Japan the Next Country to Mint a Digital Currency?

[ad_1] With finance ministers and central bank governors having recently discussed cryptocurrency regulations at the G-20 summit, Japan is taking notice at home. Leaders at the Bank of Japan (BOJ), Ministry of Finance (MOF), and Financial Services Agency (FSA) have held a number of meetings to determine whether the country should become next in line to adopt a government-sanctioned digital currency.The issues under discussion include how the Japanese government embracing

Shopify Joins Libra While Quitter Vodafone Advertises Bitcoin on Facebook

[ad_1] Facebook’s coin project, Libra, continues to draw attention despite setbacks, including a shrinking pool of backers and a growing number of worried regulators. But now with JP Morgan seeing potential for the social network’s cryptocurrency and e-commerce giant Shopify joining the Libra Association, its chances might have improved. Although, assuring governments that Libra won’t undermine their monetary authority and convincing users of its utility remain key challenges. Also read:

IOTA Network Down for 11 Days – Devs Claim Mainnet Will Be Operational Next Month

[ad_1] The IOTA network has been down for approximately 11 days and the IOTA Foundation doesn’t expect the mainnet to be reactivated until March 2. On February 14, our newsdesk reported on the beginnings of the IOTA outage, when the network status page indicated that it was down. The page still warns IOTA’s mainnet is “not operational” and there’s a number of updates from the developers about the alleged Trinity

Bitcoin Price Rebounds but CME Gap & $10.3K Remain Big Obstacles

[ad_1] Compared to the price action of the previous two weeks, this weekend has been relatively relaxed for Bitcoin (BTC) traders. On Saturday the price came within $10 of $10,000 before pulling back to $9,794 and at the time of writing the price continues to meet resistance at $9,900.Crypto market daily price chart. Source: Coin360On the 6-hour timeframe, the volume profile visible range (VPVR) shows the price rejecting at the

Bitcoin’s Bullish Battle, Ethereum 2.0, BCH Faces ‘Slow Death’: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 17–23

[ad_1] Coming every Sunday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link.Top Stories This WeekBitcoin grapples with $10,000 — two scenarios for the week aheadBears got their pound of flesh this week when Bitcoin prices tumbled by $800 in an

$30M Bitcoin Cash ‘SIM Hack’ Sparks Wild Crypto Tales With Vague Sources

[ad_1] On February 21, the crypto Twitter commentator Dovey Wan published a series of tweets about an alleged SIM card hack that purportedly saw the loss of $30 million in bitcoin cash. The story stemmed from a Reddit post that’s now deleted and so far no one has provided any verifiable proof from the proclaimed victim. Also Read: Get Ready for the Bitcoin Halving – Here Are 9 Countdown Clocks

How Traders Can Use Twitter to Anticipate Bitcoin Price Moves, Volume

[ad_1] Bitcoin (BTC) price has been testing the $10,000 mark this month as online metrics like the number of tweets and Google searches mentioning Bitcoin show a two year-high.Cryptocurrency market weekly overview. Source: Coin360Several relationships have been established between external factors and Bitcoin price evolution. Most notably, social media metrics like the number of tweets mentioning a particular cryptocurrency, the number of comments or posts in a cryptocurrency dedicated subreddit,

Can Intelligence Agencies Spy on Your Crypto Transactions?

[ad_1] The recent Crypto AG story has taken the world by storm. During the cold war, the CIA and W. German intelligence sold encrypted communication devices with a backdoor, allowing them to spy on governments and militaries around the world who used the devices. Are crypto assets at risk too? Can the CIA or NSA Spy on Your Crypto Transactions The Crypto AG story has really awakened a lot of

Experts Weigh in on Adoption Around the World

[ad_1] Blockchain usage is exploding around the world. But despite the technology’s many vocal advocates, the spread of technology is never even. Adoption is limited by a number of factors, including infrastructure development, local resources and regulation.As happens with the spread of any emerging technology, certain regions are pulling ahead of the pack. Rado Dragov, the blockchain lead for the International Data Corporation, explained that there are a number of

Will the Current Bitcoin Bull Cycle Run for Another 600 Days?

[ad_1] A case study on past behavior envisions 2020 as the start of a new Bitcoin bull cycle, possibly lasting up to another 600 days. Halving Marks First Phase of Bitcoin Bull Cycle A TradingView user looked back at previous bull and bear cycles for Bitcoin and marked the starting and ending points. Prive moves in relation to halvings were also extrapolated for the coming years. Right now, BTC stands