Private Brave Browser Integrates Auto Wayback Machine Lookup

[ad_1] Brave, a major privacy-oriented rival of popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, now automatically redirects users to check out archived versions of pages that were removed from the web.Starting from Feb. 25, Brave browser users can instantly access archived content of “missing” pages on the Internet via Wayback Machine integration on the Brave desktop browser.In order to unlock the new feature, Brave has partnered with popular nonprofit digital

Record Breaking Interest – Observing the Predictive Power of Bitcoin Futures Over BTC Spot Prices

[ad_1] Bitcoin futures providers have been seeing a lot of action during the last two weeks as cryptocurrency markets have been extremely volatile. Data shows there’s been significant open interest on both retail and institutional bitcoin derivatives exchanges and Skew research noted bitcoin options open interest was just shy of $1 billion on Monday. Two days later, CME Group reported that open interest in CME Bitcoin Futures touched a record

Australian Judge Says Crypto Is a Legitimate Investment Vehicle

[ad_1] As part of a defamation case in front of the New South Wales, or NSW district court, Judge Judith Gibson allowed cryptocurrency usage as collateral.“This is a recognized form of investment," Gibson said of cryptocurrency, also acknowledging its volatility, according to a brief from the Australian Associated Press.The plaintiff vies for crypto usageAs part of the defamation case, the NSW court stated the accusing party must place $20,000 AUD,

Bitfinex, Tether CTO to Speak Publicly For First Time Ever

[ad_1] Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex & Tether, is scheduled to speak at CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit next month. This is the first time a Bitfinex/Tether exec has spoken publicly at an event.  The story of Tether will finally come out of the shadows Tether is the original and most successful “stablecoin”, and it was the first tokenized USD used by crypto traders. Tether was invented to help crypto exchanges

CoinMarketCap CEO Hosts ‘Live’ AMA on Twitter — With No Video

[ad_1] Crypto data site CoinMarketCap hosted a “live” ask me anything, or AMA, session on Twitter with company CEO and founder Brandon Chez — but the session only included Chez on Twitter standby posting comments, not on video. “I do value my privacy, but [am] not completely opposed to trying more of a live format in the future,” Chez said in a tweet when asked if the AMA format was for

Australian Court Accepts Cryptocurrency Exchange Account as Security for Legal Costs

[ad_1] A court in Australia has agreed that a crypto exchange account can be used as security for potential legal expenses. Acknowledging the volatile nature of decentralized digital assets, the judge nevertheless conceded that cryptocurrency is a recognized form of investment in the current uncertain financial times. Also read: Court Rejects Ripple’s Bid to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Filed by XRP Investors $20,000 Worth of Crypto Allowed to Cover Legal

Brazil’s PIX Payments System Has the Same Spirit, but Not a Blockchain Structure

[ad_1] The Central Bank of Brazil made some waves last week with its new instant payment system. While not blockchain-based, the new system, dubbed PIX, nevertheless is imbued with some of blockchain’s core attributes.Money transfers have historically been slow, cumbersome and expensive. For example, Bank A takes its fee when a payment is sent and Bank B also charges its fee when the payment is received. More intermediaries mean additional

Crypto Markets Shed $38B This Week, When Bull Run?

[ad_1] The crypto markets have dropped more than $38 billion since Monday, Bitcoin and Altcoins have been in freefall. All of the top ten coins are in the red, leaving us asking when bull run? Today’s close will determine if we have ended the crypto bull run or not The crypto markets have had a rough week, dropping $38 Billion as capital fled the markets. Bitcoin has broken through two

Malta Regulator Clarifies Legal Status of Binance

[ad_1] In a recent interview, a Malta parliamentarian has sought to clarify the legal status of top cryptocurrency exchange Binance within the island country.Speaking to Cointelegraph, Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services and Digital Economy, Bartolo Clayton, reaffirmed that Binance has never been licensed in the jurisdiction:“As informed by the Malta Financial Services Authority, which is an autonomous body not a state entity, until the time of writing, Binance has

Bitfinex Claims Repayment Of $100 Million To Tether

[ad_1] Bitfinex has announced that it has repaid its sister company, Tether, USD $100 million of the $700 million it borrowed early last year. This controversial loan sparked rumors of insolvency, and an investigation from the New York State Attorney General. PAYMENT TIED TO LAST YEAR’S FUNDING DEBACLE The exchange, once the world’s largest, borrowed the money from Tether after it claimed to have been having trouble with its banking