Bitcoin Price Correlates With Traditional Assets, but Not Entirely

[ad_1] Since coming to power back in 2016, President Trump seemed to have reinvigorated the United States stock market after it showed signs of slowing down throughout the first half of the previous decade. Just three weeks ago, the American market witnessed a combined gain of 58% compared with the last three or so years. However, following the World Health Organization’s recent declaration of the novel coronavirus pandemic on March

ICE3X Exchange Launches Utility Token – Artificial Intelligence Coin (AIC)

[ad_1] South African exchange, iCE3X, is launching a native utility token called Artificial Intelligence Coin (AIC).  Holders of the AIC utility token will receive discounted trading fees and participation in decisions of new listings, features, and functionality of the platform.  AI Coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC20 token. ICE3X users can trade Artificial Intelligence Coin (AIC) against Bitcoin using the AIC/BTC trading pair.  Further, holding

ETH Price Strains Defi Collateral Loans as ‘Black Swan’ Event Strikes Makerdao

[ad_1] The price of ethereum dropping double digits on March 12 sent shockwaves through the decentralized finance (defi) community. Makerdao’s single collateral DAI has been struggling and the low price of ETH has left millions worth of DAI undercollateralized. The defi project’s undercollateralizition was also blamed on price oracle discrepancies. Also read: The 35 Most Influential Bitcoiners Dominating Crypto Twitter by Follower Count Makerdao Community Deals With Black Swan Event

US Woman Funding ISIS With Bitcoin Gets 13-Year Jail Sentence

[ad_1] A United States federal court has sentenced a U.S. citizen to 13 years in jail for laundering money for ISIS using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Per a Department of Justice announcement on March 13, Zoobia Shahnaz of Long Island received a 13-year sentence for working to fund the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham through cryptocurrency payments amounting to over $150,000. She also worked to move to Syria to become

Bill Gates Departs Microsoft Board After Pledging $1.4M to African Blockchain

[ad_1] According to a press release, software developer, philanthropist, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will depart the company’s board.Now 64 years old, the business magnate started Microsoft alongside Paul Allen in 1975. The company is surely most known for its Windows computer operating system, which was first released in 1985 and remains as vital as ever today.Microsoft announced a blockchain token and data management service at the end of 2019

Wilshire Phoenix CEO Explains $168B US Fed Injection and Crypto Correlation

[ad_1] The U.S. Federal Reserve injected $168 billion into finance several days ago, which correlates to Bitcoin’s current falling price.“So long as the broader markets keep falling – expect the same out of Bitcoin,” Bill Herrmann, CEO of alternative investment firm Wilshire Phoenix told Cointelegraph as part of an explanation of the Fed’s recent actions.What’s going on in the market?Traditional markets have plummeted recently surrounding coronavirus fears and oil trade

Bitcoin Mempool Briefly Drops to Zero on Blockchain.​com

[ad_1] Major crypto wallet service and blockchain data supplier has apparently experienced a system glitch, as its Bitcoin (BTC) mempool tracker dropped to zero earlier today.After indicating a significant surge of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions on March 13, the mempool chart on saw a steep drop from 32 megabytes (MB) to zero. As of press time, the chart has recovered to around 30 MB.Seven-day chart of Bitcoin mempool size

OKEx Undergoes Maintenance, Becomes Top BTC Futures Exchange

[ad_1] OKEx completed a short maintenance yesterday at a time of great volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The exchange also just recently overtook competitor BitMEX and became the top Bitcoin futures trading platform.On Mar. 12, OKEx announced that the platform would be down for system maintenance starting at midnight UTC for about half an hour. Later the same day, the exchange announced that trading activity had resumed.The maintenance took place

Two Italian High Schools to Issue Digital Diplomas With Blockchain

[ad_1] Two Italian high schools will begin issuing unchangeable and easily shareable digital diplomas with the Ethereum’s blockchain public technology.The measure, as reported by Cointelegraph Italia on March 12, seeks to make the entire process of issuance and traceability transparent, but above all, to solve a long-standing problem in the country: fake diplomas.The mentioned schools are located in Rome and Crotone. The licei internazionali di Villa Flaminia in Rome will

As Ether Price Drop Pressures DeFi, Developers Remain Confident in its Success

[ad_1] Thursday’s market meltdown left MakerDAO (MKR) with a $5 million hole that the project is now scrambling to fill. As this is just the latest in a series of hard blows to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, some are wondering if the ecosystem can defend itself from collapse.Cointelegraph contacted a variety of industry experts and DeFi stakeholders to hear their take on the health of the ecosystem.Millions lost to attacksThe