Cryptocurrency News From Japan: March 22-28 in Review

[ad_1] This week’s headlines from Japan included Bitbank adding smartphone compatibility for identity verification, Fobi Japan announcing leverage trading, Coincheck announcing order limits, Rakuten Wallet announcing margin trading, and product trading company Marubeni testing blockchain for tracing steel pipes. Check out some of this week’s crypto and blockchain headlines, originally reported by Cointelegraph Japan.BitBank launches smartphone ID verificationJapan-based crypto exchange, BitBank, recently added smartphone compatibility for its Know Your Customer, or

Fake COVID-19 Treatments Ask for Bitcoin Payments on Social Media

[ad_1] A twitter post on January 29 promoted a website selling a so-called cure for coronavirus, accepting Bitcoin as payment. Scams such as this have proliferated as the global crisis escalates.  Scammers Selling False Hope & Asking for Bitcoin The Russian-based website selling the fake cure has been deactivated. Screenshots show it offering the so-called vaccine in doses for up to three people. It claimed to be tied to the

Madrid Team Builds Iota-Based Decentralized Information Platform to Combat Coronavirus

[ad_1] A team based in Madrid, one of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic, has released an Iota Tango platform that helps combat the coronavirus.AidSquadGeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem which returns value to its creators, the users. Luis Gelado, GeoDB CEO and founder shared with Cointelegraph his rationale for creating AidSquad:“Having stayed home for a few weeks, one weekend, I felt a little bored, so I

Trump Signs Largest Relief Bill in US History: When Will Americans Get Stimulus Checks

[ad_1] U.S. President Donald Trump has signed into law what he calls the largest single economic relief bill in history. “At $2.2 trillion dollars, this bill will deliver urgently-needed relief for our nation’s families, workers, and businesses,” Trump said. Americans are expected to receive stimulus checks of up to $1,200 if they qualify. Also read: 2x Bitcoin — Wanna Double Your BTC to the Moon? Forget About It Single Biggest

Talking Digital Future: Artificial Intelligence

[ad_1] I chose artificial intelligence as my next topic, as it can be considered as one of the most known technologies, and people imagine it when they talk about the future. But the right question would be: What is artificial intelligence?Artificial intelligence is not something that just happened in 2015 and 2016. It’s been around for a hundred years as an idea, but as a science, we started seeing developments

Liquid Federation Announces 10 New Members

[ad_1] Blockstream’s Liquid sidechain settlement network welcomed 10 new members to the Liquid Federation on March 27.The new additions bring the Liquid Federation’s membership up to 45 — including crypto exchange trading desks, and financial institutions.New members come from diverse backgroundsThe new members include hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, peer-to-peer exchange Hodl Hodl, crypto trade firm MerklePro, cryptocurrency manager Point95, Wiz, Blockchain tool developer Wyre, blockchain marketplace STOKR, and crypto fund

Venezuela’s Struggling Internet Could Make Crypto Trading Tough

[ad_1] The global coronavirus lockdown has put a strain on Venezuela’s internet, which could logically make crypto participation difficult.As much of the world hunkers down in quarantine, people logically turn to internet-based services for work, as well as a way to pass the time. This mass movement has put significant stress on available data usage capacities in Venezuela, Movistar told Bloomberg for its March 27 article. A daughter company of Telefonica

Bitcoin Development Activity is Being Funded by These Players

[ad_1] A just-released report from Bitmex shows that Bitcoin platform development continues to grow and diversify. A look at key players reflects greater interest in scalability and bringing the flagship cryptocurrency into a position for effective mass use. Multiple Bitcoin Projects Supported The report shows that Blockstream and Lightning Labs have become by-far the top institutions working on Bitcoin development. Seeking to create long-term solutions to the scalability challenge, both

Former NASDAQ Lawyer Warns TON Against Going Rogue

[ad_1] Former NASDAQ vice president and assistant general counsel warned the TON Community against launching Telegram’s blockchain network until the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has its say.Safe Harbor is not on SEC’s agendaManny Alicandro, a New York City lawyer with vast experience in traditional finance as well as in cases involving crypto assets, shared his concerns about the drastic plan put forward by the TON Community with Cointelegraph.

‘Bull Run May Not Come Immediately After Bitcoin Halving,’ Says Bitmain’s Jihan Wu

[ad_1] Bitmain cofounder Jihan Wu’s recent interview discusses some of his predictions concerning the future of bitcoin, mining, the bitcoin halving, and the cryptoconomy. Despite the coronavirus outbreak and its effect on the global economy, Wu is optimistic and he believes the modern central banks’ loose monetary policy infecting the world will bolster the value of financial technologies. Also read: Market Update: Slew of Unknown Coins Has Seen Considerable Gains