Red Swan and Polymath Tokenize $2.2 Billion of High End Real Estate

[ad_1] Texas-based Commercial Real Estate (CRE) marketplace Red Swan has tokenized $2.2 billion worth of real estate assets in partnership with security tokenization firm Polymath.Red Swan said it has 30,000 accredited investors already registered to use its platform, and has plans to tokenize a further $4 billion in property over the longer term. Red Swan will profit by keeping a percentage of the equity sold.The issued tokens represent 16 top-tier

Trident Crypto Fund Data Breach: 266,000 Passwords Stolen

[ad_1] In a major privacy breach, the usernames and passwords of more than a quarter of a million Trident Crypto Fund customers have been stolen and published online.Technical director of cybersecurity firm DeviceLock Ashot Oganesyan told Russian news outlet IZ the database — which contains email addresses, cellphone numbers, encrypted passwords and IP addresses — had been uploaded to various file sharing websites on February 20.Earlier this week, hackers decrypted

London Blockchain Summit: Crypto Meets Coronavirus

[ad_1] Day One, March 5The world has a fever. A fever for blockchain. But that’s not the only infectious substance in the room. The spectre of the spiralling Coronavirus crisis looms large over today’s conference in the United Kingdom. London has sold out of hand sanitizer and some of blockchain’s biggest names are fist-bumping and elbow-tapping at London Blockchain Week to avoid hand contact.Although the summit is about extolling the

The History of the Bitter Debate Over Ethereum’s ProgPoW

[ad_1] The Ethereum (ETH) community has recently been engaged in a bitter debate sparked by a proposed mining algorithm change. Dubbed ProgPoW, the proposal would invalidate all currently existing ASICs to only allow mining Ethereum with a GPU.While ProgPoW was born in 2018, it has seen alternate periods of stasis and active discussion during the two years of development. The latest round of debates was sparked by what, to some,

The Steem Takeover and the Coming Proof-of-Stake Crisis

[ad_1] The Steem blockchain reportedly experienced a troubling episode recently, whereby the blockchain’s entire governance system was disturbed. Tron founder Justin Sun, new owner of the Steemit social network based on the Steem token, appears to have successfully executed a takeover of Steem by leveraging not only tokens directly controlled, but also tokens held on several major exchanges, in order to vote out the previous delegates (Steem uses a delegated

Vitalik Buterin Sees Future Currency in Decentralized Privacy Currency

[ad_1] With governments increasingly looking at launching their own digital currencies, you might worry that crypto just can’t compete with national financial infrastructures.Not so, says Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Buterin spoke with Block TV podcast on March 4 about his predictions for the future of currency — specifically the fate of decentralization.He claimed that digitalization is inevitable and decentralized privacy currency would be more favorable to many than a state-controlled

Cryptocurrency Airdrops and Giveaways: What They Are and What’s Next

[ad_1] There are a number of ways people can obtain cryptocurrencies and one of them is through airdrops, a type of distribution where creators send free coins to numerous crypto wallet addresses in order to drive adoption. Airdrops have been leveraged for years and token distributors believe that it’s a great way to disburse coins fairly and to raise awareness. New airdrops are announced nearly every month that allow people

Who will Mine Bitcoin when Prices hit $1000? ‘Last Miner Standing’

[ad_1] According to his models, the “common sense” prediction is that bitcoin price is going to $135k, says Adaptive Capital partner and on-chain analysis expert, Willy Woo. However, if there were a major trend reversal and the price dropped to the $1,000 range, we’d be testing the “last strongest Bitcoin miner that can keep running.” Testing the Last Strongest Bitcoin Miner In the latest episode of the Keiser Report, Bitcoin

Can Crypto Go From 50M Users to 5B? Coinbase CEO Says Yes

[ad_1] Is it possible that the crypto market expands to the point when about 80% of the world uses it? Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that blockchain will help the crypto space achieve that goal. Crypto Market Adoption Should Surge 9,900% to Get to 5 Billion Currently, there are about 50 million people worldwide using cryptocurrencies in one way or another, according to Armstrong. According to a chart published by

Crypto Software Firm Zabo Raises $2.5M in a Seed Round

[ad_1] Zabo has announced it has raised $ 2.5 million in seed funding, allowing it to extend its portfolio of services to continue connecting its customers’ cryptocurrency wallets to banks, brokerage firms, FinTech apps, and tax software.As detailed in a March 5 blog post, the seed round was led by Moonshots Capital and included funding from Blockchange Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, CoinShares, Tezos Foundation, Capital Factory, among