Huge Rise in Chinese ‘Blockchain’ Companies — But Are They Real?

[ad_1] More than 35,000 blockchain companies are operating in mainland China —  but it’s believed that many of them do not even use blockchain technology.In the first quarter of 2020, as COVID-19 shut down factories, offices and cities across the  world, 2,383 brand-new “blockchain” companies sprung up in China.This brings the total to 35,010 companies as of April 1 — over 20,000 in Guangdong province alone — according to Tianyancha,

Cointext Cofounder Unveils BFP Encrypt – Send Encrypted Data to Bitcoin Cash Addresses

[ad_1] Vin Armani, the cofounder of Cointext, has announced the launch of a Javascript library that allows people to send encrypted data to addresses on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. A BCH private key can decrypt the data, and when Armani released the Javascript package, the developer stressed that he felt “a sense of urgency” to get this tool into the hands of the public. Also read: Tiger King’s Archnemesis

Craig Wright’s WikiLeaks Claims Contradicted by His Own 2011 Posts

[ad_1] In his latest blog post, Craig Wright claimed that he (as Satoshi Nakamoto) never wanted WikiLeaks to use Bitcoin. On March 31st he wrote:“I’m not the anarchist they want, nor have I ever been anything like one. You see, I didn’t want WikiLeaks to use Bitcoin because I didn’t like what they stood for.”However, publicly available web links from July 2011 suggest this was not the case. In the

Bitcoin Likely to Become The New Normal For Gen Z

[ad_1] Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, assets, bonds, stocks, and fiat currencies across the world have dropped substantially in value. But as the crisis deepens, people from different generations are starting to realize the true value of Bitcoin.Robert Kiyosaki, the author of international bestseller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ has promoted Bitcoin for two days in a row on Twitter. Robert called Bitcoin the “people’s money” on April 1 on

CryptoKitties Devs Secure Patent for NBA Digital Tokens

[ad_1] Dapper Labs, the company behind the blockchain-based game CryptoKitties, has obtained a patent in Brazil enabling them to create collectible digital tokens in partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA). According to the March 24 edition of the Intellectual Property Magazine of Rio de Janeiro, Dapper Labs now has the rights to use NBA branding — including photos of players and games — for its collectibles in Brazil.The program, called

Crypto Friendly Laws Help Boerse Stuttgart’s App Top 100,000 Users

[ad_1] The cryptocurrency trading app of Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart, exceeded 100,000 users on March 30 amid increasingly permissive regulations in the country.The Bison app, which launched on Jan. 31st, 2019, has attracted a six-figure user base in just 14 months.Bison users grow 40% during Q1 2020Ulli Spankowski, the chief executive of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures subsidiary and developer of the Bison app, Sowa Lab GmbH, notes that

Binance Research Finds Bitcoin Correlated to Stocks — But Not For Long

[ad_1] In a new report Binance Research found a ‘moderate’ positive correlation between Bitcoin and US equities during the first quarter of 2020 — but neither was correlated to gold.Bitcoin was down 10% over the quarter but still outperformed the S&P 500 which experienced a 19% drop. According to the report, the correlation was fairly high at 0.57, as shown through similar patterns in daily business day returns.Gold and long-term

Bison Trails Provides Support for NuCypher Protocol

[ad_1] Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company, Bison Trails, announced support for the NuCypher network, as well as its permissionless token distribution system, WorkLock, on April 2.According to the announcement, the Libra Association member assured users that anyone would be able to run nodes and participate in the NuCypher network on the Bison Trails platform.NuCypher’s use casesThe network is based on three use cases: secret management, dynamic access control, and secure computation.The company highlights

‘Wahoo!’ Australian Taxpayers Alliance Exec Excited to Buy Bitcoin

[ad_1] A top executive from a prominent Australian taxpayer group has publicly endorsed the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by announcing her first ever Bitcoin purchase.Emilie Dye, director of policy at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, or ATA, tweeted on April 1 that she had bought her first Bitcoin: “Today, I made my first Bitcoin purchase. Wahoo!” This triggered excitement in the crypto community, with the tweet amassing about 5,900 likes as of

$8.5K Then $3K — This Trader’s Bitcoin Price Call Is Playing Out to a T

[ad_1] The Bitcoin price (BTC) has recovered strongly from $5,200 to $7,200 in the past two weeks, despite the declining appetite for high-risk assets including single-stocks and cryptocurrencies. One prominent trader predicted the entire price movement of Bitcoin since its initial drop from $10,500 to sub-$6,000, and in the medium-term, the digital asset’s trend remains gloomy.Crypto market daily price chart. Source: Coin360The rationale behind a short-term rally to $8,500PentarhUdi, a well