Malaysian Blockchain App Allows Users to Trace Sustainable Palm Oil

[ad_1] The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and blockchain startup BloomBloc have developed a blockchain app that enables users to trace palm oil throughout the entire supply chain.Following a successful test, the blockchain-based system is available in a pilot roll out to local oil palm growers, palm oil processors, plantations and family owned smallholders, according to food industry publication Foodbev Media. The system registers each tree and its associated information,

Maker Decentralizes Governance, But is the Community Ready?

[ad_1] The Maker Foundation has handed governance over the smart contract that underpins the MakerDAO (MKR) protocol to MKR token holders.Describing the move as the project’s “most significant step” toward decentralized governance, the foundation announced that a three month long transition of power to the community had been finalized. “The MKR token contract is now 100% in control of MKR holders,” the foundation said. The foundation urged the Maker community to

Telecommunications Tokens Are Surging Just Like Stocks

[ad_1] Communication-related tokens have surged over 18 percent in the last week, following in the footsteps of Zoom and other telecommunications stocks.Increase in the remote workforceDuring tumultuous times, investors are eager to find assets that can provide shelter or a hedge from volatility. For many decades, this usually meant either gold or gold mining company stocks, since they tended to have a negative correlation with the rest of the market. Over

Stage One of ‘Risky’ EOS Worker Proposal System Approved

[ad_1] Block producers have approved the first stage of the implementation of a controversial EOS governance change that allows any user to propose network rule changes.EOS blockchain explorer Bloks shows that the first phase was approved on March 24. EOS Nation — the block producer (BP) who proposed the system — claimed in a recent tweet that the 34 positive votes by BPs on the proposal is “the strongest consensus

Feds Unlimited QE Places Spotlight on Bitcoin Store-of-Value Narrative

[ad_1] As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold with dire consequences across the globe, desperate measures to keep the economy afloat continue to be taken by world governments. Currently the most notable example is the U.S., which recently announced an unlimited quantitative easing program and also reached an agreement for a $2 trillion stimulus package.The unlimited quantitative easing process will entail the Federal Reserve purchasing assets “in the amounts needed

Cardano Releases Solution that Scales More than Visa’s Payment Network

[ad_1] On March 25, Cardano launched its off-chain scalability protocol, Ouroboros Hydra, after 5 years of development.An announcement sent to Cointelegraph claims that the protocol vastly increased scalability and low latency for the Cardano blockchain while using little storage on the network’s nodes. The solution also reportedly allows for applications such as micropayments, voting, insurance contracts, and other uses that require low fees or instant transactions.According to a spokesperson of

How to Quickly Cash Out From Crypto to Fiat

[ad_1] There are many reasons why you might seek to liquidate your digital assets into fiat currency, be it to pay a bill, buy a meal, or cover an emergency. When needs must, speed is of the essence; no one has time to wait three days for a bank wire to clear. For those occasions when rapid exchange is essential, here are four fast crypto-fiat options. Also read: Privacy Browser

Alleged Telegram Sex Crime Ringleader Paraded in Public in Korea

[ad_1] The alleged ringleader of a notorious Telegram sex crime chat group has been paraded in public after millions signed a petition demanding the Korean Government publicly name him.Cho Ju-bin, 24 — who went by the username ‘Banksa’ or ‘doctor’ — was arrested and charged last week along with 17 others for distributing and selling photos and videos of the sexural exploitation of women and minors. They are accused of blackmailing

Neo Releases $11 Million From Cold Wallet to Fund Itself Through 2020

[ad_1] The Neo Foundation announced on March 25 that they have released the necessary funds to continue operating for the 2020 Fiscal Year (FY). A total of 1,660,865 NEO worth approximately $11 million was released, with 27,800,303 NEO ($190 million) still remaining.According to its blog post, the Neo whitepaper allows the Foundation to sell its stake of NEO to “support Neo's technological development, ecosystem growth, community expansion.”The transaction ID published

Tron Partnered with Metal Pay to Allow Instant Buying of TRX in the U.S.

[ad_1] Tron (TRX) partnered with cryptocurrency service provider, Metal Pay, to enable instant purchase of TRX in the United States.According to an announcement shared with Cointelegraph on March 25, TRX will now be available for purchase with fiat currency in the Metal Pay mobile application. Users can pay for the crypto asset via debit card or checking account.Furthermore, Tron users can also earn up to 5% cashback in MTL, Metal