, having been in business since 2014. Singapore-based Bitmax is

Binance Cloud to Allow Users to Launch a Crypto Exchange Within 5 Days

[ad_1] Binance’s newly released Binance Cloud platform might be somewhat different from what the crypto industry expects the new feature to be.After Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) first hinted at the introduction of Binance Cloud on Feb. 8, the new service has been officially released on Feb. 17, targeting users willing to set up crypto exchanges, according to a blog post by Binance.All-in-one infrastructure for launching a crypto

50 Cent, Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg and Nas: Celebrities Who Could Be Bitcoin Millionaires

[ad_1] Many celebrities have mentioned the benefits of bitcoin and leveraged the asset for certain projects. For instance, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli all sold albums for BTC, but when cryptocurrency prices skyrocketed, 50 Cent told the public he sold his coins as soon as he got them. Many other celebrities from Hollywood and the music industry have used digital assets to help bolster their marketing efforts. Also